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Software-update: Actual Multiple Monitors 8.2.2

Actual Multiple Monitors logo (60 pix) Actual Tools heeft versie 8.2.2 van Actual Multiple Monitors uitgebracht. Dit programma is bedoeld voor mensen die met meer dan één beeldscherm werken. Zo kan het een taakbalk en startknop op elk scherm aanbrengen. In Windows 8 werd hiervoor van Classic Shell gebruikgemaakt, maar dit mag niet meer worden meegeleverd, hoewel het er nog steeds prima mee samenwerkt. Actual Multiple Monitors kan verder een achtergrond maken die zich over alle schermen uitstrekt en voegt knoppen toe om programma's naar het andere scherm te verplaatsen of over verschillende schermen te openen. Het programma kan dertig dagen worden geprobeerd en een licentie kost 24,95 dollar. Sinds versie 8.1.4 zijn de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen aangebracht:

Actual Multiple Monitors 8.2.2

  • Actual AeroSnap is enhanced with the ability to make a window quarter monitor size by snapping it into monitor corners, like in Windows 10.
  • Ability is added to specify the "Change interval" for wallpaper slideshow in seconds.
Fixed error
  • Windows disappeared after minimizing/restoring them on the taskbar button click.
  • Wallpaper slideshow in the "Individual picture on each monitor" mode worked wrong on display configurations having cloned monitors.
  • Multi-monitor screen saver and slideshow screen saver worked wrong on display configurations having cloned monitors.
  • If the compact view for title buttons was on, sometimes the popup toolbar appeared behind the main window.
  • If an MDI window was snapped within its parent window using Actual AeroSnap and the parent window was resized, the subject window did not retain the parent size.

Actual Multiple Monitors 8.2.1

  • Windows 10 basic compatibility is added:
  • the "black Actual Taskbar" bug is fixed
  • Start button's visibility is restored
  • Start menu pops up on a proper monitor
  • Jump Lists' native look is restored
  • Actual Taskbar does not display service windows of Modern (Metro) apps
  • Title buttons compact mode now works correctly in systems with right-to-left languages (like Arabic or Hebrew).
  • Windows 7+: Jump Lists' appearance is slightly improved.
  • "Start/stop window mirror" hotkey is added.
  • Window mirrors activated in window settings (via title button/window menu or at startup) now can run full-screen on a specified monitor.
Fixed error
  • Windows 8.1 x64: Some windows could not be dragged/sized if both the "Aero Snap" and "Disable the native Windows 7 Snap" options were enabled.
  • Background settings changes were reset after reloading.
  • Screen savers showed the nag screen even if the evaluation period did not expire.
  • Hardware-accelerated mirroring of a monitor or a part of desktop worked wrong if the mirrored area was in negative coordinates.
  • Title buttons in compact mode were positioned incorrectly in the following cases:
  • in Windows 7 and later with the Aero visual theme activated
  • with vertical shift applied
  • when maximizing/restoring a window where the compact mode was activated automatically (i.e. the window's title in normal state was too narrow to embrace the full list of buttons)
  • Desktop Divider layouts were not displayed while configuring "Specific Settings - Startup - Put into Divider tile".

Actual Multiple Monitors 8.2

  • The Configuration Module now can run multiple windows at once.
    For example, you can open several Window Settings windows using the "Manage window settings" title button (separate window for each settings).
    When several configuration windows are open at once, changes made within a particular window are isolated there until you click the Apply button in that window.
  • Changes made in the Default Window Settings now are propagated automatically to all existing specific window settings (provided that the old value was the same in both Default and particular specific settings).
  • Quick Setup wizard is added. It allows to tune up quickly the most frequently used features (according to collected and analyzed usage statistics) without diving into details.
  • Compact mode for extra title buttons is now available: it displays the small narrow button instead of the full list of active buttons.
    Click on this button expands the list of active buttons so they can be used as usual. Second click on this button or click somewhere else collapses the list of active buttons so they do not block the view (this can be especially useful in non-standard windows like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox).
    The compact mode activates either automatically (when the extra buttons do not fit the title bar) or it can be set permanently for particular windows in the Window Settings options (see the "Title Buttons - Options" group).
  • In addition to a right click on extra title buttons, now you can hold the left mouse button on them for some time to invoke their extended abilities (like context menus or special dialogs).
  • The Manage Window Settings button is added. It allows to quickly modify the actual applied window settings, create new specific window settings or exclude a certain window from %appname% processing.
  • The ability is added to specify exact secondary display position (see the "Display Position" group in the "Multiple Monitors - Monitors' Layout and Settings" panel).
  • Windows 8/8.1: Option to cancel the replacement of the system Alt-Tab Task Switcher is added.
  • The "Popular" filter is added in the "Hotkeys - Actions" panel and set as default filter there. It lists the most frequently used key combinations based on the usage statistics analysis.
  • Compatibility with Windows 8.1 Service Pack 1 has been improved.
  • Windows 8/8.1: Actual Alt-Tab Switcher is improved:
    • now it respects the system "Repeat delay" and "Repeat rate" values
    • it does not activate Aero Peek until the switching is stopped for at least 1 second
    • it can't be moved using the Easy Window Dragging/Sizing feature
    • CPU load is reduced significantly when moving a mouse over its window
    • redundant redraws are fixed
  • Monitors' layout preview in the "Multiple Monitors - Monitors' Layout and Settings" panel now properly aligns the disabled monitors.
  • After disabling the cloning of displays, they both are automatically set to their preferred resolutions.
  • The "Arrange Monitors" feature now takes into account the enabled displays only (so that if there is just a single display enabled then the "Arrange Monitors" button gets grayed).
  • Compatibility of the Ignore Deactivation feature with League of Legends and Final Fantasy XIV is restored.
  • Windows 7+: The speed of Desktop Divider layouts switching has been increased significantly and the system load has been reduced.
  • Now it's possible to select several picture files in the "Add File" dialog while configuring the Slideshow screen saver.
  • The "Move the mouse pointer along with window" option now works even if there are no modifier keys specified.
  • Compatibility of the Scroll Inactive Windows feature with old versions of Google Chrome is restored.
  • The window invoked by the "Copy Settings from..." command now does not display the target Window Settings item.
Fixed error
  • Downloaded setups of newer versions were installed automatically even if the automatic updates were disabled (which prevented the rolling back to any previous version if a newer version setup was available).
  • In some cases Start menu submenus might appear invisible, having only a shadow.
  • Numerous fixes in Actual Taskbar's Jump Lists:
    • some kinds of links did not open properly (e.g. sessions in PuTTY)
    • improper items could be dragged out of Jump List
    • items in custom categories could not be pinned/unpinned
    • some items could not be unpinned (e.g. sessions in PuTTY)
    • Windows x64: in some apps (e.g. PuTTY, Mozilla Firefox), links dragged out of Jump List did not work
  • Windows x64: Mirror windows showed white rectangle instead of mirrored content when monitor or part of desktop was mirrored and the hardware acceleration was disabled.
  • In some cases, Actual Taskbar displayed the wrong icon for a window in its taskbar button (e.g. for the Google Hangouts app).
  • Actual Taskbar always displayed on top of Firefox windows, even if they were fullscreen.
  • On some configurations, cloned displays showed the wrong list of available resolutions in the "Multiple Monitors - Monitors' Layout and Settings" panel.
  • Save Idle Screens automatic mode did not close a screen saver running on an idle monitor when the mouse entered that monitor.
  • Desktop Divider: Switching the layouts quickly with the mouse wheel got stuck after some scrolls and even might cause a crash of the active app.
  • Desktop Divider: In some cases tile size could not be set exactly in pixels using the Resize button while editing a layout.
  • The Ignore Deactivation feature made apps crash if it was activated via hotkey with the "Compatibility mode" option enabled.
  • After being pressed, user-added title buttons affected the state of the factory title button of the same kind and displayed the wrong hint.
  • In some cases extra title buttons in Microsoft Word 2013 might disappear.
  • Extra title buttons did not work in Autodesk Design Review 2013.
  • In the Aero visual theme, Visual Studio 2012 got hung upon closing.
  • Extra title buttons did not appear in X1 Search.
  • NuSphere PhpEd 12 crashed when trying to scroll the File Explorer view.
  • Windows 7: Tooltips did not display in command prompt windows.
  • Avast! notification area popup did not close in the Actual Taskbar.
  • Unloading 1st Clock right after restoring from hibernation made Windows Explorer hung.
  • Drag to Scroll feature worked inconsistently in Process Explorer, Process Lasso, system Window Firewall applet and the latest version of Google Chrome.
  • The "Use hardware acceleration" option did not switch in the Configuration window for mirroring-related title button/window menu/startup actions.
  • In some cases hotkey combinations worked twice although being pressed once (for example, Ctrl-C worked like Ctrl-C-C and triggered the appearance of the ABBYY Lingvo window).
  • Canceling the download in the "Check for Updates" dialog caused an error.
  • Pressing Enter in the "Check for Updates" dialog after the download was started caused the restart of downloading.
Versienummer 8.2.2
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Actual Tools
Bestandsgrootte 9,32MB
Licentietype Shareware

Reacties (9)

Wijzig sortering
Erg fijne tool. Vooral dat je vensters kunt openen waar je muis is, de taakbeheer op 2 schermen kan worden getoond en je een volwaardige taakbalk hebt op al je schermen is hardstikke handig. Verder niet alle opties nodig overigens. Ben laatst wel overgestapt op de volledige tool (Actual Window Manager) toen ik moest vernieuwen, maar AMM is daarvan nog steeds het belangrijkst.
Kan dit programma ook goed scalen met verschillende groottes van schermen. Met Windows 8 kan dit alleen als je gebruik maakt van de DPI setting, wat niet echt scalen is. Nu heb ik mijn kleinere scherm (laptop) maar op 1360*768 gezet ipv 1920*1080, maar dat is toch minder scherp :P.
Het doet volgens mij niets met resoluties of DPI, maar gaat meer om vensters dus
Als je hier iets voor vind mag je het me wel laten weten! Zoek al erg lang zoiets voor Windows en/of Linux
Je kunt in je grafische kaart drivers meestal ook de grootte van je scherm aanpassen!

Dit is een andere optie:

Dit zou de scaling probleem op moeten lossen. Werkt bij elke applicatie!
Het forceert dpi scaling for elke applicatie!

[Reactie gewijzigd door Tourmaline op 6 november 2014 18:37]

Scaling ook? Dus een 4k en een 1080p waar de schermen even groot zijn? Heb het nog niet gezien bij nvidia control panel
Je kunt het ook berekenen:
Evaluate your app for DPI Compatibility (use VMs with the following DPI settings: 96,120, 144, 192)
DPI settings can be changed by going into the Control Panel/ Appearance and Personalization/ Display menu
Do not mix DPI Scaling techniques from prior versions of Windows
Disable DPI Auto Scaling/Virtualization
Right Click on the exe, Select Properties, then Compatibility and then check the "Disable display scaling on High DPI settings" option
Make your app DPI Aware by calling the appropriate APIs (see Creating a DPI-AWARE Application )
For bit-mapped grapics, create multiple versions of each interface bitmat to match the preset dpi settings
If you cant create 4 versions create at least two (96 and 120 dpi as they are the most common)
DPI setting Icon (SM_CXICON) Small icon (SM_CXSMICON)
96 32x32 16x16
120 40x40 20x20
144 48x48 24x24
192 64x64 32x32
DPI Settings vs Minimum Resolution
To assess an application's DPI compatibility, test it at a variety of resolutions with different high DPI settings. This can be done fairly easy using Virtual Machines with the different resolution settings. The following table provides a recommended set of DPI settings and minimum resolutions to consider when testing DPI awareness level. The chosen DPI setting should be close to the physical DPI that the monitor is capable of. For example, if your display has a native resolution of 1440x900 pixels and a physical display of 14.4 inches x 9 inches, the phisical DPI is 100 DPI ( 1440 horizontal pixels/ 14.4 horizontal inches.)

Calculate your physical DPI:
Number of horizontal pixels/ horizontal length (in inches) = Physical DPI
DPI Setting Minimum Resolution
96 (100%) 1024x720
120 (125%) 1280x960
144 (150%) 1536x1080
192 (200%) 2048x1440

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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