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Software-update: nHancer 1.1

Op de website van mvktech kan versie 1.1 worden opgehaald van nHancer. Dit programma is een geavanceerde profiel-editor voor de drivers van nVidia-videokaarten. Zo kunnen de globale driver-instellingen worden aangepast en kunnen verschillende profielen worden aangemaakt met speciale instellingen voor verschillende situaties. Deze release heeft de volgende lange lijst met veranderingen ondergaan:

Changes in this Version
  • Spanish translation integrated (thanks to Felipe Sere)
  • Added a button to select the "AFR2" mode, NVIDIA introduced in driver 71.84
  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • Polish translation integrated (thanks to Tymoteusz Kuczynski)
  • By default, nHancer doesn't show a message during its start if there are conflicting profiles. The profiles will still be listed in red, though. The old behavior can be forced by adding the start option "-check", the option "-nocheck" has been removed
  • The space for some text labels has been increased. If you increase the "DPI setting" (Display Properties->Settings->Advanced->General) the text in some labels would wrap. If you use unreasonable high values for the DPI setting, this will still happen though, and at some point the UI will become ugly and unusable
  • Since the drivers don't honor the extended executable path (even though it is being used in some NVIDIA profiles), the corresponding dialog has been removed for the time being
  • Added a "Duplicate" button for the profiles. If you want to create a new profile based on an existing one, you can use that button
  • Bugfix: When removing an executable from a profile, the corresponding entries in the registry weren't removed
  • Bugfix: Enhanced the code to make sure added executables are saved correctly
  • Bugfix: After removing a profile or adding/removing executables, the red markings in the profile list (for conflicting profiles) were not updated
  • Bugfix: In some cases, the color markings in the profile list (for conflicting profiles) were removed
  • About window updated to credit the translators. The beta testers are still missing, though. No worries, they will be added later
  • Added a description pane, where each profile can be described using RTF
  • Added a context sensitive description of all options
  • Added 4 more SLI flags NVIDIA started to use with 75.90
  • Made all window parts of the main window and the import/export window resizable independently
  • Added checks for conflicting profiles (profiles using same executables). This check is done on the program start, on importing profiles. It's also indicated in the main window
  • Replaced backup mechanism with a permanent extended profile in nHancer's own directory, which stores additional data, like the profile description
  • When adding an executable to a profile, you can now select additional parts of the path to make the executable unique (for cases if the game's exe has a generic name like "game.exe"). This is confirmed to work with NVIDIA ForceWare 71.84, I'm not sure about previous versions
  • Improved import and export. The selection window now displays the summary and description of the ex/imported profiles. Existing profiles are now replaced based on the executables, not on the profile name. Conflicts are also noted on the import selection window. While importing, you have the choice to remove all existing profiles
  • Added a new file type (.nhprofile). Clicking on such a file will directly load it and open the import screen
  • Added new start options: -nocheck, -import, -replace, -quit
  • Added the new menu option "Restore global settings to default", which restores all global settings to their default values
  • Added the new menu option "Remove all profiles"
  • Added menu functions to change the language preference on the fly
  • Added link to the online documentation in the "Help" menu
  • Completely reworked the internal management of the various settings to make it much easier to add new settings
  • Respects the "prevent_cpl_xx" key in NVIDIA profiles, which effectively forbids that option to be set from within the control panel
  • Reworked the profile summaries, they now include all options
  • When changing global settings, only the setting actually changed are written to the registry (previously all global settings were written, even if only one option had been changed)
  • The menu option "Write all profiles to registry" now deletes all old profiles from the registry before writing the current ones. So if there's some bogus old profile in the registry that's no longer listed, it will be wiped out by this function
  • Bugfix: On some localized Windows installations, the BlackBytes Registry component would fail because of a malfunctioning licence key check. This has been fixed
  • Bugfix: Portential crash during loading of the driver's color profiles (could happen if nHancer was started before the driver was fully installed)
  • Added more meaningful message if the profile file couldn't be found
  • Bugfix: Crash if an SLI flag was changed before any application or global had been selected
  • Bugfix: If the anti-aliasing category is changed, the first mode of that category is automatically selected
  • Bugfix: When options were changed rapidly, the registry change handler could interfere with the UI which caused a complete hang of the application
  • Bugfix: The registry keys for two OpenGL settings had the wrong case, causing system performance and vsync settings not to work for OpenGL games
Versienummer 1.1
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website mvktech
Bestandsgrootte 514,00KB
Licentietype Freeware

Door Bart van Klaveren

Downloads en Best Buy Guide

03-04-2005 • 22:10

2 Linkedin Google+

Bron: mvktech


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* Create and manage fully automated profiles for all your games
* On-the-fly control of all global settings and all game settings
* Very easy to use, explains all options and their effect, like Anti Aliasing, Anisotropic Filtering, etc...
* Special options for NVIDIA's SLI feature, allowing you to be able to use almost all games with SLI even if NVIDIA doesn't support them
* Offers addional Anti Aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering modes, that are not available through NVIDIA's control panel
* Flexible user interface: change the size of the window and all sub areas
* Use the online profile database to download profiles for your games, to enhance your gaming experience without having to explore the various options yourself
* Export and share your profiles with other by uploading them into the profile databse
* User interface and help texts available in various languages (right now English, German and Polish)
* Consorts perfectly with NVIDIA's own control panel and other tools, like aTuner or RivaTuner, nHancer will immediately detect any changes made by any other tool
Iemand ervaringen met dit programma ?
Ofwel; is het de moeite waard om te gebruiken ?
Ik gebruik zelf altijd het default control-panel met de 'cool bits' (uitgebreide versie) registry-settings ...

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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