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Yosemite specs

MacOS Rumors heeft de specs van Apple's nieuwe Yosemite architectuur:

Name expected to be "PowerMacintosh G3" with TBD identifier afterward. "PowerMacintosh G3 Pro" has been discussed, but not confirmed. As this is a marketing issue, it may not be decided until the last minute.

300, 350, and 400Mhz versions at initial shipping date. Additional 450, 500, and faster models available later. The 300Mhz model will include a 512k cache, all others a 1MB model. All caches will be 2:1 (e.g., 150MHz for the 300Mhz CPU).

Daughtercards appear to use identical ZIF sockets to Gossamer -- processor cards maybe be interchangeable.

100Mhz main bus.

Four SDRAM DIMM slots. No less than 1GB RAM ceiling, possibly 2GB via 512MB SDRAM DIMMs. DIMMs must be 8ns or faster. (Current Gossamer G3s require only 10ns or faster). This is standard for 100Mhz-bus computers. 10ns may work, but performance and stability will be sub-standard with such RAM.

"New World" ROM design (same as iMac) -- 1MB hardware ROM, 3MB in RAM. Significant speed boosts should result (300Mhz Yosemite estimated to be 20% faster than 300Mhz Gossamer)

Although this could still be changed, the Boot ROM appears to be on the board, not the card -- allowing for third-party CPU upgrades.

Three 64/32-bit, 33Mhz PCI slots, one 66Mhz slot containing ATI RAGE 128GL graphics card (3.3v) with 16MB SGRAM. Optional MPEG2 decoder for DVD-Video can be added to a port on the ATI card.

Two standard 400Mbps Firewire ports, more available optionally on mini-daughterboards.

Two standard USB ports

One standard ADB port (primarily for Colorsync/Apple Studio Displays, although should support all legacy ADB devices)

10/100baseT Ethernet on-board

4Mbps IrDA infrared communications

Stereo In/Out connectors

Automatic, variable-speed fan to minimize noise

Similar keyboard and mouse to iMac -- two-tone transluceny, translucent scissor key design. Mouse is expected to be non-circular, as opposed to the iMac's design (which was engineered from children's hands upward, rather than vice versa).

Multi-piece El Capitan case can be removed simply and replaced with other cases using same connectors (could be a big business in the future). Case features small handles on all horizontal corners.

This machine will indeed be G4 upgradable. It is expected to be the "sweet spot" in Apple's product strategy for some time; a highly upgradable machine at a reasonable price point.

Pricing is not yet set, but sources suggest that waiting for Yosemite isn't necessary -- as always, today's needs are best served by today's computers.

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