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Motherboard monitor final

Ik zie op Betanews dat Alex van Kaam de final version van Motherboard Monitor 4.0 (handig proggie om je mobo temp en fan speed uit te lezen) klaar gebakken heeft. Hier heb je de feature list, die ik ff van de MBM site geript heb:

- In the system tray MBM will use around 1% resources, this is 90% less then 3.x Full support for Intel P2/3's with Thermal diode inside the CPU on boards that have a W83782D or W83783S chip connected to an Intel CPU with diode like the Celeron's. Good examples of this are: GigaByte GA6-BXE > select Winbond 3 - P2 Thermal diode Abit BX6 rev 2 > select Winbond 2 - P2 Thermal diode
- Added support for TempFan, a device that can change your Fan port to a temperature port, great for all users of an Abit BH6, BX6 or Asus P2L97 who only have a motherboard sensor. As I write this the device is not yet avaible for the big public but should be soon. Check out the FanTemp FAQ on my page.
- Added support for several languages. As I write this English, Dutch, Norwegian, Italian and French is included, other language will probably follow later as small downloads of about 8K.
- E-mail support, MBM can send you an e-mail on an alarm or at set intervals, either via SMTP or MAPI, using RAS (your dial-up network) or trying to send it via LAN
- Changed tab setup, no more pull down boxes but buttons instead.
- Added a medium view, to view VUMeters, Voltages and Fans
- 9X users can place their resources under the VUMeters
- All log files can be saved as CSV now
- Simplefied the Fan alarms
- More CPU info in the system info section
- User can choose what tabs he wants visible.
- Negative readouts from Winbond chips can be turned on
- Play wave on CPUIdle launch
- Fixed wave bug that meant that some soundcards where unusable after MBM played a wave until you closed MBM
- Many other small changes, some you might not even like

Motherboard Monitor 4.0 kun je hier downloaden.

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