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Software-update: Paint Shop Pro 8.0 public beta 4

Jasc is druk bezig met de ontwikkeling van Paint Shop Pro 8, we mogen public beta 4 alweer aanschouwen welke vele veranderingen heeft ondergaan. De release notes worden vermeld in dit PDF-bestand (203 KB) en bevat de volgende tekst:

Beta 4 Release Notes (Build 20030318.06)

Beta 4 is a regular beta update. It addresses a number of issues that have been found throughout the beta. We recommend that all users update to Beta 4. You must uninstall any existing beta prior to installing Beta 4 using Add/Remove programs found in your Control Panel. If you receive a choice of keeping or removing existing settings, select remove.

If you moved scripts from the restricted folder to the trusted folder to work around the restricted execution problem, please delete them before installing the new version. The B4 installer will put new copies in the restricted folder, leaving you with two copies of each script.

Beta 4 will expire on April 22, 2003.
Versienummer 8.0 public beta 4
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Jasc
Bestandsgrootte 40,26MB
Licentietype Shareware

Reacties (15)

Wijzig sortering
Ik zie overigens net dat Paint Shop Pro 8.0 public beta 5 ook aanwezig is.

Release notes (PDF)

PSP8 Beta 5
blijft deze versie voor altijd werken? ze laten toch niet zomaar hun product downloaden voor nix.. ??
In de tekst:

Beta 4 will expire on April 22, 2003.
oja.idd. ff overheen gekeke :z :z
Je doet ook alsof je software voor niets download als de software 'expires', maar het gaat er juist om dat je de betaversie van PSP test en fouten doorgeeft... Het is dus nooit voor niets gedownload.
recommend that all users update to Beta 4
Dat gebeurt niet vaak dat een bedrijf z'n klanten aanraad om van de stabiele versie over te stappen naar de beta van een nieuwe versie
foutje? :+
Waarschijnlijk bedoelen ze alle gebruikers van de public beta's van Paint Shop Pro 8 ;)
Beetje vreemd inderdaad...
Als het zo'n stabiele versie is, waarom noemen ze het dan een beta :?

Ik zal em even downloade en testen
Nou ze bedoelen niet van 7 naar 8 beta 4 ;)

maar natuurlijk van ver. 8 beta 3 of lager naar 4 :D

Althans dat denk ik ;)
nks dubbel meer! :D
Beta 4 Release notes:

Menu and UI Changes
For once, we have not changed any menu items or any toolbar assignments. You may continue to use workspaces created in prior betas.

Though we have not been able to recreate a problem, several users have reported that using a B1 or B2 workspace was causing problems, and that recreating the workspace improved stability.

The browser preferences now support thumbnails up to 250 pixels, and the thumbnail size stored in JBF files has changed. Old browser files may still be used, and the new browser files are still compatible with PSP 7. However, to get the highest quality thumbnails you may wish to delete existing pspbrwse.jbf files so that they are recreated using the new thumbnail size.

In the displays and caching tab in the general program preferences, you can now control the quality of the resampling used when zoomed to less than 100%. The tradeoff is between speed of the display and quality of the image. Setting the quality to minimum is equivalent to the PSP 7 quality.

Also in the displays and caching tab, a new preference has been added for the size of the thumbnail used on the layer palette and in the effects browser.

Undo Files
While PSP is running it stores undo data in temporary files located on the file path defined in file locations. These files are of the format JSCxxx.tmp, and are normally deleted when the program is closed. If PSP or the machine crashes while PSP is running, these files will not be deleted.

In Beta4, all undo files are created in a subdirectory of the temporary files location, and at startup any undo files remaining from a prior run are deleted.

Before installing B4, you may wish to delete any existing undo files that have built up from earlier betas.

B4 also writes fewer undo files than previous betas.

Hardware Issues
Public beta is our chance to get testing on a wide body of hardware. This beta contains a number of fixes in printing, scanning, and tablets. Even if they have already been reported, please resubmit any issues regarding:

A tablet not working or working erratically
Any problem working with a specific printer
Any problem related to specific scanners.
Issues Addressed
Running a restricted script that imports a module no longer fails with an error message about "cannot unmarshal code object in restricted mode"
A number of bugs involving the clipboard on Win9x systems have been resolved.
Stability of the text tool is much improved. There are still some open issues though, particularly when editing existing text objects.
Text entry in right to left and bi-directional languages has been improved.
A number of custom brush issues have been fixed, and you should find stability much improved. There is still a known issue that when a brush tip is saved, default brush variance settings are being saved even when "Save variance settings" is not checked. When importing ABR files, only version 1.0 (prior to Photoshop 6) files can be imported. Attempting to import newer versions will present an appropriate error message.
A number of fixes were made to scanning with TWAIN.
Brush outlines are now accurate.
The overview window now updates properly.
When rollups are enabled, palettes will no longer keep creeping to the right.
Scripts using user-defined filters work properly again.
A number of crashes that were specific to certain print drivers have been fixed. If you still have any print problems that appear to be related to a particular printer or driver, please report them again.
Menus created from UI Customization can once again be renamed.
Drop shadow is working properly on non-background layers.
A number of bugs with plugins have been fixed. Filters Unlimited can be scripted properly, and a number of "Bad parameter" errors have been fixed. A number of plugin rendering problems have also been addressed.
If a layer is partially off the canvas, a plugin will now apply to the entire layer, not just the portion that intersects the canvas.
PSP no longer corrupts the plugin cache if it exits before the plugins have been loaded.
The author and copyright strings are now shared by all spots that save a script file -- changing a string in one dialog will change it in all of them.
Several bugs involving moving a layer out of a layer group were fixed.
A script that raises SystemExit will no longer crash PSP.
Scripts that print an empty string now work properly.
Duplicating the image while in selection edit mode preserves selection edit mode
An error that would sometimes cause undoing a script to crash has been fixed.
A number of errors in brush import/export/creation have been fixed.
Undo of layers->mask->from image now works correctly.
Arrow keys in the pan tool now work properly at all zoom levels.
Crop to selection on a paletted image now works properly.
Performance of the mover tool on vector layers has been improved.
Rendering of synthetic bold characters has been improved.
Presets for the curves adjustment layer are working again.
An optional warning is presented when attempting to open a PDF file containing more than one page.
The "all tools" checkbox on the materials palette is saved properly when the app exits.
The canvas size dialog now remembers the last settings used.
A bug was fixed that prevented group layers from being shown/hidden properly.
Known Major Open Issues
The latest version of the "Terrazzo" plugin works correctly. Older versions cause problems.
"Greg’s Filters" cause problems due to use of a buggy function in FilterFactory.
A bug in Filters Unlimited will cause some filters to render incorrectly on images containing transparency. Filters Unlimited is working on a fix.
Entering Print setup from within the Print Layout function will intermittently cause a crash.
When applying an effect to a selection, previews in the effects dialogs may be incorrect. The workaround is to proof the effect to force the preview to update properly.
On Windows 98 (not 98 SE), PSP will crash attempting to print to some HP printers over a network.
Switching to the browser while a deformation map is being loaded into the mesh warp or warp brush tools will cause a crash.
Switching documents while the warp brush is doing a final apply can cause a crash.
Adding floating text twice and undoing both operations can crash the app.
A script using Print Layout can crash the application.
Intermittently, changing the miter limit in the pen tool can crash the application.
If a script fails and throws an exception, the commands executed by the script cannot be undone.
The dodge and burn brushes do not work properly on areas of partial transparency.
The crop and selection tools are not paying attention to snap settings.
Screen capture is not working on Win9x systems.
Some grid lines may be missing or duplicated at particular zoom levels.
Changing layer opacity by using the mouse wheel on the layer palette is non-functional.
Changing the blend mode of a group layer from the layer palette does not work properly.
If a paint stroke is started very soon after changing a jitter value, the jitter value may not be applied.
The right click context menu on a vector object on the layers palette brings up layer properties rather than vector properties.
After creating a new styled line, it may be shown on the pen tool options palette, but the previously selected line style will be used instead.
Compatibility Breakers
Only two commands are different in this beta compared to beta 3:

Scripts that use FileLocations should be recreated.
Existing scripts for general preferences will not set the new values; you may want to recreate any scripts that use general preferences.
Scripts that invoke the EditScript command will fail and need to be recreated.
Euhm, de reden dat ze naar een pdf linken lijkt me omdat ze niet die hele lap tekst hier hebben willen staan..
Niet iedereen heeft Acrobat Reader of andere vertragende software geļnstalleerd voor het bekijken van PDF-bestanden.
Nou ik heb de mijne nog gewijzigd dus misschien dat het daardoor komt dat m'n tijd hetzelfde is :?

Maar iig je doet er zo weinig aan...

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