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Firmware-update: Draytek Vigor 2133 3.8.9

Draytek logo (27 pix)Draytek heeft voor zijn Vigor 2133-routers nieuwe firmware uitgebracht. Deze breedbandrouters beschikken over één gigabit-ethernetwanpoort en vier gigabit-ethernetlanpoorten. Daarnaast kan de router twee vpn-tunnels opzetten en zijn er twee usb-poorten aanwezig om bijvoorbeeld een 3g- of 4g-modem of printer op aan te sluiten. Verder is er de keuze om de Vigor 2133 zonder wirelessmogelijkheden te nemen, of met 802.11ac in de vorm van de Vigor 2133ac of Vigor 2133Vac, waarbij de laatste ook voip-mogelijkheden bevat. Het versienummer is aangeland bij 3.8.9 en dit zijn de veranderingen:

  • Improved: Modifications on DrayOS to meet the GDPR.
  • Corrected: PC users could not pass the 802.1X authentication through EAP_TTLS.
  • Corrected: Inter-LAN routing did not work on IPv6 if the multiple VLAN were tagged.
  • Improved: Protect DHCPv6 IP Address allocation from IPv6 Reconnaissance Techniques.
  • Corrected: Page view display error (VPN and Remote Access>>LAN to LAN) occurred when a GRE over IPsec tunnel was connected.
  • Corrected: Bind IP to MAC did not allow setting up more than 300 entries.
  • Corrected: Unable to configure parameters settings if All and DMZ were selected as Interface on LAN>>General Setup>>DHCP Server Option.
  • Corrected: Settings (e.g., DEVICE MENU>>Configuration>>Profile) configured on VigorACS 2 could not write onto Vigor router.
  • Corrected: The teleworker got an IP from external DHCP on DrayOS.
  • Corrected: Idle timeout in remote dial-in user did not work on SSL VPN.
  • Corrected: Firewall did not work with schedule profile well.
  • Corrected: After dialing with WAN IP, a VoIP phone call would connect successfully. However, it would disconnect automatically after 30 seconds.
  • Corrected: Dashboard overview displayed wrong DHCP status.
  • Corrected: The maximum number of IP pool counts displayed on Vigor router and VigorACS 2 were inconsistent.
  • Improved: Pop-up a warning message, "The UDP Limited_bandwidth Ratio can not exceed 100%" while QoS UDP Limit Bandwidth Ratio is not enabled.
  • Corrected: The router crashed every day under certain circumstance.
  • Corrected: The RADIUS server IP was removed after firmware upgrade.
  • Corrected: Unable to build L2TP over IPsec VPN connection on Windows 10 platform.
  • Improved: Support subnet mask drop-down selection instead of typing it manually on web user interface.
  • Corrected: IPv6 packet was blocked, even if it was configured as “PASS” on firewall IP filter.
  • Improved: Support non-blocking SSL connection for license API.
  • Corrected: NAT did not work after pressing OK button on Port Redirection page.
  • Improved: Change the setting of “InternetGatewayDevice.X_00507F_USBApplication.DeviceStatus.Disk.UsersConnected .{x}.IP” with null value in default.
  • Corrected: Typo in the Routing>>Load-Balance/Route Policy.
  • Corrected: On WAN>>Internet Access>>WAN1 Details Page, after checking Enable Bridge Mode, the option of Enable Firewall was displayed in a wrong place.
  • Corrected: When "Deploy when WAN is UP" was selected for LAN DHCPv6 DNS, LAN PC was able to obtain DNS Server IPv6 Address even the WAN IPv6 connection was not on.
  • Improved: Add the option of "IPv6 Address Random Allocation" for DHCPv6 Server on LAN>>General.
  • Corrected: A warning message appeared after clicking “Check the latest firmware” on System Maintenance>>Firmware Upgrade.
  • Improved: Add two links of All Users and Online Users on User Management>>User Online Status.
  • Improved: Add a new service provider selection, EntryDNS ( for DDNS (Applications>>Dynamic DNS).
  • Corrected: Wireless clients under 5G SSID1 could not ping to the wired client in the same VLAN with the tag value.
  • Improved: Add a message to inform the user that Vigor device shall be reboot while using the telnet command to enable PD.
  • Corrected: Profile information displayed on SYSTEM MENU>>Provisioning>>Global Parameters was not correct.
  • Improved: Supplement the usage explanation related to the parameter “protocol” for the telnet command, “ipf rule -S”.
  • Improved: Remove the telnet command, 'bpa'.
  • Improved: The parameter “-D” for “ipf rule” can be set along with other parameters while setting at one time.
  • Improved: Remove the reboot mechanism for Internal RADIUS (Application>>RADIUS/TACAS+>> Internal RADIUS).
  • Improved: Remove the reboot mechanism for DHCPv6 server setting (LAN>>General Setup>>LAN IPv6 Setup).
  • Corrected: After loading “xxx.rst” to downgrade the firmware, Vigor router crashed when login into the web.
  • Improved: Modify CSM>>APP Enforcement Profile page layout.
  • Improved: Remove the redundant word "setup" on WAN >> General Setup page.
  • Improved: Remove the “WAN2” selection for WAN Interface on Applications>>Dynamic DNS Setup.
  • Corrected: Unnecessary DMZ note appeared on LAN >> General Setup.
  • Improved: Unify the format for enabling/disabling a profile in the profile settings.
  • Improved: Change default settings of WAN MTU, ADSL/VDSL, Time and Date for country code, PL.
  • Corrected: Unable to authenticate incoming RDP traffic by user mode firewall.
  • Improved: Apply QoS VoIP function to routing subnet.
  • Corrected: Information related to telnet command "sys license lic_wiz qry" was not complete.
  • Improved: Add the "Next" and "Previous" buttons on each object profile setting page. And multiple objects can be selected while configuring the Object Group.
  • Corrected: The behavior of Bind IP to MAC enable toggle switch on router’s WUI could not be displayed correctly in VigorACS 2.
  • Corrected: The configuration of enabling LAN DHCPv6 Server was invalid unless system reboot.
  • Improved: Adjust the layout for displaying contents of Device and Description fields in Diagnostics>>DHCP Table.
  • Corrected: Could not register Avaya phone [H.323] to IPPBX server through router’s NAT.
  • Improved: Modify the content of warning message when “Check the latest firmware” link was clicked in System Maintenance>>Firmware Upgrade.
  • Improved: The “Enable Allow management from the Internet” option for IPv4 caused the same option for IPv6 enabled automatically.
  • Corrected: Error occurred while clicking OK for configuration in WAN >> Internet Access >> WAN3 IPv6 button>> 3G/4G USB Modem (DHCP mode).
  • Improved: Support IKEv2 ECDH Group 19, 20 and 21 in VPN and Remote Access>>LAN to LAN.
  • Corrected: After uploading file to USB disk through FTP, the user was unable to access into USB disk through USB Application>>File Explorer.
  • Corrected: DHCP relay did not work for VPN dial-in User.
  • Corrected: Session limit blocked dial-in VPN users.
  • Improved: Add TR-069 parameters for the Advanced settings on Applications>>RADIUS/TACACS+.
  • Corrected: After configuring Static or Dynamic IP settings for WAN1/WAN2 on WAN>>Internet Access, the configuration could not be saved normally.
  • Corrected: Some issues related to system reboot.
  • Corrected: “” DDNS update issue due to https handshake failure.
  • Improved: Add backup/restore buttons to VPN and Remote Access>>Remote Dial-in User.
  • Corrected: Vigor router did not respond anymore after using telnet command “sys r” to make a change.
  • Corrected: The user accessed into USB disk connected to Vigor router through FTP server. While reading the data, if the user unplugged the USB disk, it would result in a system reboot.
  • Corrected: Information display error for the configuration page of VPN and Remote Access>>LAN to LAN.
  • Corrected: The message of “Old Password do not match” popped up wrongly on Wizard>>Quick Start Wizard if a user did not change the factory default password.
  • Corrected: WAN2 could be selected as advanced direction on Firewall>>Filter Setup>>Edit Filter Set>>Edit Filter Rule. However, there is no WAN2 physical interface on Vigor router.
  • Corrected: “Connection to host lost” message appeared repeatedly if telnet command “sys con2tel enable” was used.
  • Improved: Information displayed on Diagnostics>>Data Flow Monitor will include IP address and host name links.
  • Improved: The SNMP1 / SNMP2 agent can be enabled / disabled on System Maintenance>>SNMP.
  • Improved: Add TR-069 parameters related to Bandwidth Management >> APP QoS.
  • Corrected: Comment setting results for IP x.x.x.10 and IP x.x.x.101 were displayed wrongly on Diagnostics>>View ARP Cache Table.
  • Corrected: The telnet command "ipf rule 1 1 -v" might result in the system reboot.
  • Improved: Unify the format to enable/disable a user-defined profile for all profile settings.
  • Improved: Display the characters input limitation (for username, password, pre-shared key, and etc.) on web user interface.
  • Corrected: The IKEv1/IKEv2 selection was visible even IPsec Tunnel was not selected.
  • Corrected: The word “Username” on the pop-up dialog of "The Username only support 'A-Z, a-z,0-9,_-/.', Please check and re-enter" on Central Management>>VPN>>CPE Management was incorrect, for there was no username input entry.
  • Corrected: Vigor router continued to send UDP connection request address when stun service was disabled.
  • Improved: Support to display "Host ID / Comment" or “Comment / Host ID” in the Interface field on Dashboard.
  • Corrected: Vigor system would reboot immediately if Enable Data Flow Monitor was checked on Diagnostics>>Data Flow Monitor.
  • Corrected: DNS server IP in LAN1 was changed to 38.134.121.x unexpectedly.
  • Corrected: Strange signs displayed on the field of Service Name on NAT>>Port Redirection.
  • Corrected: Unable to display the index number for VPN profile based on SSL Tunnel on VPN and Remote Access>>Connection Management, if no name specified for that VPN profile.
  • Corrected: On the situation of web content filter license activated, the user could not save the detailed WCF profile configuration by clicking OK (CSM>>Web Content Filter Profile>>Profile #).
Versienummer 3.8.9
Releasestatus Final
Website Draytek
Licentietype Freeware

Door Japke Rosink


11-06-2018 • 09:46

0 Linkedin Google+

Bron: Draytek


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