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Bron: BSFlite

BSFlite is een instant messaging-programma voor het AIM-netwerk en wordt door de ontwikkelaar aangeduid als "minimalistisch". Dit komt mede doordat het programma geschreven is als een command shell interface in plaats van de gebruikelijke full screen console interface. Het biedt ondersteuning aan de meeste AIM functies echter chat rooms en block lists worden niet ondersteund. Voor het dagelijkse contact met vrienden of collega's is het zeer geschikt als je van dit type interface houdt. Versie 0.80 geniet al een aantal dagen van het levenslicht met het volgende changelog:

Version 0.80:
  • Changed keepalive messages to FLAP channel 0x05 messages, as recommended.
  • Re-implemented idle time reporting. Any keystroke in bsflite now resets your idle time, rather than only on sending a message.
  • New option "respond_idle_only" to send away message auto-response only when away and idle.
  • Fixed the terminal line erasing problem previously detailed in the README both in UNIX (using vt100 sequences), Windows (using console functions) and DOS (using conio functions). Plan 9 is unaffected since the rio terminal properly supports reverse line wrap.
  • Screen names longer than 16 characters are trimmed to the first 13 characters plus "..." in the buddy list display. Use 'wf' to see the entire name. This is necessary now with and accounts.
  • New command 'G' : write away messages in ~/.bsflite/awaymessages, one per line, and use 'G' to set them.
  • Finally added server-side buddy lists. Buddy add/delete now stores the information on the server. If you have a buddies file, run this new version with it once, then delete it.
  • Optional "netspeak cleaner" - see cleaner.c and config file
  • Cleaned up and sped up login sequence.
  • Fixed a mysterious bug where mobile users would disappear from the buddy list even though they were online.
  • imcomm now supports sending more than one packet at a time, which seems to be how other clients do some things. The fetch awaymsg/profile command now takes advantage of this, which seems to improve the rate limit situation a bit. Also, the 'b' command works most of the time without triggering a rate limit warning.
  • Buddy list display now adjusts with screen size.
  • Added a configuration file. See config-example for details.
  • Changed default paths to ~/.bsflite/[config,log,profile,buddies,icon]
  • Fixed the endlessly repeating error messages on certain platforms.
  • l command now shows the last 20 lines instead of 10.
  • Implemented MD5-based login in IMComm instead of the old, "roasted" password algorithm. This improves things on three fronts:
    • your password is no longer sent in plaintext
    • you can login with a account
    • you can login with an ICQ UIN
    This is the way the official client has done things for a while. I used MD5 routines developed by L. Peter Deutsch (md5.c, md5.h in imcomm/) for this, at least until I become inspired enough to write my own.
[break]BSFlite is in de volgende smaken te downloaden:
* Fedora Core 2 - i386
* Fedora Core 3 - x86 64
* Mac OS X
* Plan 9
* Solaris
* Windows
* Source
Besturingssystemen:Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, DOS, macOS, Solaris, UNIX
Licentietype:Voorwaarden (GNU/BSD/etc.)
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