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Powercolor Dreamcode review

Via Coolinfo vond ik deze Powercolor Dreamcode Mainboard review @ Dimension 128.

Hij wordt het 'Integrated gamer's Mainboard' genoemd. Check even wat stukjes uit:

Powercolor isn't an extremely well known company in the US, although it has been very successful in a number of European markets. They have a series of graphics adapters and sound cards, and more recently launched the "Dream Festival" series of integrated mainboards, aimed primarily at gamers. D128 has the opportunity to look at the Powercolor Dreamcode, which is a Slot-1 BX mainboard aimed at gamers with integrated RIVA TNT and Yamaha 3D audio.

Another reason some folks don't like integrated boards is that they traditionally ship with sub-par components on board. Would you be interested in an integrated board if it had an old-generation graphics chipset onboard? I don't think so. Powercolor's board comes with nothing less than an AGP capable RIVA TNT with 16MB SDRAM. As for sound, this board features the Sensaura 3D sound of Yamaha's YMF-724 GX sound chip. And all of this on a high-quality BX mainboard. So I dare say that this board is certainly attractive to those building a new Slot-1 system, especially gamers.

Besides the integrated components, the Dreamcode is pretty much a standard, up-to-date BX-based Slot-1 mainboard. Its features include support for up to 768MB SDRAM in its three DIMM slots (support for 256MB DIMMS), support for the latest processors like the Pentium III, and fully selectable FSB speeds using DIP switches. The Front Side Bus speeds supported by the board are the standard 66, 75, 83, 100, 112, 133MHz. I was satisfied to notice that the board doesn't mind running 66MHz FSB CPUs on 100MHz FSB at all.

The first thing one should notice about this board is that it has no AGP slot, and only 3 PCI slots, and one ISA slot. The reason for this is that a lot of space is taken up by the integrated RIVA TNT (which is an AGP version), and the Yamaha sound chip. If you have a lot of PCI cards, such as Voodoo 2 cards, SCSI adapters, video capture devices, etc, 3 PCI slots are probably not enough for you. However, I'm willing to bet that 95% of computer owners don't need more than three PCI slots on their mainboard, so I think that three PCI slots is a fair compromise for an integrated board. What I do regret however is the lack of an AGP slot. It is conceivable that somewhere down the line you would want to install an alternative graphics card and disable the onboard TNT, but the Dreamcode offers no such possibility.

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25-03-1999 • 07:18

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Bron: Coolinfo

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