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Software-update: Mantis 0.19.0 alpha 1

Het ontwikkelteam achter Mantis heeft vandaag de eerste alphaversie van de 0.19.0-branch uitgebracht. Deze release kan hier gedownload worden en heeft een gewicht van 969 kilobyte. Mantis maakt gebruik van PHP en MySQL om users bugs, features en tweaks te laten rapporteren over bijvoorbeeld een zelfgemaakt forum. Developers kunnen dan vervolgens de opmerkingen van de gebruikers op een overzichtelijke manier bekijken en de status van het ticket veranderen. 0.19.0 alpha 1 zijn de volgende veranderingen van toepassing:

  • Enh #0000: Change of terminology, replaced "bug" with "issue" [first step in #2710].
  • Enh #0000: Generate one email per user. Stage #2 (minor send mail optimization - used kept alive SMTP connection).
  • Enh #0000: phpMailer 1.71 has been included to Mantis distribution, all the mails are sent now only by phpMailer.
  • Enh #0000: Mass issue manipulation (move, delete, etc.) page now shows list of selected issues.
  • Enh #2200: Add Version to simple bug pages.
  • Enh #3152: Adding notes and documents to resolved bugs.
  • Enh #3164: Added "fixed in version" field, set when resolving a bug.
  • Enh #3300: Add global defaults for priotity and severity of new bugs.
  • Enh #3302: Add global defaults for view state.
  • Enh #3505: Add a Bugnote to a resolved bug.
  • Enh #3519: Advanced filtering with multiple selections.
  • Enh #3620: Redesigned filter interface.
  • Enh #3633: Experimental support for MSSQL, PgSQL and other databases using ADODB.
  • Enh #3638: The bugtracker should be able to produce a changelog.
  • Enh #3662: Provide more config vars to control viewing/downloading/deleting bug attachments.
  • Enh #3663: Remember filter settings for each project.
  • Enh #3676: Use status threshold rather than hide resolved/closed in filter.
  • Enh #3688: Add threshold for changing the bug/bugnote view status.
  • Enh #3690: Request for directly setting reminders private.
  • Enh #3713: Allow users to set severity levels along with email preferences.
  • Enh #3735: New CSS class for HTML Form Buttons
  • Enh #3739: Portal for viewing bug status lists and summaries after login.
  • Enh #3765: Change title on bug details page to bug summary line.
  • Enh #3801: Add "myself" meta filter options.
  • Enh #3802: Auto-use filter selection on change.
  • Enh #3808: Ability to sponsor (fund) a bug or feature request.
  • Enh #3811: Allow private flag to be unset on resolved bugs.
  • Enh #3841: Add real name ability to mantis.
  • Enh #3867: Give the user control whether to open hyperlink in new or current window.
  • Enh #3870: Support for custom functions which provides hooks for customizing behaviour.
  • Enh #3881: Replace "Hide Status" with "Status" in advanced filter.
  • Enh #3918: Allow restricting filter views to advanced or simple.
  • Enh #3925: New bug group action: Copy.
  • Fix #3094: Switching projects clears filter values.
  • Fix #3159: Allow case of user name to be changed. Also fixed bug where database error was displayed when trying to create user "TeSt" when user "Test" already exists.
  • Fix #3397: Delete notification should be off when deleting a project.
  • Fix #3473: g_bug_resolved_status_threshold variable ignored.
  • Fix #3504: project cookie not cleared at logout
  • Fix #3567: Reminders can be added for a readonly bug.
  • Fix #3578: Word 2000 reports "The dimensions after resizing are too small or too large." trying to open word document from Mantis
  • Fix #3622: Tweak attachment SQL in print bug pages.
  • Fix #3629: Duplicate Error ID.
  • Fix #3641: 'Date submited' in reports is always '12-31-69'.
  • Fix #3723: No ability to edit or even delete news is associated project was deleted.
  • Fix #3781: Fixed external URL in admin/check.php
  • Fix #3806: Timestamp in project management page (Version management section) isn't shown as configured
  • Fix #3824: Private bug reports and bugnotes are sent out as notifications to everyone.
  • Fix #3826: Allow case of project name to be changed.
  • Fix #3837: Bugs can be edited after being closed.
  • Fix #3840: Why strip the leading spaces from Description? (applied to all multi-line fields in issue + issue notes).
  • Fix #3851: Ability to change the view status for a group of bugs
  • Fix #3852: OK button in View Issues page is not localised
  • Fix #3866: URLs that include bookmark are not hyperlinked correctly.
  • Fix #3879: Empty entry in project select field can cause bugs to be moved to non-existing project.
  • Fix #3886: Custom HTML page title not displayed.
  • Fix #3920: Two missing graphs in advanced summary.
  • Fix #3923: "By Developer" and "By Reporter" graphs rewritten to reduce SQL impact.
  • Fix #3924: Graphs did not show query counts when flag was set.
  • Fix #3937: Custom field filters now only show those values relevant to the selected project.
  • Fix #3951: Add Bugnote - Link.
  • Fix #3957: IIS had issues with serialised filters in redirects.
  • Fix #4012: Problem with Custom Fields in Report.
  • New Config: set_view_status_threshold (default REPORTER) - threshold needed to set the view status while reporting a bug / bugnote.
  • New Config: change_view_status_threshold (default UPDATER) - threshold needed to update the view status while updating a bug / bugnote.
  • New Config: view_handler_threshold (default VIEWER) - threshold needed to view the bug handler (now works for emails only).
  • New Config: view_history_threshold (default VIEWER) - threshold needed to view the bug history (now works for emails only).
  • New Config: view_attachments_threshold (default VIEWER). Access level needed to view bugs attachments. View means to see the file names sizes, and timestamps of the attachments.
  • New Config: download_attachments_threshold (default VIEWER). Access level needed to download bug attachments.
  • New Config: delete_attachments_threshold (default DEVELOPER). Access level needed to delete bug attachments.
  • New Config: allow_view_own_attachments (default ON). Allow users to view attachments uploaded by themselves even if their access level is below view_attachments_threshold.
  • New Config: allow_download_own_attachments (default ON). Allow users to download attachments uploaded by themselves even if their access level is below download_attachments_threshold.
  • New Config: allow_delete_own_attachments (default OFF). Allow users to delete attachments uploaded by themselves even if their access level is below delete_attachments_threshold.
  • New Config: default_bug_view_status (default VS_PUBLIC). Default view status for bugs.
  • New Config: default_bugnote_view_status (default VS_PUBLIC). Default view status for bugnotes.
  • New Config: default_reminder_view_status (default VS_PUBLIC). Default view status for reminders.
  • New Config: stored_query_use_threshold (default REPORTER). Threshold needed to be able to use stored queries.
  • New Config: stored_query_create_threshold (default DEVELOPER). Threshold needed to be able to create stored queries.
  • New Config: stored_query_create_shared_threshold (default MANAGER). Threshold needed to be able to create shared stored queries.
  • New Config: hide_status_default (default CLOSED). Default minimum status to hide in filters.
  • New Config: enable_sponsorship (default OFF). Whether to enable/disable the whole issue sponsorship feature.
  • New Config: sponsorship_currency (default US$). Currency used for all sponsorships.
  • New Config: view_sponsorship_total_threshold (default VIEWER). Access level threshold needed to view the total sponsorship for an issue by all users.
  • New Config: view_sponsorship_details_threshold (default VIEWER). Access level threshold needed to view the users sponsoring an issue and the sponsorship amount for each.
  • New Config: sponsor_threshold (default REPORTER). Access level threshold needed to allow user to sponsor issues.
  • New Config: handle_sponsored_bugs_threshold (default DEVELOPER). Access level required to be able to handle sponsored issues.
  • New Config: assign_sponsored_bugs_threshold (default MANAGER). Access level required to be able to assign a sponsored issue to a user with access level greater or equal to 'handle_sponsored_bugs_threshold'.
  • New Config: minimum_sponsorship_amount (default 5). Minimum sponsorship amount. If the user enters a value less than this, an error will be prompted.
  • New Config: mantis_sponsorship_table (default mantis_sponsorship_table). Name of table containing issue sponsorship information.
  • New Config: bug_readonly_status_threshold (default RESOLVED). Status threshold after which the issue is considered readonly.
  • New Config: update_readonly_bug_threshold (default MANAGER). Status threshold after which the user is allowed to edit readonly issues.
  • New Config: view_changelog_threshold (default VIEWER). Status threshold after which the user is allowed to view the changelog. The changelog will include private issues only if user has the approach access level.
  • New Config: view_filters (default SIMPLE_DEFAULT) - Default filter view.
  • New Config: default_home_page (default my view page): Default page after Login.
  • New Config: my_view_bug_count (default 10): Number of bugs shown in each box.
  • New Config: my_view_boxes: My view boxes to be shown and their order.
  • Removed config option (use_phpMailer): phpMailer has always been used
  • Removed config option (phpMailer_path): phpMailer has been included to Mantis distribution
  • Removed config option (use_x_priority): phpMailer always puts X-Priority header
  • Removed config option (hide_closed_default): Replaced by hide_status_default
  • Languages: Updated German, Polish, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Japanese (EUC and SJIS), Serbian, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and Simplified Chinese localisations.
  • Versienummer 0.19.0 alpha 1
    Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Server 2003
    Website Mantis
    Bestandsgrootte 969,00KB
    Licentietype GPL

    Door Robin Vreuls


    07-07-2004 • 22:32

    3 Linkedin Google+

    Bron: Mantis


    Reacties (3)

    Wijzig sortering
    That's what I call a change log.

    Keep it up!
    Zo dat is een interessante lijst updates/fixes!

    Ik gebruik tegenwoordig ook Mantis.. erg handig als je veel met php/programmeren/websites/etc bezig bent.

    Kun je al die "ohjah, dat moet ook nog ff" ideetjes die je later weer vergeten bent in bijhouden :)
    Wat zijn de verschillen met BugZilla?
    Zijn deze groot?

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