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Software-update: Pivot 1.14

Pivot is een web-based interface geschreven in PHP waarmee de inhoud van dynamische sites, zoals weblogs, gemakkelijk kan worden beheerd. Deze CMS biedt je de mogelijkheid om meerdere categorieŽn aan te maken, de gebruikers te laten reageren op artikelen en de looks van de site aan te passen aan de hand van templates. Verder kan het automatisch RSS- en Atom-feeds maken, nieuwsarchieven aanmaken en heeft het geen database nodig om te draaien omdat alle data wordt opgeslagen in XML-bestanden. Gisteren kwam versie 1.14 uit en kent de volgende wijzigingen:

  • Fixed a memory issue, where users with large pivots ( over 1000 entries) could get an error when rebuilding all files
  • Fixed an issue with the regex to clean up sloppy HTML
  • Fixed the preview button
  • Added detection code to see if the correct version of GD is installed
  • Included the new version of Textile
  • Added a fallback routine to Textile 1 for servers where Textile 2 doesn't work
  • The Calender now follows the language setting of the weblogs (thanks to Omar Pulido)
  • Leaving comments in non-western-european languages should work much better now.
  • Add links in the comment-confirmation email to delete comment, edit comment and block IP's.
  • Rewritten the code to gather archive data (took too much memory when someone has over ~ 5000 entries)
  • Added a little tool to enable the inclusion of archive listings on pages not in Pivot.
  • Archivelisting now shows the correct number of days in a month.
  • Modified the detection code in entry.php, to detect which template to use to display an entry
  • Basic BBClone integration: If BBClone is present, hits to archive and entry pages are tracked automatically. Also a [[bbclone_counter]] tag was added for inclusion in templates for the frontpage and archive-pages.
  • Besides 'archive' there is now also an 'archive.php' and two example .htaccess files for use with either Filesmatch or Mod_rewrite.
  • Fixed a bug with caching that would cause the 'last comments' to not show the last comment. (duh)
  • Fixed a bug in the pinging path ("Again?!" you say? Yes, again!)
  • Add Slovakian, Norwegian and Korean to language files, updated several others..
  • 'Insert Image' and 'Image Popup' now use the selected text for the alt-attribute..
  • Made sure there's always a default for 'overview_entriesperpage'..
  • Fixed a bug in Textile to work better with international characters.
  • Added encoding to 'Insert Image', 'Insert Popup' and 'Insert Link'..
  • If the user's language is different from the Weblog's language, the archive pages ended up in the wrong language.
  • Fixed length for Atom/RSS excerpts fixed.
  • Emoticons in Atom/RSS feeds work properly now.
  • Added a global 'Allow Comments?' setting, which you can override for each entry. Remove the non-working option from weblogs configuration.
  • Fixed a small bug regarding clickable urls in comment-editing screen.
  • Removed 'RSS feed length' option, and replaced it with a 'Publish full feeds?' Option, which is much more logical.
  • Deleting comments works again (was a newly introduced bug)
  • Removed all instances of 'clear: both' from the code.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented toggling back to the list view when viewing thumbnails in media.
  • Added %url-to-name% and %email-to-name% as options for formatting comments.
  • [[permalink]] and [[singlepermalink]] now also accept date options for formatting, like [[permalink:%day% %month% %year%]]
  • added a [[id_anchor]] tag. If you use [[id_anchor]] in your shortentry template, pivot will no longer wrap your entry in a <span id='e1234'> tag.
  • Fixed a bug in html-tidy-upper that would break quoted attributes with spaces in them.
  • Fixed it so that you can't write templates in other folders anymore, and the extention has to be .html, .htm, or .css (thanks to LordRich)
  • Fixed a potential security exploit in modules/module_db.php and modules/module_parser.php (thanks to Loofus)

Door Bart de Water


16-06-2004 • 00:47

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