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Software-update: Meedio 1.30

Meedio is een programma waarmee een Windows 2000- of XP-computer kan worden gebruikt als een HTPC-machine. Met dit programma kan snel en eenvoudig een bibliotheek worden aangemaakt die toegang geeft tot al je digitale media, zoals foto's, films en muziek. Meer informatie over dit programma is op deze pagina te vinden. Enkele dagen gelezen is versie 1.30 uitgekomen van Meedio en een vijftien dagen probeerversie kan vanaf hier worden gedownload. Een negen pagina's tellend document met de release notes kan hier worden gevonden, hier onder is daaruit een korte samenvatting te vinden:

New features:
  • CD Copier (Ripper)
  • RSS Feed Importer
  • DataFeed Server
  • Separate Installers
  • Meedio Update
  • Delete Playlists
  • Meedio Kill
  • Command Line Parameters
  • Theme Chooser
  • Meedio Auto-update Module
  • All plug-ins developed by Meedio and included in the standard installation now bear a signature/key in their .plugin files. This allows Meedio to identify them as such.
  • The music player configuration now includes visualizations and input plugin managers that allow you to enable/disable and configure them.
  • Added an option to set the music player volume level.
  • Added importing of comments and user defined fields to the music tag importer.
  • Meedio now automatically cleans the thumbnail database of old un-used thumbnails. It does this in a low priority background thread so it does not interfere with the rest of the application.
  • Added "Meedio Safe Mode" shortcut in the "Troubleshooting" folder.
  • Since Meedio uses IE functions for its downloads, it also uses IE's cache. In a lot of cases this is convenient, but there are other cases where it is desirable to bypass the cache to ensure that Meedio has the latest information. To this end, we have done this (bypass the cache) in a lot of different areas of Meedio.
    For example, if you run the Meedio Autoupdate module, the first thing it does is to contact MAID and download a summary of plug-ins. In the past, the second time you did this, Meedio would go through the IE cache and get the same summary again. This means it was much faster the second time around, but the information may have been stale. Now, it re-fetches the summary every time; slower, but guaranteed to have the latest data.
  • Both Meedio.exe and Configure.exe will now fail to start if MeedioUpdate.exe is running. This prevents them from interfering with an update. They will display a message box that will close automatically after 5 seconds and will then terminate. (There is no way to translate the text on this message box yet).
Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed bug with Comics importer. The source URL changed and there were various other changes in the format of the feed.
  • Fixed bug with weather importer. It was downloading stale data before this release.
  • Fixed the shutdown error message when using the BASS music engine on Windows 2000.
  • Fixed some logging messages that displayed the wrong paths for screen files in the debug log and were misleading.
  • Fixed bug with auto update module clearing out the list of ignored plug-ins when there was a problem.
Notes for Developers and Theme Designers
  • The music player now allows other plug-ins to use its play list loading and saving capabilities. You can tell it to load a play list by sending it the message music.load-playlist with a single parameter called file containing the full path and file name. You can also send it with a file parameter. In this case, if you do not specify the full path and file name, Meedio will save the play list in its playlists directory with the default extension. In addition to that, you can use the List property of the save play list message to specify an alternative list of items to save, if not, the current queue will be saved.
  • Added more options for the IMeedioSystem.GetSettings method. This is documented at the following URL.
  • Added additional debug statements to the spy log for resolution changes
  • Added a CustomSearch function to IMLSection that allows developers to do more powerful searches in the media library. We have also created a tool to test this function; if you are interested in using this tool, please let us know via e-mail. We will document this function in MDN very soon.
  • We have added a new control that allows users to select folders. It is called the Folders control and is documented in MDN at the following URL.
  • Every menu control now publishes the data from its selected item to the screen data. It prepends "menu.selected." to the keys of the data items. It also publishes its name as "". You saw some of this behavior added to the media module and music library in the last release, but now we are attempting to make it more global. The data is updated as you move from one menu control to another and between the items in the same menu control. You can use the -show-screen-data parameter above to see what is going on. We have noticed a few small glitches with menus that use action lists, but nothing major yet.
    As an example, this functionality could be used to show the selected item as the page subtitle, or to display help text for the selected tool bar button.
  • The CD Player’s screen has changed to add a new action which invokes the CD ripper.
  • There is now a new screen called CDCopier in the Music Player’s directory.
  • We have added an action to the NowPlaying screen of the music player to allow deleting playlists.
  • The "download" action of the auto update module now bears the caption "Install Now". The "install" action is not used.
Meedio screenshot
Versienummer 1.30
Besturingssystemen Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Meedio
Bestandsgrootte 15,80MB
Licentietype Shareware

Door Bart van Klaveren

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18-04-2005 • 19:31

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Submitter: marcelt

Bron: Meedio


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Is er iemand die dit al uitvoerig heeft getest in vergelijking met MediaPortal? Voordeel van MediaPortal t.o.v. deze variant is dat MediaPortal freeware is
Super software! Ik heb veel pakketten getest, waaronder het gratis MediaPortal. Niets komt, qua features, wat mij betreft in de buurt van Meedio. Ga vanavond meteen deze versie installeren.

Helaas is MeedioTV nog steeds in pre-release (dus niet langer in beta), hopelijk is het snel op markt.

Tot 30 april is, ter ere van het bereiken van 200 plug-ins, Meedio tijdelijk $20 (ex tax) ipv $59!

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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