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Software-update: RSSOwl 1.1.1

Door , 0 reacties, submitter: Beasley, bron: RSSOwl

16-05-2005 • 12:54

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Submitter: Beasley

Bron: RSSOwl

Gisteren is versie 1.1.1 van RSSOwl uitgekomen. Dit programma kan de laatste nieuwtjes van verschillende RSS-, RDF- en Atom feeds ophalen via het internet. Het opzoeken van nieuwsstukken gebeurt via de zoekfunctie en dankzij de tabbed interface houd je overzicht over al het aangeboden nieuws. Het programma is geschreven in Java en is voor verschillende platformen te downloaden, waaronder Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris en Windows. Het changelog van deze release laat de volgende veranderingen zien:

  • Solaris: The Solaris version of RSSOwl is no longer using Motif but, finally, GTK2.
  • Changed the default Newstip with removing the Labels and adding the Description Field. Also slightly changed the Signature RSSOwl is adding.
  • In case an URL is entered into the "Search for Newsfeeds" Dialog, RSSOwl was in most cases to able to deliver any results. Now, whenever the search-key looks like an URL, RSSOwl will first search on the given WebSite for Newsfeeds and even try to interprete the given URL as Newsfeed, before proceeding with the normal search by Keyword.
  • Added new language Thai, thanks to Patipat Susumpow
  • "Use external Browser" is now automatically checked, in case an external Browser was specified.
  • Category Aggregations and display of Categories in the Favorite Dialog now using "|" instead of ">"
  • Date Format in some locations (Favorite Properties, ChannelInfo) is now showing in Long Format.
  • Aggregations no longer showing "Category: " in TabTitle, thereby requiring less horizontal Space
  • Updated Apache Commons HttpClient to latest version. This new version of HttpClient fixes some issues with Proxy connections.
  • RSSOwl is now supporting authentication to NTLM protected Newsfeeds. Big thanks to Mark Woodman helping me testing RSSOwl with NTLM protected Newsfeeds. This also includes working with a Proxy Server that requires NTLM Authentication.
  • The Newstext view (when not using the Internal Browser) is now showing URLs underlined
  • Implemented a Debug Mode into RSSOwl. Debug Mode is disabled by default. Enable it with passing the DWord "net.sourceforge.rssowl.debug" to the Java call (e.g. java -Dnet.sourceforge.rssowl.debug -jar rssowl.jar". In Debug mode the HttpClient's log mechanism is in TRACE mode, logging all connection-related information into "debug.log" saved to the logs-directory.
  • Improved Feed-Discovery performance on websites that show the Newsfeed URL inside a Link-Tag or made use of scripts like PHP to create the Newsfeed (thus not having a common file extension like .xml)
  • Feed-Discovery is now also checking if the entered URL is a Newsfeed
  • The Favorite-Tree's toolbar is back in place with the 4 commands "Reload All", "Aggregate All", "Search All" and "Mark All Favorites Read".
    Additionally, the top ToolBar still contains the dropdown with these commands too. This allows to use them when the Tree is hidden.
  • #1184998 Wrap-around tab switching - Allows to navigate from the first to the last Tab and vice versa using Actions "Goto Next Tab" and "Goto Previous Tab" if more than one Tab is opened.
  • #1170659 [Mac] Change minimize keyboard shortcut
  • Various performance improvements.
  • Linux: Application window Location and Size was not saved when exitting using the Tray-Item's context Menu.
  • Fixed some wrong URLs from the Translations.
  • Fixed a NullPointerException when searching for a Title inside a Feed that did not had any Title-Tag.
  • Fixed wrong behaviour of displaying a Feed in case another Tab was showing a Webpage with the same title.
  • Fixed an ArrayIndexOutOfBounds Exception when marking a News unread, without having selected a NewsItem.
  • After Drag and Drop of a TreeItem or Tab, RSSOwl was not cleaning up correctly. If a Tab was dropped into another application like Firefox and something from there back into RSSOwl, it crashed.
  • The Context Menu on Tabs in the TabFolder showed the commands "Close Others" and "Close all except newsfeeds" enabled, even if not applyable, in case only one Tab was opened, or only Feeds. These will now show as disabled in cases where the command is not available.
  • When not using Tabs at all but having a list of Feeds loading on startup, RSSOwl will no longer show all, but only the last opened one, since there is only room for one feed to display.
  • Marking all Favorites Read did not mark the Aggregation of all Favorites as read.
  • Marking parent categories of an aggregated Category read did not mark the Aggregation as read.
  • Marking an aggregated category read did not update the Icon in the Tab of the Aggregation.
  • Some Dialogs that set the state of the OK Button (enabled or not) in dependance of the input the user has made (e.g. the "Open Feed" Dialog) enabled the OK Button even in case the user has only typed whitespaces.
  • When renaming an Item of the Tree in Place (choosing "Rename" from the Context Menu), the rename-input Box did neither close when beginning a Drag and Drop Operation nor by right-clicking on another Item to show the context Menu. This most often resulted in crashes and unexpected behaviour.
  • Mac: Main ToolBar and Favorites Tree ToolBar no longer have a fixed background color set, giving a more native look for these.
  • The Splashscreen on Startup of RSSOwl is no longer overlaying all Controls below, thus making it possible to give back the Focus to the current application and have RSSOwl startup in the background. It is still possible to hide the Splash complety, via "-Dnet.sourceforge.rssowl.noSplash" to the Java call.
  • The Tree inside the Preferences Dialog is no longer scrolling to the right-end in case the vertical Scrollbar was necessary. In addition, the "Workbench" and "View" item is now always expanded, making it a one-click to access important settings like "Hotkeys" or "System Tray".
  • Updated to latest version of SWT including some bugfixes that affect RSSOwl.
  • Closing multiple instances of RSSOwl at the same time, resulted in a Crash.
  • Saved credentials of protected newsfeeds are now deleted as soon as the connected Favorite gets deleted or the URL was edited.
  • The Internal Browser in the Newstext pane (if activated) showed vertical scrollbars even if not required
  • Tutorial did not open when using external Browser on Windows
  • The generation of HTML out of Newsfeeds is now correctly displaying Images that use relative URLs. This is not yet working for aggregations, since there a single BASE reference does not make sense.
  • In some cases the Newstext panel (in Browser mode) was not showing Images that used relative URLs
  • #1176874 Date column in feed table isn't localized. The Date-Format used in the Table showing News for publish Dates and in bottom-right in the Status Line is no longer dependant on the Language that is set in RSSOwl, but on Locale set in the OS. This allows to display special Date Formats, like for countries speaking English but not using the English Date Format.
  • #1168044 [SWT-Bug] Scrolling in DND not user-friendly
  • #1184987 License tab restore/maximize button
  • #1184988 Closing welcome tab unmaximizes license tab
  • #1184991 Closing the license tab hides favorites
  • #1168060 Internal browser crashes when clicking on any page
  • #1172275 Internal browser crash in some situations
  • #1043095 [SWT-Bug] [MAC] Browser not opening links that miss protocol
  • #1170172 Dual-Monitor News Popup Positioning Error
RSSOwl logo (groot)
Versienummer 1.1.1
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Solaris
Website RSSOwl
Licentietype Voorwaarden (GNU/BSD/etc.)


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