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Software-update: Self Service Reset Password Management 6.56

Door , 3 reacties, bron: Tools4ever Linkedin Google+

Tools4ever logo (45 pix)Tools4ever is een Nederlands bedrijf dat diverse programma's aanbiedt die het leven van netwerk- en systeembeheerders eenvoudiger kunnen maken, zoals Self Service Reset Password Management. Met dit programma kunnen gebruikers zelf hun wachtwoord resetten, zonder tussenkomst van een helpdesk. Tijdens de installatie moet de gebruiker zelf het antwoord op drie beveiligingsvragen opgeven, daarna kan de wachtwoordresetprocedure worden gestart door op de 'wachtwoord vergeten'-link op het inlogscherm te klikken. Het programma kan dertig dagen worden geprobeerd en een licentie kost enkele euro's per gebruiker. Kortgeleden is versie 6.56 van Ssrpm uitgekomen en het changelog daarvan kan hieronder worden gevonden.

New features

  • Profiles can be assigned to Active Directory security group.
Admin Console
  • Added new reporting component 'Database Query'. You can use this component to generate reports based on queries you designed.
  • Added a filter option to the tabs: Enrolled Users, Not Enrolled Users and Blocked Users. It filters on the account name and supports only a single wild card character, namely the asterisk '*'. If you want to use the asterisk as a character instead of a wild card, you need to use the escape the wild card functionality by adding forward slash before the asterisk: '\*'.
  • Added the option to export selected users from the tabs: Enrolled Users, Not Enrolled Users and Blocked Users to CSV.
  • Added the option to send an e-mail to the selected users in the tabs: Enrolled Users, Not Enrolled Users and Blocked Users. The templates can be managed in the 'Templates' tab in the general configuration dialog.
Web interface
  • Added CAPTCHA functionality to the web interface. The CAPTCHA can be enabled or disabled based on the configuration.
  • Made the web interface mobile friendly. If the website is accessed using a mobile phone, it will load a different style sheet in order to make the website easier to navigate when using a handheld device.
Enrollment wizard
  • If a user doesn't need to enter any information he/she is automatically enrolled. This applies to configurations such as: SMS authentication, where the phone number is stored in the Active Directory, and no questions.
Credential Provider
  • Removed the Tools4ever logo.
  • Windows 8 support
  • The installation now also includes an AMDX file.
  • Updated the translations of the language files, which now includes Chinese.


  • Fixed the issue with UNLOCK reports.
  • Updated the 'Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Services' guide to correct the implementation procedure of XenApp 6.5.
  • Fixed the comparison check when determining if a user is should be excluded based on OU.
Wizard installer
  • Fixed update issues with version 6.29 and earlier.
  • The installer should also install the x86 bit credential provider on x64 bit machines, because it might be loaded by x86 processes.
  • The installer should delete the offline logon data file.
  • If a user is not enrolled any longer, remove from offline logon data.
  • Fixed the issue that the offline logon data for none of the user accounts was not updated if an error occurred while retrieving the data of one user account. This occurred in scenarios where a user used the laptop, his/her account is deleted and another new user logs in.
Reset Wizard
  • If the Reset Wizard switches to the offline mode it adjusts the title of the dialog.
  • Fixed the custom error handling issue on the 'specify user' page in the reset wizard.
  • Corrected the behaviour of the password complexity rules of fine-grained password policies in Windows 2008.
Admin Console
  • Added export button for HTML e-mail templates (notification & authentication).
  • Fixed the behaviour that 'Last Enrollments' and 'Last Resets' columns on the dashboard could contained more than 10 users or users who never reset their password. This issue only applies to installations using an MS Access database.
Offline Logon GPO
  • Fixed the language settings in the GPO, they were linked to the wrong registry path.
  • Fixed the French and German language ADM files now contains a translation of the forgot my password button.
Helpdesk Caller ID Authentication Web Interface
  • Fixed the issue that label "Answer" was not translated if the web interface was configured for another language.
  • Fixed the issue that username on the page "GetDataAuthenticateUser.asp" contained the search parameter of the specifyuser.asp form and not the username.
  • Fixed the authenticate functionality.
  • Added an option in the config file to disable autocomplete for all the input fields of the web interface.
  • By default the web interface assumes the answers are maximal 15 characters (configurable), now the web interface dynamically increases the maximum answer length, if necessary, and pad it with a random number. This fixes the issue that helpdesk users were sometimes confronted with an 'out of range' error.
Web interface
  • Added client language detection.
  • Fixed layout issues for IE6 and IE7.
  • Fixed multilingual PCM issue.
  • Added an option in the config file to disable auto-complete for all the input fields of the web interface.
  • Fixed incorrect error message when the user tries to reset the password using only advanced authentication (no challenge questions).
  • Added the send test SMS/Email option to the web interface.
Enrollment wizard
  • Fixed the button translation in the "Unenroll confirm"-dialog.
  • Fixed the issue that the mobile phone number was not displayed for users that are enrolling for the first time, but where the phone number was stored in the AD.
  • Fixed the compatibility issue with PCM and the SSRPM Offline credential provider.
  • If the SSRPM GINA fails to load the next GINA in the chain, it will try to load the MS GINA and display an error in the GINA dialog. This behavior can be disabled using the GPO.
  • Improved the application of the prefix used by SMS authentication. The service will only apply the prefix if the phone number starts with a 0 followed by a number in the range of 1-9 and it will remove the leading 0 before adding the prefix.
  • Fixed the issue that report component for unenrolled user only displayed results for specified OU's if those OU's where an exact match for OU's that where assigned to a profile.
  • Changed the licensing reporting component to display the number of enrolled users if it concerns an "enrolled domain/ou" license and the number of AD users if it concerns a "domain/ou" license.
Self Service Reset Password Management Self Service Reset Password Management Self Service Reset Password Management  Self Service Reset Password Management
Versienummer 6.56
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8
Website Tools4ever
Bestandsgrootte 23,33MB
Licentietype Shareware
Moderatie-faq Wijzig weergave

Reacties (3)

Begrijp me goed, het is goede software wat Tools4Ever maakt, maar de continue aanmelding van hun producten, die soms al 8 jaar lang het zelfde versienummer hebben maakt me vermoeden dat ze aan sluikreclame doen.
Wat? Aanmelding in de MeukTracker bedoel je? Sowieso is dat geen sluikreclame..
Dit is het tweede product van die firma hier in de Meuktracker, dus je moet niet overdrijven. Freeping was inderdaad heel erg oud, dat had ik niet gezien. Deze versie is echter van 26 april en dat is toch redelijk recent?

[Reactie gewijzigd door Drobanir op 8 mei 2013 17:09]

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