Software-update: Paint Shop Pro 9.01

Jasc Software heeft in de vorm van versie 9.01 een update uitgebracht voor Paint Shop Pro. De download weegt nog net geen 34MB en kan vanaf hier worden neergehaald. Wie nog geen PSP 9 heeft geïnstalleerd staan zal maar liefst 108MB van zijn maandelijkse quota in moeten leveren door dit bestand te downloaden. Jasc Software heeft aangegeven op verzoek van gebruikers de volgende veranderingen te hebben aangebracht in deze release:

Fixes and Issues Addressed
  • With the Smear tool’s size minimized, smear strokes were leaving transparency in areas where they shouldn’t have.
  • Use of the Palette Knife, under certain settings, was introducing artifacts along the edge of the paint.
  • The Tiles effect was sometimes dropping lines between tiles, and displaying a noticeable difference between the preview and the resulting image.
  • With the History palette set to Auto-hide mode, right-clicking an item displayed the context menu, but the palette itself disappeared.
  • Due to an issue with the automation OLE server in Microsoft Access 2003, integration with Microsoft Access wasn’t always work correctly. Additionally, when inserting a Paint Shop Pro Studio object into a Microsoft Word document, Paint Shop Pro Studio was closing automatically if no other document was open.
  • Recording a script that included a plug-in with an apostrophe in its name (such as “Somebody's Filters”) didn't enclose the plug-in name in double-quotes, causing an error upon execution.
  • The scripting command ReturnFileLocations wasn't returning the folder count or locations for the following three folder locations: Categories Database, Displacement Maps, and Mixer Pages.
  • Vector objects with lines 2 pixels thick (and wider) were displaying with an extra pixel.
  • The left and right preview windows for the Barrel, Fisheye, and Pincushion Distortion Correction dialogs did not match after the initial filter application.
  • An erroneous, abbreviated error message sometimes appeared when using the Hue/Saturation/Lightness dialog on a Windows ME computer.
  • The Reset to default button in the Digital Camera Noise Removal dialog was not functioning correctly after using the Randomize button.
  • Changing the filename case of some resources (such as Picture Tubes) wasn't being reflected in the visual resource pickers.
  • Changing a Gradient name via the Resource Manager dialog modified the gradient's thumbnail appearance in the drop-list.
  • Paletted PNG files were not appearing in the Displacement Map dialog's list of available map images.
  • The Batch Process feature was not properly saving PSP7 and earlier images with the correct .psp file extention extension.
  • EXIF data for Raw images from the same camera was varying depending on the presence of the image thumbnail.
  • When using the Image Browser, navigating folders with the arrow keys sometimes caused focus to jump to other folders.
  • In Windows Explorer, right-clicking an image file and attempting to open it with Paint Shop Pro 9 was not working.
  • In Windows Explorer, right-clicking a folder to "Browse with Paint Shop Pro 9" wasn't functioning properly.
  • After setting up a screen capture and then minimizing Paint Shop Pro, completing the screen capture was not bringing focus back to Paint Shop Pro.
  • The Raw Camera Data dialog's zoom presets drop-list was improperly displaying the zooming options.
  • When in Tabbed Documents mode, selecting images for Print Layout via the Image Browser wasn't displaying the image thumbnails.
  • Images opened from a maximized Image Browser were missing the Close button after exiting Full Screen Preview mode.
  • After dragging and dropping another image into the current image, attempting to view Layer Properties was causing PSP to crash.
  • Clipboard contents pasted into a selection were not conforming to the shape of the selection.
  • A Help topic associated with placing text along a vector path mistakenly referred to a button labeled "OK" instead of "Apply."
  • A Help topic associated with screen capturing didn't contain directions on capturing Paint Shop Pro itself.
  • A Help topic associated with copying resources via the Resource Manager dialog needed additional information.
  • A Help topic associated with the Color Replacer tool needed additional information about materials other than solid colors.
  • A Help topic associated with splitting color channels listed the wrong menu path.
  • A Quick Guide in the Learning Center palette needed additional steps to assist new Paint Shop Pro users.
  • A Help topic associated with the auto-hide feature for palettes needed additional information.
  • Users of the Logitech Track Man mouse were reporting slowdowns when in Paint Shop Pro.
  • During installation, attempting to change the location of user data folders wasn't working properly.
  • In the Layers palette, scanned images opened into Paint Shop Pro were not being labeled as the "Background" layer.
  • After creating a new layer and then using the Edit > Repeat command, the second new layer's name was not incrementing properly. A few dialogs in the application still referred to the Layers palette as the Layer palette.
  • The Alt key shortcuts listed in the Layers menu and the Layers context menu did not match.
  • When the Layers palette was set to auto-hide, and then a new layer was created, the palette was hiding improperly.
  • The Layers palette icon used to indicate a layer's lock status was difficult to see.
  • Load/Save Selections and Masks wasn't allowing access to the File Locations button when there were no resources in the current folder.
  • Some models of cordless pointing devices were having difficulty with slow mouse movements in Paint Shop Pro.
  • In the Image Browser, dragging an image onto an already populated folder did not open the folder.
  • After adjusting a layer's opacity and then selecting another tool, the cursor was disappearing.
  • When set to auto-hide, the History palette was improperly hiding after right-clicking an item to display the context menu.
  • The script ReturnVectorObjectProperties was not returning the visibility of objects with visibility turned off.
  • The label "SelectHideMarquee" was not appearing in the History Palette to reflect that the Selections > Hide Marquee command was used.
  • When attempting to run two successive scripts that import JascUtils, the scripts fail.
  • When using the Anti-alias option with the Freehand Selection tool, the resulting selection did not appear anti-aliased.
  • After executing a Select All command, right-clicking to deselect was not functioning properly.
  • When using the Circle or Ellipse selection type without the Anti-alias option checked, the selection was failing.
  • Attempting to move an empty (transparent) selection was prompting an error message to appear.
  • When the Windows screen settings were set to use the largest font option, the bottom of the application registration form was being cut off.
  • A Help topic link associated with Aligning and Spacing Text on Object Paths was opening a popup window, not another Help topic.
  • While using a vector tool with the foreground property set to Transparent, subsequent attempts to apply paint in the Mixer palette were failing.
  • Use of the Mesh Warp tool was leaving holes in the image where none existed in the previous Paint Shop Pro version.
  • When using the Mesh Warp tool, the edges of some warped images appear to change after applying the modifications.
  • While using the Warp Brush tool, the Apply and Cancel buttons were grayed out under certain conditions.
  • While using the Clone tool, the X marking the source position wasn't appearing during clicks and drags.
  • While using the Raster Deform tool to proportionally resize a layer, occasionally the proportion was being distorted depending on cursor position.
  • The Art Media tools needed the ability to support very small brush Size values.
  • The raster Paint Brush presets incorporating certain settings were causing the application to lock up.
  • Saving a brush preset with the name "Last Used" was prompting an error message.
  • Under specific settings, Paint Brush strokes over undone strokes was occasionally causing the undone strokes to reappear on the canvas.
  • When using the Ellipse tool, the Tool Options palette's expansion arrow wasn't functioning properly in some cases.
  • Straight vector lines drawn with anti-alias on and having an even-number width setting didn't look as good as expected.
  • Editing some of the vector shapes and then closing the document occasionally caused Paint Shop Pro to crash.
  • When dragging tool buttons out of their group while in Customization mode, the buttons didn't look the same as before they were moved.
  • When docking was turned off, the Layers palette was occasionally hidden behind the Materials palette.
  • Under certain conditions, Materials palette swatch thumbnails set to appear at small or medium sizes were not fully visible in the palette.
  • The response time for docking and undocking palettes appeared to slow down after several docks/undocks.
  • When resizing the main application window such that the Tools toolbar was partially hidden, the icon indicating the additional tools was being clipped.
  • Customization options associated with adding plug-in commands to toolbars were missing compared to previous versions of the application.
  • When clicking on the Paint Shop Pro main window to reactivate the application, clicking over a docked palette/toolbar would undock the palette/toolbar.
  • When sampling colors in the Mixer palette, right-clicks were not setting the Background property as expected.
  • After clicking the Layers palette to give it focus, subsequently clicking another palette would not always give that palette focus.
  • After exiting Print Layout, multiple images that had been minimized in the main window were moving upward such that the title bars were overlapping.
  • In the Objects menu and the vector-related context menus, command name capitalization was not consistent.
  • Deleted workspaces were still appearing in the list of workspaces available for loading.
  • Under certain conditions, images minimized in the workspace were sometimes hiding below the Status bar.
  • The Customization mode feature of Ctrl+Left-clicking a tool to duplicate it was not documented.
  • Menu icons dragged to another location and then set to appear only as text were having the icons reappear upon the next launch of Paint Shop Pro.
  • In the Mixer palette, when attempting to adjust the Tube tool's size setting via the mouse scroll wheel, the setting wasn't updating properly.
  • When using the Fine Leather effect, the dialog's preview pane was not properly updating unless the Proof button was clicked.
  • Setting a Logitech optical mouse scroll wheel to execute a double-click when pressed was not working consistently in the application.
  • When starting an Oil Brush stroke outside the canvas, blank areas would sometimes appear at the edge of the canvas.
  • The ability to scroll through options in drop-lists by using the mouse wheel or the arrow keys was not functioning properly.
  • Some Windows 98 users were reporting that preset lists were appearing at their smallest size for no known reason.
Versienummer 9.01
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Jasc Software, Inc.
Bestandsgrootte 32,89MB
Licentietype Shareware

Reacties (10)

Wijzig sortering
Ik ben niet hele dagen bezig met grafische programma's, maar is een waardig alternatief voor deze software? En kan iemand het verschil uitleggen tussen dit en photoshop bijvoorbeeld?
Paint Shop trekt qua interface idd wat op uw Photofiltre (wss is het wel andersom)
Photoshop is toch superieur qua interface en mogelijkheden

Ik heb nooit graag met PSP gewerkt ;(

Adobe kost natuurlijk bakken geld, PF is gratis én verrassend klein :o
De Gimp is ook een leuk alternatief, dat evenzeer gratis (zelfs open-source) is. Het enige verschil is dat de Gimp nogal rommelig is en bijgevolg wat vreemd zal overkomen voor Photoshop-gebruikers. Dit is wel hét alternatief bij uitstek, zeker op het Unix-platform.
Wow, PhotoFiltre is een goeie tip! Klein, snel en gratis.
Het is allemaal nog weer logger en zwaarder geworden, en er zijn alleen maar wat functies toegevoegd. Ik start liever PSP5 of 7 op, dan hoeven mijn creatieve neigingen niet te wachten. Voor specifieke dingen staat PhotoShop er ook op.
Daar heb je wel een punt: PSP was altijd een mooi lightweight en goedkoop alternatief voor PS, dat goedkoop is niet erg veranderd maar tegenwoordig valt PSP niet bepaald meer lightweight te noemen. Dat vind ik wel jammer.
Daarom is er (speciaal voor mensen die PSP9 te log vinden)ook Paint Shop Studio, dit is een uitgeklede PSP9.
Ik heb hele lange tijd met psp gewerkt, werkt heel fijn, maar na lange tijd ken je z'n beetje alle features die het programma heeft, en dan is de overstap naar Photoshop wel fijn :) bied meer mogelijkheden, en tegelijkertijd is het bijna het zelfde werken als met psp
In Windows Explorer, right-clicking an image file and attempting to open it with Paint Shop Pro 9 was not working

Heb hier nog tijd aan zitten te verprutsen, dacht dat het aan m'n unattended cd lag
Wat is dan nu een goed progje als je niet zo een pro pakket als Photoshop wil maar wle goede interface en de mogelijkheden?

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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