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Asus AGP-V3400TNT/TV review

Nog wat spul van Riva Station, nl een review van de V3400 TNT plaat van Asus.

Hier wat info over de Asus in vergelijking met andere TNTs:



With the AGP-V3400 TNT/TV ASUS has made the big deal. The board easily reaches the 3D-performance of Erazor II and Viper V550. Because ELSA offers no Video I/O for the Erazor II and Diamond sticks to Video-Out only, the V3400 is the card of choice for friends of Video I/O! Using all TNT features i

ncluding active cooling the ASUS AGP-V3400TNT/TV gets the RIVA Station FEATURE AWARD!

If you want to have a TNT board without Video I/O you have several choices. The performance of the boards is rather identical. Only the market price decides here. Because of the cooling fan the version without Video I/O is interesting, too, and as the cooling fan poll of RIVA Station showed, this can influence the buyer's decision.

The software bundle is OK, even if Incoming is not the newest game anymore.

ELSA bundles the retail version of the Erazor II with the games Need for Speed III and Recoil. These newer games give a better impression of the TNT features. A 3D Demo sampler as ELSA offers would be fine too.

In support ELSA offers multilangual Newsgroups for each graphics card and Diamond has its E-Mail service that informs you when new drivers are available for your card. These boards do also have a longer warranty.

ASUS does also have a Newsgroup but it is a multimedia newsgroup at all - no special graphics card group. The price of the V3400 with Video I/O should be in regions of Viper V550 and Erazor II!

The drivers and software are not perfect yet, but the card is fairly new and the performance is on the same level as Erazor II and Viper V550. The installation software is a lot better than ELSA´s or Diamond´s. Only the limited resolution of the Video I/O driver is a problem. But newer drivers will surely fix that.

If ASUS takes as much care of his graphics boards as of his mainboards you will not have to worry about new drivers. And one thing is for sure: Owners of a ASUS mainboard will surely not be sent to the mainboard manufacturer by the support if problems should occur. :)



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