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Bron: webmagix

Eric van Fastgraphics heeft z'n hand weten te leggen op de spec sheets van de Diamond Viper V770 (Riva TNT2), Stealth III S520 en Stealth III S540 (beide S3 Savage4). Hier wat info:

The good thing about the internet, or the bad, depending where you come from, is the fact that nearly all confidential information leaks out on it. I just recently got an email with three attachments: The specs of Diamonds new consumer level products, the Stealth III S520, the Stealth III S540 and the flagship, the Viper V770. The specsheets had the word "confidential" written all over them, and I must also emphasize that the (preliminary) sheets were dated Feb 27 1999. I'm pretty confident however that these specs are reliable and that they represent the final products (can't tell exactly why I'm confident about it). I've spoken with Diamond's European marketing director Andy Brannan last Thursday and unfortunately he couldn't answer all my questions on the record, so there are still a few things we have to guess about.

These specs still talk about a 180 Million pixel/sec fill-rate on the Viper V770, this would mean a clockspeed of 90 MHz. This is for the standard V770. Shipping clockspeeds might be higher though)

De specs vind je hier.

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