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Op The Adrenaline Vault vond ik een Army Men II review, je weet wel, dat zielige spel waarbij je op de keukentafel speelgoedsoldaatjes mag vermoorden. Naja, kijk maar ff:

The original Army Men underwent a pretty dramatic change during development and ended up being more of an action game than the real-time strategy title it started as. While the game had its highlights, it was not without problems; still, it managed to secure a fairly loyal following. Army Men 2 attempts to build on the successes of its predecessor while addressing some of the shortcomings. The result is a more varied title that at times shows flashes of real creativity, but doesn't solve all the problems.

When you begin a map, you'll have access to an overview that shows key locations and gives a few pointers on how to be successful. Maps are usually broken into more than one mission. So initially, you may simply be ordered to find a location or person, but then you'll be given a secondary mission that includes going somewhere else or pursuing another objective. Occasionally, Sarge or one of his men may need to use a vehicle in order to complete an objective. PT boats, tanks, jeeps, half-tracks and cargo trucks make appearances throughout the campaign, with the PT boat being the biggest addition to the game because it introduces crossing water to the action.

One of the main problems the development team tried to address was the very awkward interface in Army Men. Sarge was a wee bit too difficult to control in the original, so they solved some of the control problems and added a point-and-click option that allows you to move around the screen by simply clicking on locations or targets rather than manually guiding Sarge and his men. This works when Sarge is in a vehicle, too. The change is welcome for certain portions of the game, such as when you need to get from point A to B and want to do it without guiding him the entire way. However, while the controls are easier than before, they still need work. Movement is frustrating at times and there's still an awkwardness in the way you move around. Still, it's much better than before.

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