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Cooling artikel

TotalPC heeft een artikel over Cooling in elkaar gedraaid. Hier heb je de intro:

Having had time lately to check out some of the articles on other computer sites, I’ve noticed overclocking articles popping up right and left.  “How to get the most bang for your buck”, “Overclocking: Is it right for you” and variations of the two seem to be the only news that us “computer journalists” have been reporting about, which is understandable; who doesn’t get a little thrill every time they “beat the system” with overclocking?  I mean, surely, who in their right mind would go about paying the full amount for a chip that’s most likely going to be obsolete within the year?  Anyway, the time is drawing near for me to upgrade my CPU, and seeing as how my meager salary probably won’t foot the cost of any of the newer Intel models coming out, I decided to go with the Celeron 300A; cheap, common, and reliably overclockable to 450 mhz.  Of course I would need a fan; everyone knows that the cooler you get an overclocked system, the better.  It’s practically a mantra repeated by every site out there… hell, even one site claims that by brining their computer out into snow that they managed to attain a whopping 600 mhz with a 400 mhz Celeron chip!  Yet as I was investigating the potential cooling of my new system, I realized that I had never heard anyone put down a solid, concrete reason as to why colder CPUs can run faster.  The sheer concept that a colder chip can run faster than a warmer one is almost laughably ludicrous if you think about it! (Not too hard…I’m trying to make a point here).  So I did my research; checking out every heat-releated website; every electricity-related website; every overclocking website I could feast my hungry little eyes upon, and what follows, is the compiled reasons of why your computer runs faster, colder.

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