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Software-update: RSSOwl 0.73b

De developers van RSSOwl hebben versie 0.73b van hun RSS-aggegrator uitgebracht. Deze digitale uil is geschreven in Java en kan het laatste nieuws van verschillende RSS-, RDF- en Atom-feeds ophalen. Nieuwsstukken kunnen worden opgezocht met de zoekfunctie en dankzij de tabbed interface houd je overzicht over al het aangeboden nieuws. De developers lieten het volgende changelog achter:

  • Updated SWT to latest version 3.050
    • The browser widget is now supported under Mac OS 10.3 using Safari. This allows usage of the internal browser and all of its features inside RSSOwl (for example: render text of selected news as HTML)
    • The browser context-menu is now available again on Win32
    • The tabfolder gave available space to new tabs not correctly but removed one tab and made it available in the popup to right
    • Context menu on tabs closed directly after opening on Linux
    • In the particular case of enabling - disabling and enabling the "Minimize to system tray" in one shot, a second tray icon showed up with no icon set to it and no menu
    • Internal browser grabbed focus to RSSOwl, even if RSSOwl was minimized
  • It is now possible to import newsfeeds from OPML into RSSOwl, even if the tree is empty. This avoids having to create a dummy category, to import the newsfeeds into RSSOwl.
  • New MenuItem "Mark All Read" to mark all news of the displayed newsfeed read (it is possible to apply a shortcut key on this common action).
  • Password field in proxy settings will now echo a '*' char to hide it
  • Per default each loaded newsfeed will now be sorted on unread / read status. The unread news are always displayed on top of all read news. This makes RSSOwl independant from some newsfeed-providers that kept generating XML documents with latest news anywhere placed in the document, but not sorted on top.
  • #902048 RSS favorites shows summary of items read/unread Whenever RSSOwl is loading a favorite newsfeed with unread news available, or when the user marks a news unread manually, the icon in the tree storing the favorite will change, indicating unread news are available. The two treeitem icons for unread and read are easily kept apart to allow a quick view on favorites with unread news. In addition to the changing icon of the favorite, all parent categories will also update their icon indicating that they hold a favorite with unread news. This will help you detect favorites with unread news, even if they are nested very deep in a lot of sub-categories.
  • It is now possible to add a favorite, even if title or url are still existing in RSSOwl. To keep uniqueness, RSSOwl is automatically adding a number in braces to a duplicate title, and a "#number" to the end of a duplicate link (this should still allow to open the link, because the rhombus declares a local anchor which is ignored if not existing). This also effects the import of favorites via OPML or Subscriptions.
  • Confirm dialogs to delete favorite / category changed from "Yes / No" to "Ok / Cancel" because on windows, the dialog was not closable using the red cross top-right to the window.
  • Enabled the menuitem "Add to favorites" (Newsheader) on tabs that show an error which occured while loading a newsfeed.
  • The search for newsfeeds ("Tools" > "Search for Newsfeeds") will now also return Atom (Syndication Format) Newsfeeds, together with RSS and RDF feeds.
  • New status line added at the bottom of RSSOwl. The line is containing a progress-bar, cancel button, status text and the current date on the right-end. The status-line replaces the "Loading XML..." progress dialog that appeared after loading / reloading or searching a newsfeed. The status text will display more information than shown in the dialog before. The URL or Title will be displayed in addition to the size of the feed (if available). These informations are also shown when aggregating an entire category. Also, the user is now being informed on any auto-reload action performed by RSSOwl.
  • Added Homepage information to the "Properties" view of a favorite. The information-fields are now colored gray, instead of white, to make clear that they are not editable
  • Extended Atom format support. Content type "application/xhtml+xml" or "xml" mode is now displayed as description if given in the content tag
  • Favorites did not update their meta infos (shown in Properties) on reload
  • In any case of a malformed AmphetaRate rating, the rating is removed from the submission queue. But in any case of a problem reaching the rating-server, the rating is kept and resend after 15 minutes. In earlier versions, the rating was continiously tried resent, even in the case of a malformed URL.
  • Moving a favorite to a different category called buildUrlTree() twice
  • RSSOwl did not open Welcome and License Tab while a feed was loading
  • Fixed a major bug that caused the auto update feature not to work when running RSSOwl on a medium/fast performing computer. The method that was used to create a unique next update interval returned same values for different favorites because it was using the System.currentTime() method. That method was called several times very fast in a row on startup and returned same values in most cases.
  • RSSOwl was not using it's encoding (set by the user, UTF-8 by default) when formatting a NewsTip mail or calling "Tell my friends" from the menu
  • RSSOwl crashed when deleting a favorite while aggregating the category the deleted favorite was stored in
  • RSS Queue-Loader Thread was not terminating if active on startup and on closing RSSOwl while the queue-loader was working
  • Removed duplicate readAndDispatch event loop in RSSOwlLoader
  • Proxy configuration was not used in a lot of methods (for example: Grab title from newsfeed, channel-image in the channelinfo box)
  • Simple HTML tags were not stripped from description in non-browser view
  • RSSOwlI18n.getTranslation() returned translations inefficiently
  • Now checking first for channel-image holder not being disposed before loading the image into it
  • Image leak on "close" button in channelinfo fixed
  • #947317 Configure Java_HOME as command line param to .exe The rssowl.exe is now accepting the optional parameter "-vm=..." to point to a specific JVM. Example: "rssowl -vm=C:/j2sdk_1_4_1" will make the exe look for "C:/j2sdk_1_4_1/bin/javaw.exe" and if found use that as JVM, even if JAVA_HOME is set.
  • #942844 OPML import seems to read the wrong attribut RSSOwl did not import the titles of outline-elements if they were set as text-attribute
  • #942842 Get title from feed doesn't respect proxy auth settings
  • #942471 Fail to load RSS feeds with ommited xml declaration RSSOwl had problems displaying newsfeeds which used a BOM (byte order mark) in their XML to tell which encoding they use. A BOM for UTF-8 is three bytes long and placed as first data in the XML (before the XML declaration or root element begins).
  • #936258 Newstext viewform flicker
  • #941551 Titles read from feed don't convert xml entities The title is now parsed using JDom XML parser which resolves any ISO Latin-1, Mathematical, Greek and Symbolic entities. This bug occured when using "Get title from feed" in the "Add new favorite" dialog.
  • #936322 RSS feedsearch should use proxy configuration
  • #932807 RSSOwl can't read an Atom 0.3 feed RSSOwl is now passing the "User-Agent" header attribute to each URL connection (value = "RSSOwl/Version"). Some server block connections, if the "User-Agent" is not given
Major Code Cleanup and Refactor:
  • Refactored a lot of methods and removed some duplicate code-blocks
  • Created new class RSSOwlEventManager to unify duplicated code from equal actions that were triggered from different classes
  • Created new classes RSSOwlXMLShop and RSSOwlRegExShop to provide some methods dealing with XML/HTML and regular expressions in RSSOwl
  • Created new class RSSOwlProxyShop to handle proxy usage in RSSOwl
  • Splitted RSSOwlXMLImportExport into RSSOwlSettingsFactory to manage import / export of settings and RSSOwlExport / RSSOwlImport to manage import and exports of categories and favorites.
  • Removed a lot of unnecessary static references
  • Fixed all calls to deprecated methods
  • Removed a big number of unused setter and getter methods
  • Removed / United some of the favorites settings to reduce size of the user.xml that stores them
  • Moved the popup that is set on the favorite's tree into the new package net.sourceforge.rssowl.controller.popup and split the huge RSSOwlPopup class into several smaller ones.
  • Removed unneccessary calls to buildUrlTree() when deleting fav. / subscription
  • Removed 17 not used externalized Strings (times 15 languages = 255 removed lines)

RSSOwl laat de feeds zien
Versienummer 0.73b
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Solaris
Website RSSOwl
Licentietype GPL

Door Bart de Water


11-06-2004 • 19:31

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Bron: RSSOwl


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Wijzig sortering
Als een fervent SharpReader-gebruiker heb ik met interesse RSSOwl geprobeerd, maar toch missen beide programma's dat wat ik net zoek in een RSS aggregator.

SharpReader heeft het .Net Framwork nodig en blink uit ,van een zeer basic en eenvoudige user interface. Je kan zo enkele feeds toevoegen en elke feed een aparte refreshtime meegeven. Met één druk op de refresh-knop zijn alle feeds in één keer te fetchen. Het programma is zeer crashgevoelig en bij de reinste fout kan je de hele handel opnieuw opstarten en de feeds opnieuw binnenhalen.

RSSOwl kan alleen per map de feeds opnieuw binnenhalen en is in tegenstelling tot SharpReader zeer rap met het browsen tussen de verschillende feeds. Bij het surfen tussen de feeds wordt er telkens een tab geopened, en na een tijdje surfen vreet dat geheugen en kan je de tabs gaan sluiten; erg onoverzichtelijk na een tijd. De browserintegratie is ook niet je van het en niet alle knoppen werken niet zoals ze bedoeld zijn. RSSOwl heeft trouwens Java RE nodig om te werken.

Ik houd het voorlopig bij SharpReader, maar RSSOwl heeft beel potentie om een goeie RSS aggregator te worden voor WIndows. Helaas is het alleen te buggy en vreet het geheugen op den duur.

RSSOwl 0.37b

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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