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Software-update: Overnet 0.49.4

Door , 4 reacties, submitter: TheRookie, bron: Overnet

22-06-2003 • 12:43

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Submitter: TheRookie

Bron: Overnet

Overnet heeft onlangs een nieuwe versie vrijgegeven van het gelijknamige file-sharing programma. Met deze release zijn we aangekomen bij versienummer 0.49.4. Een versie voor MacOS X is nog niet aanwezig maar zal waarschijnlijk op korte termijn volgen. De volgende wijzigingen zijn gemaakt:

  • New Horde download system
  • Many crash bugs fixed
  • Priority sorted correctly
  • Search tabs now show filtered results in tab (should decrease confusion)
  • You can now paste multiple ed2k links from the clipboard
  • Commands starting with "q" don't quit the app
  • Cursor moved to end of command when history used
  • If a part is missing, it will always show up in the progress bar (there were instances where it would disappear depending on the bar length)
  • Tree stuff is correctly clipped if the first column width is made too small.
  • Gone sources are only shown when you are in verbose mode
  • Tree column widths saved
  • Console output now doesn't scroll when you're looking at the history
  • A folder is created for each new download that organizes all of the associated parts. New style parts are migrated to this style at startup.
  • If you complete and a corruption is found, it will re queue the download and try and get the corrupt part. (new style parts only!)
  • ed2K links: Files over 2GB sizes are correct now
  • Ports greater than 32876 are now shown correctly
[break]De volgende dowloads zijn beschikbaar:
* Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP Overnet GUI version
* Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP Overnet Command Line Client
* Linux Overnet Command Line Client
Versienummer 0.49.4
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, Linux x86
Website Overnet
Bestandsgrootte 1,21MB
Licentietype Cardware


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Reacties (4)

Wijzig sortering
Voor de mensen die de spyware meegeinstalleerd hebben ( }:O ) :
Je vind de software onder add/remove software zeggen ze. De url uit de EULA klopt niet neem deze dan:

bij de setup kies ik altijd 'advanced', 'custom' en dan van de lijst de onderste met (opt) erachter in iedergeval uitzetten.

Na upgrade is je selectie van extra shared folders gereset. Die kan je weer opnieuw toevoegen op het tabblad 'shared'
Misschien handig :

What is it?
Overnet is a File Sharing program. This means that it will give you the opportunity to share files you have on your computer with other users on the network, and you will in turn be able to download files of them.

What makes it different?
There are a lot of file sharing programs out there, Overnet is a little different from each of them (we like to think a little better). Unlike several programs (most notably the now defunct napster) Overnet does not have one central server. There are in fact no servers, only clients (technically, a client could be construed as a server but lets not get technical). Each client starts up, finds other clients on the network, and communicates with them. Unlike other 'serverless' programs, all clients are equal, each communicating, sharing and assisting each other.

Overnet also assigns each file on the network a unique ID. This means that even when two files are named the same, Overnet can detect the differences, and treat them accordingly. This helps when downloading a large file, because when Overnet finds more than one other client with exact file you are downloading, Overnet can download from all of them at the same time and put the file back together, the end result is your files download FASTER.

Overnet also has a strong international following, this means that users are chatting, posting to forums and instant messaging each other around the clock. This community spirit has helped make Overnet what it is.

What does it mean?
All of these things, plus a whole lot more, add up to say that Overnet is one truly unique program.
Voor het geval mensen meer willen weten over dit systeem:

Horde makes downloading even faster.
You will join the Horde for a file you are downloading. You will then find other users that are also in the Horde and partner with them. This means that you will each send parts of the file to each other until it is complete. This way you work closely with other people that are also downloading the file to complete it together. The Horde will work together to ensure that the file is downloaded as fast as possible to everyone.

Horde is the leech killer.
When you download in a Horde you are always seeking partners that give you the best speeds. Since everyone is doing this, those that have the highest upload speeds will also get the highest download speeds. If you don't upload then you wont find people to partner with you so your downloads will be sluggish. With Horde the more you give the more you will receive.

Important Note: Once you move your temp files to 0.49 they can't be loaded by older versions.

Dat laatste weet ik trouwens niet zeker, er zit namelijk ook een optie in om temp files op de 'oude' manier te behandelen en je ze dus wel in oudere programma's zou moeten kunnen openen.

The new "Horde" system (formally known as Cobra). This functions similar to BitTorrent, but is in no way affiliated with it. It does not connect to the BitTorrent network. This does not work on a 1:1 ratio. You will find partners and trade crumbs with them. You favor people who upload to you the fastest.

Smaller crumbs that are checked for corruption (475KB versus the current 9500KB chunks). However this will take a while to take effect since the crumb hashes must be first published by an updated client.

The file with priority highest is in Horde mode. You can view your partners by expanding the source list. Those with yellow boxes around their progress bar are your partners. Alternatively, open the console and type vpart.


* 786562 Bokkiej
Linux- en Macgebruikers kunnen evengoed wel naar als ze ook de Horde willen joinen :)

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