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STB: Detonator drivers mogelijk schadelijk

STB is niet van plan om de Detonator drivers te gaan gebruiken. Ze beweren dat die mogelijk schadelijk zijn voor de hardware. Waar?, of is het een lame excuus om te stoppen met driver support voor de Velocity 4400? Planet Riva heeft wat info:

I just got off the phone with STB on my 4400 TNT card, and asking if they are going to incorporate the Detonator drivers. They said they just had gotten out of a board meeting on the very subject and have decided not to support them.

They said that they had tested them on one of their high-end test systems, and it blew the motherboard and the card out. They say the drivers basically overclock the card and the motherboard, and that is why it happened.

Any truth to this? Have you heard any horror stories with the card? Please let us know. I was curious, and asked if they were going to start phasing out TNT support due to their deal with 3Dfx, and they said that it is actually not a finished deal yet, and they intend to continue support on the card. I hope it is true, for I want them to continue to improve their drivers.

Planet Riva heeft inmiddels ook een reactie van nVidia los weten te peuteren:

Thanks for forwarding on this question from one of your readers regarding a claim made by STB.

For the record:

1) We exhaustively test all of our driver releases across all of our board partner's products, including STB's Velocity 4400, and this problem has never manifested itself.

2) The clock frequency of the 3D processor, including the RIVA TNT, is controlled by the BIOS not the respective driver. Loading a new driver can improve performance through software without a change to the clock speed of the hardware.

3) We can understand if STB may not want to support the Detonator driver officially, since it conflicts with its new business model of being a 3Dfx-house. Having their customer's RIVA TNT-based board perform to its fullest potential hurts their new strategy.

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