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Software-update: GetRight 5.0.5

Betaversie 5 van de downloadmanager GetRight 5.0 is onlangs gereleased. In deze versie zijn de volgende bugs verholpen:

GetRight 5.0 Beta 4 Bugs (fixed in Beta 5) and Improvements
  • The new QuickSync and ServerSync items need better checks and handling if your list is full.
  • On the download window, the main K/Sec display was an average for the last few seconds, while the mirror/acceleration details was an exact value for the last second. Got a few too many questions from people wondering why they didn't add up made them both show the exact values when both showing.
  • Doing subdirectories/pages on the GetRight Browser didn't have the "don't go forever" item set...
  • Fixed something that might cause a few crashes.
  • Acceleration and speed limits really look like they're a causing a few crashes...make them not work together again. And changed the speed limit slightly, is more likely to go a few tenths of a K over the limit; but hopefully much less likely to get in the situation that was causing some crashes.
  • Added so the Save As window remembers its location.
  • Improve some GetRight Browser cleanup things.
  • Improve display of list sort direction arrows if you're using Windows XP.
  • Fix GetRight Browser edit and tools menus that didn't have all the items.
  • Fix for sites using CGI and if the folder-by-file-type, the folder wasn't getting recalculated after fixing the filename.
  • Added so the full path for the file is shown in a tooltip on the Download Status (for the First column of the report; actually the icon...not sure why Windows only lets you control the tooltip for the First column!)
  • Added some extra checks in the dial function to not dial if "GetRight Never Dial" is chosen. From the Daily Download, wasn't checking right.
  • Added smarter checking for Escaping (converting to %##) for "%" characters. If the next 2 letters couldn't possibly be an escape code (like has a . or Z), it escapes the %.
  • Fix some things (like Importing) messing up the display of the Priorities.
  • Added some better detection and handling if GetRight's not getting any HTTP header back at all. And opens a web page with possible causes and solutions to try and help people fix it. Main cause right now seems to be WebWasher...
  • Added an option on Monitoring config so you can have a very short (5 seconds) prompt in the browser asking if GetRight or the Browser should handle the download it detected.
  • Wasn't refreshing Download Status right to remove items if you had deleted by Canceling (then say No to finish later) on the download window.
  • Fixed possible crash, and give a much better message, if it looks like the disk just filled up (or a CD, etc was removed) in the middle of a download.
  • Made "Recent Finished Files" menus be a bit smarter about how they're shortening paths to fit, chopping off parts of the path but keeping the filename as complete as it can.
  • If Windows is set to "hide file extenstion for known types", added so the Save As window will make sure the name you enter ends with the right thing from the URL.
  • Fix display of tray icon percent for the first couple seconds after resuming a download (was showing 0% when should have showed the last percent.)
  • Automatic mode sometimes gets files stuck "waiting for reply". Pausing and Resuming fixes it. Added a check for the cause and make it pause and restart the connection itself.
[break] Als je al in het bezit bent van de volledige versie, dan kun je de patch gebruiken om te upgraden naar de nieuwe betaversie .
Versienummer 5.0.5
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website GetRight
Bestandsgrootte 2,34MB
Licentietype Shareware

Door Robin Vreuls


07-02-2003 • 14:10

2 Linkedin Google+

Submitter: Dupje

Bron: GetRight

Reacties (2)

Wijzig sortering
Ik moet zeggen dat ik het verschil met beta 4 nog niet echt merk. De veranderde dingen kloppen wel, maar tenzij je last had van instabiliteit is het nog niet echt 'nodig' om te upgraden.

Als je getright 5 nog niet hebt, moet je natuurlijk deze hebben. Vooral het automatisch zoeken van mirrors via vind ik echt erg goed!

100Mbit NL mirror:

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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