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Software-update: Blackberry OS

BlackBerry heeft wereldwijd een nieuwe versie van hun BlackBerry 10 OS uitgebracht met als de versieaanduiding. Afhankelijk van de gebruikte mobiele provider is deze update al enkele dagen beschikbaar of komt deze er binnenkort aan. Wanneer je telefoon de update nog niet ziet, kan je een stappenplan volgen om je telefoon op de goede weg te helpen. De volgende problemen zijn verholpen in deze uitgave ten opzichte van versie

Fixed issues from BlackBerry 10 OS version to BlackBerry 10 OS version

  • In some cases, when you turn on Magnify Mode, you are unable to zoom out on some screens.
Application Management
  • The wallpaper for the lock screen and home screen might not match.
  • In some cases, your device might continue to vibrate after you accept or reject a phone call.
  • In some cases, after you end a phone call, the Phone app window might not appear as expected.
  • After you switch from one BlackBerry 10 device to another, on the new device, when you set custom notifications for apps (in Settings > Notifications > Normal > Customize App Notifications), apps that aren't installed on your device might appear in the list.
  • Rotation lock might behave differently than expected. As a result, some apps might appear in landscape view rather than portrait view.
BlackBerry Intelligent Assistant
  • When you dial a number for a contact in BlackBerry Assistant, and the contact has more than one phone number associated with it, BlackBerry Assistant might prompt you to select which phone number to dial, even if you have already dialed the required number.
  • If your BlackBerry ID contains a "+" symbol, you might be unable to see the BBM Video icon.
BlackBerry ID
  • The BlackBerry Protect URL is missing from the Settings > BlackBerry Protect screen.
  • Your device might not be able to restore a backup file from BlackBerry Link.
  • BlackBerry Protect was turned on after updating the OS even if it was turned off by an IT Policy.
  • In the Advanced Interactions settings on your BlackBerry device, if you tap the Learn More option, you might see a Help topic about scrolling and moving between items instead of a topic about advanced interactions.
  • In the Evernote app, after you tap "Done" to finish writing a note, the app might become unresponsive and close unexpectedly.
  • In some cases, the BlackBerry Browser might stop functioning properly, or the app might close unexpectedly.
  • In some cases, after you attempt to authenticate on certain web sites, the browser reloads several times without opening the correct webpage.
Core Applications
  • When upgrading the BlackBerry 10 OS the Software Update screen in the Setup Wizard may incorrectly show the size of the upgradeWhen you start the download the Software Updates screen shows the correct size of the download.
  • During a conference call, using the trackpad on BlackBerry Classic smartphone might not wake up the device.
  • You might not be able to make an outgoing phone call as expected.
  • In some cases, when you start typing a contact's phone number in the Phone app, the autocomplete feature doesn't function as expected.
  • In some cases, if you touch and hold an option in the Phone app on the screen or using the trackpad on the BlackBerry Classic smartphone, the results might not be as expected.
  • In certain cases you might not be able to send SMS messages.
  • While listening to a voicemail message, if you tap back, proximity sensors might not update as expected.
Core BSP
  • When you use the physical keyboard on your BlackBerry device, sometimes duplicate characters display on the screen when you press a key.
  • Your device might not respond to a swipe as expected and you might not to be able to enter your password to unlock your device.
  • If you turn off your device and then connect it to a computer using a USB cable, your device might not detect the USB cable and might not charge.
  • In some cases, after you upgrade your software, your mobile connectivity might indicate SOS only, and your battery might not charge.
Core OS
  • The display on your device might not be as bright as expected.
  • You might not be able to hear media files in a paired Bluetooth headset, even though you can hear the audio on phone calls and the media controls (Play, Pause, etc.) function as expected.
  • In rare cases, after you update your device software, your device might not connect to your vehicle's Bluetoothenabled car kit.
  • If you try to tether your device to another device, the results might not be as expected.
  • In some cases, a VPN profile might be deleted from your BlackBerry device unexpectedly.
  • In some cases, after you open the Camera app and take a few pictures, the Camera app might start flickering.
  • In some cases, notifications and ringtones are quieter than expected.
  • If you enable Bluetooth on your device, the battery on a connected device might drain faster than expected.
  • In some cases, you might hear keyboard sounds when using the touch keyboard even though you have set the Keyboard Feedback Volume slider to Off in your settings.
  • You might not be able to log in to Cisco AnyConnect if your PKI profile definition indicates no client certificates or all client certificates.
  • In some cases, when listening to audio in apps such as Rdio, the audio stops when you minimize the app.
  • In some cases, when you're streaming media from an app such as Amazon Music, the volume keys on the side of the device don't function as expected.
  • If you try to use a USB cable with the premium in-vehicle BlackBerry charger, your device might not charge or might not charge as quickly as expected when the screen or device is turned off.
  • In some cases, you're unable to open large email attachments from the BlackBerry Hub.
  • Your device might not be able to connect to the P-VPN profile.
  • When a user performs a software update, the device may stop responding as expected.
  • In some cases, album images do not appear in the Spotify app on your device.
  • In some situations, you might not be able to access your work email account when you connect your BlackBerry device with your car using Bluetooth technology.
  • In some cases, the screen was not bright enough when the device was in sunlight.
  • Streaming video didn’t work in some Android apps.
  • In some cases, the physical keyboard on your BlackBerry Passport smartphone might not respond as expected after formatting a document or spreadsheet in the Documents To Go app.
  • If your BlackBerry device power is low and you plug your device in using a charging cable, the display might not turn on as expected.
  • In some cases the device displays a snow screen. The screen eventually disappears, but in some instances, the device might run slower than expected.
  • After your BlackBerry device turns on for the first time, your physical keyboard backlight might not illuminate as expected.
Maps TCS
  • In the Maps app, after dropping a pin on a road, the country name might be displayed instead of the address.
Multimedia Services
  • In some cases, you might not be able to play certain YouTube videos using 3G connectivity.
  • After activating the SIM PIN and restarting your device, the wireless service provider name might be displayed.
PIM Calendar
  • If you switch your device orientation to landscape, Month View in the Calendar app might not appear as expected.
  • In some cases, the Join Now button might not appear in calendar reminders.
  • In some cases, snoozing multiple calendar reminders might take longer than expected.
  • If you turned on the Display Growing Numbers option in the Calendar app, the numbers might not be updated correctly and the device might not perform as expected.
  • Contacts or meeting invitees that contain commas in their user names (for example, "Lastname, Firstname <>") might display incorrectly on a BlackBerry 10 device. As a result, replying to meeting invites from your device, might result in an email delivery failure.
PIM Contacts
  • In some cases, when you click on a contact and try to share that contact, you might see the following error message: "This contact's data can't be shared."
  • In the Contacts app, if the stock symbol subkind is changed to StockSymbolTsx, when you retrieve the set subkind, StockSymbolAll might be returned instead.
  • If, in the Phone app, you expand a contact, tap the contact's number, and tap "Call using", you might receive an error message.
  • When the IT policy "Personal Apps Access to Work Contacts" is set to None and a user tries to perform a remote lookup to add a contact to an email message, the remote lookup fails.
  • If you sync contacts to your device using BlackBerry Link, you might be unable to attach those contacts to emails.
  • In some cases, you might be unable to delete contacts saved to your SIM card.
  • In some cases, when you type a phone number in the Contacts tab in the Phone app, you're unable to make a call.
PIM Core
  • If your BlackBerry device is associated with a BES and your device doesn't have the proper CA certificate installed on it, when you add your Microsoft Exchange 2010 email account, your account might not connect properly. If you click on the email account from the Accounts screen, you might see the following error message: "The SSL certificate provided by {server name} for ActiveSync is either invalid or was declined."
  • In some cases, after you update your device software, your Facebook account might not be added to the BlackBerry Hub as expected.
  • In some cases, when you manually sync messages in a specific email folder, new messages in the folder might not appear immediately.
  • In some cases, when you compose an email and search for contacts, no results are returned.
  • In the BlackBerry Hub, if you pinch to filter by Sent or Unread messages, some messages might be missing from the view unexpectedly.
  • If your device is set to the London, Dublin (GMT) time zone, and Daylight Savings Time begins, you might receive reminders from the Remember app an hour earlier than expected.
Radio QCT
  • Depending on your device, in the Phone app settings, you might not have the Show My Number option and you can't block calls.
  • In some cases, you might receive the same text message twice unexpectedly.
  • In some cases, you're unable to call *677.
  • In some cases, your BlackBerry device might not be able to activate the Mobile Hotspot functionality.
  • In the Contacts app, if you add a phone number to your SIM card without using the international dialing format, the number might not appear on the contact card as expected.
  • In some cases, your device may incorrectly indicate that it has 5G Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • In some cases BlackBerry Leap users may be able to turn on the Lock Device when Holstered option even though this feature is not supported on BlackBerry Leap.
  • In some cases, the limited warranty for the wrong country appears in the About Legal screen.
  • If you manually connect to a wireless network, your device might connect to the network, but the dialog that indicates the device is still connecting might remain on the screen up to 2 minutes.
  • If you are using your device in Afrikaans, the translation for "reset" might be incorrectly displayed in the Settings and Battery Saving Mode menus as "Hrstl vrstkke" instead of "Herstel."
  • If you are using your device in Polish, the shortcut "Odp." is added to the subject line each time you reply to the thread rather than just once as expected.
  • In some cases, if you're using your device in Hungarian, some characters might not appear as expected.
  • In the Phone app, if you dial a Polish phone number, the numbers might not be spaced as expected.
  • If you’re using your device in Arabic, numerical bullets might be formatted from left to right in the Remember app.
Wireless (BWG)
  • When addressing an SMS or MMS message to a Contact Group, you might not be able to add Group members with only an email address to the recipients list.
  • In some cases, if you're connected to a 3G or 4G mobile network, you're unable to send or receive MMS messages.
  • The timestamp for an SMS message might match the network time instead of the device time.
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Blackberry OS
Website CrackBerry
Licentietype Voorwaarden (GNU/BSD/etc.)

Door Japke Rosink


17-09-2015 • 08:02

9 Linkedin

Submitter: GeppyZ88

Bron: CrackBerry


Reacties (9)

Wijzig sortering
Ook erg blij met blackberry 10, op de passport. Deze heb ik sinds kort, daarvoor 4 jaar lang met de lumia 800 en 920 gewerkt, wat ook prettig werken was. Maar de passport is toch ook een heel fijn toestel. Even wennen, qua formaat, maar daarna werkt het echt super. Batterij gaat bij mij ook makkelijk 2 dagen mee.
Er is nu wel een app van amazon bij gekomen, die niet meer te verwijderen is, dat is dan wel jammer, zou toch zelf graag bepalen of ik die er op wil hebben of niet.
De Amazon apps zijn wel te verwijderen, zie dit draadje op CrackBerry. Je moet er alleen wat meer moeite voor doen. Zelf maak ik wel gebruik van Amazon dus mij stoort het niet maar kan heel goed begrijpen dat je er geen behoefte aan hebt.

[Reactie gewijzigd door hilgo op 17 september 2015 13:26]

Ik vind het sowieso jammer (en vreemd) dat het Android apps zijn en niet gewoon native BBOS10 apps. Of zou dat te maken hebben met het gegeven dat je de toegangen dan niet kan managen?

Eigenlijk zou ik het dan nog een vreemde keus vinden. Beter die openheid aanbieden aan je klanten dan ze die apps op te dringen. Het aantal mensen dat die toegangen uit gaat zetten is toch al niet zo groot.

Overigens wordt in de Amazon Appstore op Android nu de Amazon Underground App gepromoot. Een Appstore waarin een hoop apps sowieso al gratis zijn. Ze zijn dan ook opgehouden met de dagelijkse gratis app. Probleem is alleen dat die Underground App nog meer rechtentoegang vraagt dan de normale appstore. Hopelijk drukken ze die op BBOS10 er niet door. Maar ik verwacht van wel....

Maar goed, aan bepaalde reacties hier te zien is het kennelijk met een beetje moeite toch te verwijderen. Jammer dat het niet via een generale methode kan zodat het voor iedereen mogelijk is...
erg offtopic: Gebruikte die amazon store voor die gratis apps. Die kan nu dus ook per direct van mijn toestel af.

iets meer ontoppic: Mooi hoe ze blijven werken aan die verbeteringen. Het is wel duidelijk dat ze niet opgeven. Wel hoop ik dat ze ook goed, met ongeveer even veel aandacht aan de android versie van de "venice" werken. Misschien dat ik na dat toestel wel helemaal overstap naar BBos.
Ik denk dat ze proberen met hun eigen Android-versie gewoon hun diensten te showcasen. Als mensen snappen dat security echt een ding is, en dat er een betere optie is dan de BYOD-constructen, kunnen ze een groter deel van de corporate partijen misschien over krijgen naar hun eigen OS.
Aan de andere kant hebben ze recentelijk AtHoc en Good Technology overgenomen, wat betekent dat ze dergelijke constructen waarschijnlijk volwaardig in plaats willen hebben voor alle OS'.
@Vermeulen en @Hilgo,

Bedankt voor de tips, deze ga ik later maar even toepassen. Je zou op zijn minst een keuze moeten hebben, dat je het niet wil gebruiken, en dus kan verwijderen. Met de windows 10 melding op windows 7 en 8, is dat hetzelfde. Ze moeten gewoon een extra keuze mogelijkheid geven: Nee, ik wil geen windows 10 EN herinner mij niet weer, maar je er niet constant mee lastig vallen.
Flinke lijst bug-fixes. Mijn BB Leap is wel merkbaar sneller op alle vlakken, en deze was al zeer vlot!
Accu ging bij mij al makkelijk 4 dagen mee, en gaat nu richting 6 dagen :)

Erg blij met BlackBerry 10!
Fijn, na deze update werkt de App Waze niet meer, krijg telkens de melding:

Please Sign In
You must be signed in to the Amazon Appstrore to run this app.

De rest werkt wel goed en heb het gevoel dat het zelfs vlotter gaat, maar dat kan mss ook komen doordat hij voor het update een keer moest herstarten.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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