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Software-update: PHP-Nuke 6.5

Versie 6.5 van PHP-Nuke is al een tijdje beschikbaar voor de abonnee's, maar is gisteren pas beschikbaar gesteld voor het gros. Deze software behoort tot de zogenoemde content management systems, netzoals de DSP wat door gebruikt wordt. Een changelog is helaas niet aanwezig, wel een korte omschrijving van de site zelf:

PHP-Nuke is a Web Portal System, storytelling software, News system, online community or whatever you want to call it. The goal of PHP-Nuke is to have an automated web site to distribute news and articles with users system. Each user can submit comments to discuss the articles, just similar to Slashdot and many others.
Versienummer 6.5
Website PHP-Nuke
Bestandsgrootte 2,93MB
Licentietype GPL

Door Robin Vreuls


03-04-2003 • 16:23

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Submitter: Boboga

Bron: PHP-Nuke


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beetje offtopic:
Ik wil het hele verhaal eens lezen maar als je op de bron klikt krijg je de download, niet de bedoeling toch?
Voor iedereen, hier een linkje naar de officiele site van phpnuke om het gehele progsel eens te bekijken:
Hierbij de changelog:

- Fixed a security bug in mainfile.php when using Windows systems and Multilanguage option
- Fixed a SQL injection bug in index.php while getting http referer (Thanks to guys)
- Added User Profile link in news submission
- Fixed SQL injection hole in Search module
- Added more security checks for GET variables
- Added security checks for POST variables
- Added table format to single comment display when bigger than 4096 bytes in News module
- Rewritten Topics module. Now it's very functional and useful with a lot of News info
- Fixed a bug in who's online information. If an user logs in it will delete his/her record as a guest
- By popular request changed the user creation system. Let new users to select their password and should click on
a custom link to activate their account in less than 24 hours. This will avoid any kind of robots and/or people
registering other people.
- Added Users & Administration login graphic security check (to stop any robots and cracks programs)
- Fixed some bugs in FAQ administration. Quotes problem when edit a Category and missing language "all"
- Changed all PHP predefined Server variables to $_SERVER[]. PHP-Nuke now requires PHP 4.1.0 or better
- Fixed users Homepage URL display in comments (News and Surveys Modules)
- Fixed typo in english translation of Recommend Us module
- Fixed double slash in Topics module
- Changed all user.php call with its correct module's name
- Fixed a bug in automated news which didn't correctly saved the news submitter data
- Downloads and Web Links broken links now can reported only for registered users
- Added Subject text in Email User link in Submissions administration
- Doesn't show anymore the User and/or Admin content after logout
- Fixed many unclosed quotes in queries of Surveys module
- Fixed a serious security hole in mailattach.php file from WebMail module
- Some "nuke_users" table fields renamed. This is a very important change to have full compatibility with
phpBB 2.x Forums modules. Original name => Renamed fields are:
uid => user_id
uname => username
email => user_email
url => user_website
user_intrest => user_interests
pass => user_password
- Added extra features to Feedback module
- Comments has been reformated and closed inside tables for a better look
- Stars order inverted in article's rating block
- Added missing username in the user info link in comments of Journals module
- Deleted some miserable entries from Headlines database. Slashdot because they never publish anything
about PHP-Nuke and because they never gave me a reply right when I asked for it after a very
bad article about me and my project. So, eat this.
- Fixed XSS injection security holes in Search functions of some modules
- Articles rating score check added
- Added some WebMail module's and mail functions security fixes by Ulf Harnhammar (I'm watching)
- Automatic installation removed due to high conflicts with the new SQL layer (Yes, it's a shame)
- Included phpBB 2 port (Thanks to a great work of Tom Nitzschner from
- Added Forums block (phpBB)
- Added new feature that let you have a different phpBB forum's theme for each PHP-Nuke's theme. See DeeBlue
theme directory. If forums directory doesn't exists into the theme's folder the system will load the
forums default theme.
- Included Private Messages from phpBB 2 (Thanks to a great work of Tom Nitzschner from
- Changed Members List (Thanks to a great work of Tom Nitzschner from
- Changed the SQL Abstraction Layer. Old Layer is not discontinued but there for compatibility with old modules.
The new layer is the same used by phpBB 2.x port and you can read about it on ADDON-MODULES text file.
- All modules and blocks migrated to the new SQL abstraction layer
- Footer text centered on Kaput and Taditional themes.
- Fixed parse error on Slash Theme.
- Fixed Center Down block display when including a file.
- Fixed Center Down block creation on administration system.
- Changed the user.php link in DeepBlue Theme for its correct module's call.
Klinkt meer als een nuke proggie voor php sites.
Is het ook, als je iets beter had gelezen enzo..... Iets verder had gekeken dan je ogen lang zijn }:O
Ik heb het verhaaltje gelezen en daaruit haal ik nog steeds niet dat het gaat om een progsel om een website naar de klote te helpen.
Ik weet dat nuke programma's van ver voor jou tijd zijn.

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