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Bron: Eudora

Eudora Email heeft onlangs een upgrade gekregen naar versie 6.0.1. De mailclient wordt geleverd met features zoals SpamWatch en Content Concentrator. De nieuwe versie is beschikbaar voor Windows, MacOS X en MacOS Classic. De release notes van 6.0.1 zien er als volgt uit:

    • Added option to ignore the date contained in junk messages and use the arrival date instead.
    • For users who don't quit very often, junk will now be trimmed periodically on a manual mail check.
    • Fixed case where junk score column would sometimes be blank for individual messages.
    • Fixed display of attachments when some Outlook messages are concentrated by Content Concentrator.
    • Warning message is now displayed when plugin attachment is clicked and multiple messages are being displayed.
    • Fixed bug where Eudora could crash when replying to multiple messages with the preview pane turned off.
    • Fixed case where attachments wouldn't be displayed properly when Eudora encountered encoded message body parts that didn't end with CRLF.
    • Fixed adding SSL certificate to trusted list via IMAP (broken in 6.0).
    • Fixed case where Eudora would display the wrong message in an IMAP mailbox.
    • Fixed one problem where IMAP error messages were not be presented to the user.
    • Format Painter now correctly handles fonts.
    • Fixed case where sorting with "Group by Subject" could sort incorrectly when changing the "Sort by" column.
    • Fixed bug where Eudora could hang when queuing or sending a reply to a message with an invalid URL.
    • Fixed bug where the preview did not update to show the selected message if the message was selected while previewing was off.
    • Fixed bug where the selected message was not scrolled into view when previewing was turned on via Tools->Options.
    • Fixed bug where the message selected after a manual filter transferred the previously selected message wouldn't get marked read automatically after 5 seconds (if appropriate given user's settings).
    • Fixed reply and forward quoting of only the selected text in numerous cases (replying with stationery and the preview pane, forwarding to an address book entry with the preview pane, replying as a given personality with a message window).
    • Fixed certain cases where "Select newly inserted messages (FUMLUB)" option would not scroll the new message into view correctly.
    • Fixed crash when displaying a message with a spoofed Attachment Converted line.
    • Decrypted messages (e.g. Entrust or PGP) are now saved in a better format so that attachment icons are no longer broken.
    • For security purposes, Eudora now deletes attachments and embedded images associated with decrypted messages if the user chooses NOT to save the decrypted message text.
    • Attempt to fix continued reports of cases where certain McAfee virus scanning products cause Eudora to repeatedly fail to complete email downloading when the user receives an infected email message.
    • Fixed "Redirect To" filter action to properly set "by way of" for "From:" attribution (broken in 6.0).
    • Made it easier to buy Eudora from the web or an ad in Eudora.
    • Eudora's toolbar icons now look better, particularly on monitors with more than 256 colors.
MacOS X & MacOS Classic:
  • Disabled MX records under Panther, as Panther crashes
  • Fixed selection after manual filter that does not open a new message
  • Modified prefs panels to look better under Panther
  • Streamlined paying for Eudora from an ad or web page
  • Fixed occasional failure to read IC settings correctly
  • Set ourselves to the default mail handler at startup if the user tells us so.
  • Horizontal rules in messages or previewed threads now print under OSX
  • Updated version numbers on SpamWatch & SpamHeaders plugins
  • Fixes to get proper copying of mac roman characters received as UTF-8
  • Backed out over-agressive encoded-word unwrapping
  • Fixed multiple printing of multiple concentrated messages
  • Tweaked display of return receipt request
  • IMAP - select last message after manual filter is applied.
  • Added x-eudora-setting:377 for sites doing DNS load-balancing and Kerberos
  • Resolved problem sorting special characters received with earlier versions
  • Panther-compatible ESP
  • IMAP - score IMAP messages even if the preference to store junk messages in the Junk mailbox is turned off.
  • Fixed selection of color in prefs to not step on Red values under Jaguar
  • When copying search result message summaries, include mailbox name
  • Removed all traces of "offensive" material
  • Find now works in help windows
  • Fixes for searching for international characters
  • Fixed sporadic crash searching in messages with international characters or html
  • IMAP - fixed crash cancelling message decoding.
  • Tweaked behavior of open new windows behind current mailbox if current mailbox is invisible
  • Address book list updates if viewed by name and name changes
  • Fixed one source of address malformed errors on incoming mail
  • Fixes for proper unfolding of headers with encoded words
  • Fixed disappearance of settings icons if app hidden with settings dialog up
  • Added Report a Bug and Make a Suggestion items to Help menu
  • Support for long filenames
  • IMAP - display single Update Filter dialog when moving multiple IMAP mailboxes.
  • IMAP - fixed bug that caused trashed messages to be remarked as unread.
  • Fixed a problem resyncing selected mailboxes when an IMAP account folder is selected. Option-Refresh with an IMAP account selected refreshes all mailboxes.
  • Remove filename extensions from Scripts menu
  • Search window now finds attachments in outgoing messages. Also, attachments popup menu now works for outgoing messages.
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Reacties (5)

Wat ik nou eigenlijk (nog steeds) niet begrijp is waarom Qualcomm nou niet de moeite neemt om Eudora in verschillende taalversies uit te brengen. Ook in het Nederlands.
Ieder aansprekend stukje software wordt tegenwoordig in diverse talen aangeboden. Eudora is prima en toch alleen in het Engels en dus drempelverhogend voor (potentile) gebruikers.
En e-mail is voor iedereen toch de meest gebruikte toepassing.
Ik weet zeker dat er dan heel veel mensen over zouden stappen op Eudora, al was het alleen maar als beter alternatief voor OE.
Zou bv. Nero ooit zo populair geworden zijn bij een groot publiek (wereldwijd) als er geen taalmodules voor bestonden?

Dus Qualcomm doe hier 's wat aan... :z
Hoe leuk dat ze die icoontjes gefixt hebben. Ik ergerde me er te pletter aan.
Eudora6 is best wel yummy!
Het Junk-filter werkt ook nog prima. Draai het nu enkele weken.
Niets mis met dat Eudora, maar zoek er eigenlijk nog een agenda/calender bij. Dus om Outlook te vervangen. Iemand ideetjes?
Ximian Evolution is the award-winning personal and workgroup information management solution for Linux and UNIX-based systems. The software seamlessly integrates email, calendaring, meeting scheduling, contact management, and task lists, in one powerful, fast, and easy-to-use application. Ximian Evolution is also powerful collaboration software that connects to popular corporate communications architectures like Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, and other messaging systems. Ximian Evolution supports a broad range of leading Linux distributions and UNIX variants.
Bron: Ximian website

Nou, je moet dus wel omschakelen naar Linux of een andere UNIX-achtige.... maar of dat nou een nadeel is... ;)

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