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Software-update: DVD Profiler 3.8.2 build 1542

Invelos logo (60 pix)Invelos Software heeft versie 3.8.2 van DVD Profiler uitgebracht. DVD Profiler is een dvd-catalogusprogramma dat zich van soortgelijke programma's weet te onderscheiden doordat het geen gebruikmaakt van filmdatabases zoals Imdb, maar van een database die wordt bijgehouden door de gebruikers van het programma. De ongeregistreerde versie kent slechts een klein aantal beperkingen, totdat er meer dan vijftig titels aan de database worden toegevoegd. Daarna wordt de functionaliteit enigszins afgeknepen. Sinds de vorige vermelding in de Meuktracker zijn de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen aangebracht:

Version 3.8.0

Custom Collection Hints
Fully customizable hint display - make your own or browse our library of user-submitted layout designs
  • Can be enabled for each of the view types (list, details, thumbs, custom)
  • Simple, default, and custom hint types
  • Custom hints use the report designer and can import from an existing report
  • Adjustable transparency
Powerful New Interface for Profile Comparison
  • In-sync side-by-side comparison
  • Individual differences highlighted, down to the character level in large text fields
  • Aligned cast and crew listings, with optional contraction of identical sections
  • Powerful new image comparison interface with side-by-side, overlaid, and split/slider displays
  • Ability to accept front/back images individually
  • Abilty to set/clear flag on profile comparison
  • Ability to copy the new profile to clipboard, to copy as XML, and to copy cast/crew individually
  • Option to strip new birth years
  • Legacy HTML-type comparison interface is maintained for backwards compatibility
New "My Links" Feature
  • Select Online->My Links->Edit to add your own web links to any profile (whether they're in the online database or not)
  • Added links appear under Online->My Links, in menus by category (Trailers, Official Sites, etc)
  • The My Links interface has built-in searches to quickly locate pages for the selected profile
  • The searches can be modified and added to - add your own favorite sites for quick searches
  • An added site can optionally be linked to the main interface menus/buttons for: Trailers, Metacritic, RottenTomatoes and IMDB
  • For profiles in the online database, you can optionally submit them to Invelos when you add them with one click
Amazon Affiliate Interface
The new built-in Amazon interface speeds purchases (and even automatically enters purchase information), plus supports Invelos and DVD Profiler development - use it to purchase your DVDs and Blu-rays from your local Amazon site.
  • New toolbar button that shows the price information and links to purchase
  • When viewing the Amazon info, check the move option to automatically move the profile and fill in the purchase information
  • Amazon links also available in the Add DVD interface
  • Option to show or hide marketplace prices
  • Amazon interface automatically goes to the correct Amazon site for the selected profile
Enhancements to the Edit Interface
  • For the Edition field, added option to display an auto-filled list of editions, pulled from the current collection
  • Lock buttons added for quick access to locks for all data sections
  • Added option to auto-lock all changes, as they're made
  • Added ability to search assigned cast and crew
New and changed data fields
  • New Color selection entry with options: Color, Black & White, Colorized, Mixed, and Multiple
  • New Dimensions checkboxes: 2D, 3D Anaglyph, and Blu-ray 3D
  • Added two additional Country of Origin fields
  • Increased field lengths for Title, Sort Title, Original Title, Edition, Other Features, Dividers, Roeles, Ratings and Media Companies
  • Running Time now handles very large entries
Report engine enhancements
  • Added multi-selection capability; can copy/paste, set properties all at once
  • Added optional automatic font sizing to report text type elements. Can also set all at once via menu option
  • Added Preview button in the report editor for the DVD Item Content tab. Shows report design with the current profile
  • Added property to Title element: Show Title. This allows splitting of title and edition
  • Image elements now display the image at design time (rather than an empty square)
  • Condition editor now sorts selections alphabetically
  • Ctrl-click and drag to clone an item, Shift-click to add to selection
  • In reports editor, added condition for has value/has no value for rating and review
  • In report editor, item properties are now sorted by name
  • Added support for transparent PNGs in the report engine (also used for custom hints, etc)
  • Review stars in reports now function with the transparent setting
  • New setting in reports editor to enable/disable transparent image support (it's memory intensive)
Charts and Graphs
  • New charts for color type and dimension
  • Added paginated printing functionality
  • Option to enable/disable chart headers and legend
  • Option to use Count As or simple entry count
  • Sort chart data by alpha or value
Gift Tracking
  • In the Personalize window, check the Gift box and select a user as the giver
  • From the Tools->Edit Users, can now view all gifts from the selected user, and copy to clipboard/print report of the listed entries
  • Gift information can be set en masse via Paste/Paste to Flagged
Updated Add DVDs Interface
  • Add entries to multiple collections categories at the same time, without leaving the Add DVD interface
  • The Add by Title listing now has resizable, reorderable, hidable columns, and all columns can be sorted
  • Added ability to save/load a default setting for all filters in the Add by Title tab
  • Added new column: Rating to the Add by Title listing
  • The Upcoming tab now uses the selected settings for region, locality, and media type
  • Title searches now also search the original title
  • Title search now continues to match with edition
  • Option to disable auto-check for child profiles when adding DVDs
And much more...
  • Lots of enhancements, fixes, and new features for the Plugins API. Developers see the Plugin Development forum for details
  • Added right-click menu to cast and crew in the DVD Edit - "With Birth Years Only"
  • Increased the font size of the title in the main view, will size back smaller as needed to fit
  • Renamed 'MPEG-2' audio format to 'MPEG-1 Audio Layer II (MP2)'
  • Added DTS 3.1 audio option
  • When a profile has been edited, the displayed cast/crew credit counts are now updated immediately
  • Added filter by Production Year - exact year, range of years, or decades (from a list of decades in use in your collection)
  • Added option under Tools->Options->Default to customize double-click behavior - Edit Profile, Personalize, Pick Similar, Set Watched, View Trailers, or Do Nothing
  • Detailed reports now run up to 40% faster and use less memory
  • New optional detailed display for rating (click it to change). Rating details hint now word-wraps
  • In the Add Multiple profiles interface, when there are more than one match for the UPC/EAN, user is prompted to select the desired locality. User's default locality is selected if available, but can be changed.
  • New interface with added information when configuring/testing connection sharing via the Internet
  • The Credits Info window can now be filtered by collection types
  • Cast and crew images can now be locked. Locks can optionally be ignored during a database restore
  • During cast/crew image restore, the setting of resized/actual is retained between images
  • Main title search now searches sort title as well
  • Images can now be updated (and lock set) via the Online->Refresh DVD From Invelos->Preview Image Changes option
  • In filters, added ability to select a different ratings system, from a list of ratings systems actually used in collection
  • Added option to verify database files before doing a backup, with prompt to repair as needed
  • From the Tools->Edit Users->Loan Status, can now copy list to clipboard and print a report of the listed entries
  • Added options to flag entries listed in the loans and gifts via Edit Users
  • Added a workaround for the error caused by the installation of eMusic Download Manager
  • Added optional display of cast/crew names under their photos in the main interface
  • When the collection list is hidden, the program now prompts to show it when launched
  • Increased size of database restore window to view larger titles (very large titles also now show hint popups)
  • Filter sets can now be loaded quickly via drop-down. Filter set files in directories show in a nested menu
  • Added right-click menu to contributors button to jump directly to the contribution notes
  • Added ability to view contributors (and notes via right-click) to profile preview
  • Added 'Note' node to Events in the XML export
  • Added 'IsPartOfOwnedCollection' attribute to the CollectionType node in XML export
  • Added DP_BoxSetContents array var for box set contents to html window
  • New interface for "Synchronize with DVD Profiler Mobile" menu option to reduce confusion regarding iOS/Android sync
  • When adding cast and crew images, the credit list no longer scrolls to the top
  • Added a new button to use a manual profile id in the Change UPC window
  • When Windows is shutting down or logging off, all exit prompts are bypassed (e.g. database backup)
  • Cover images on the Welcome page now size correctly
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed: In pending additions, 'Remove' can fail to remove from saved list if the file is renamed (they come back like zombie dvds)
  • Fixed: Locks on desktop overwritten by a 'move' event from ordered to owned from the iOS program sync
  • Fixed: Select by UPC prompting to move a title in a custom collection type that's part of owned
  • Fixed: Auto-suggest of collection number is suggesting even when set to 'none'
  • Fixed: On Windows Vista/7, maximized windows are sized incorrectly when opened
  • Fixed: Custom genre not saved as check in filter set
  • Fixed: Online->DVD Profiler Online, sign in, select back = can't go forward
  • Fixed: Duplicate save dialogs shown in report editor
  • Fixed: Group end divider at start of cast list = crash
  • Fixed: Personalize window doesn't suggest next number correctly when uncheck/check none, when setting from the Add DVDs interface
  • Fixed: Collection number auto-filling causes duplicated numbers in owned collection when using custom categories that are part of owned, and globally unique numbers option is disabled
  • Fixed: Collection number setting via Reassign Collection Numbers interface can cause duplicate numbers
  • Fixed: Anamorphic setting allowed when widescreen not checked. Also fixed existing entries in database
  • Fixed: Rating filter not functioning after refreshing online profile list
  • Added check and correction for phantom audio tracks showing a difference in the profile comparison
  • Many fixes for translation string issues
  • Improved stability of database sync with iOS and eliminated potential causes of database corruption during sync and/or database share operations
  • In HTML windows, corrected errors in the DP_HeaderVars functions for cast, crew, and installed plugins
  • Corrected error preventing the identification of Similar titles in collection from working in some cases
  • Fixed: Reassign Collection Numbers could result in duplicates during partial reassign and globally unique set
  • Fixed: Plugins that add/change a menu glyph alter the collection tabs
  • Fixed: Database restore placing Filter Set files in the Flags directory and vice versa
  • Fixed: Adding to wish list fills in the last used purchase place
  • Fixed: Preferences for title format don't show immediately
  • Fixed: Tools->Options->File Folders, the explore buttons have wrong hint
  • Fixed: Adding a DVD via Add by UPC with 'Download' unchecked results in having to enter the title twice.
  • Fixed: Checkboxes on the Edit Collection Categories screen disable/enable incorrectly
  • Note entry now limited to 65,534 characters. Previously, larger entries were possible but did not save properly.
  • Fixed: Cast/crew with birth years always show a photo, even if empty
  • Fixed: Identical crew episodes sometimes triggered a difference detection

Version 3.8.1

  • Added support for many more countries of origin
  • The COO list in the filters panel now shows only the COOs currently in the local collection
  • Color drop-down has been changed to checkboxes, including the filter on color
  • Anamorphic and Blu-ray 3D checkboxes now enabled for custom media types
  • Added search button to credit info interface (web search, image search, and IMDB)
  • In credit info window, added sorts by review and last watched
  • Display fields in the general info section will show hints if they are being cropped
  • The 'Similar Titles Found' warning in Add DVDs now has three settings. Right-click to change
  • All 3-way checkboxes in the filters panel can now be set to off by shift-clicking
  • Added additional messaging to the sharing setup and mobile device setup regarding enabling remote changes
  • Added tooltip hint for CTRL+Enter on the profile comparison screen
Bug fixes
  • Several translation fixes
  • Fixed: Edit Users->Loans->Change Due Date->Edit Users = error
  • Fixed: Incorrect display of disc info with side B data in the profile update comparison
  • Fixed: Visiting comparison window reselects the image refresh checkboxes if they're not locked
  • Fixed: Changes to genre aren't immediately reflected in collection list after an edit.
  • In Tools->Edit Users, "Gifts Received:" count is now visible
  • Fixed: Amazon button in Add DVD by title shows error when clicked with an empty filtered list
  • Fixed: Adding by title manually should show the DVD edit window, not the personalize window
  • Corrected typos in the Mobile Synchronize window
  • Fixed: Ratings sometimes display incorrectly in the Add DVDs list
  • Removed 'Add Random DVDs' button from the Add DVDs interface
  • Fixed: The SRP lock button in DVD Edit doesn't function correctly
  • Fixed: Changing the drive the in the change upc dialog doesn't refresh the disc id
  • Fixed: Auto-lock when region changed not working
  • Fixed: CTRL+UP/DN on crew not working right (moves focus 2 spots)
  • Fixed: Production year descending sort is wrong in add by title
  • Fixed: "Gift From" displays incorrectly with ampersands
  • Fixed: OK/Cancel tab order on image comparison reversed
  • Fixed: Deleting users gives no warning when gifts were received from that user
  • Fixed: Error message displayed while updating from iPhone/iPad in some cases
  • Profile comparison now shows SRP denomination and rating system

Version 3.8.2

  • Several stability and performance improvements to mobile device remote updates
  • Local files (such as trailers) may be drag/dropped into the My Links editor
  • "My Links" may now be browsed from a remote copy of DVD Profiler
  • Performance improvements in the profile update process
Bug fixes
  • Fixed: The program creates an empty My Documents\DVD Profiler folder regardless of settings
  • Fixed: Display problems with certain audio track report formats
  • Changed default location for backup files and XML exports from C:\ to the user's Documents folder
  • Fixed: Error after using spacebar to select last shown entry in the Add by Title list
  • Fixed: Loading database results in blank flag selection shown for first entry
  • Adjusted tab order on the DVD Edit, General tab
  • Backups no longer fail due to corrupt cast/crew images

Versienummer 3.8.2 build 1542
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8
Website Invelos Software
Bestandsgrootte 11,49MB
Licentietype Shareware

Reacties (3)

Wijzig sortering
Erg fijn programma, kan het iefereen aanraden om de full versie te kopen. 416 dvd/blu-rays and counting.
Super programma inderdaad, daarnaast is er ook een nieuwe versie voor IOS!
Ik moet zeggen dat het programma er verdacht veel uitziet als mijn oude Movie Collector die ik overigens al een tijdje niet meer heb gebruikt. Ik heb destijds talloze movie db programma's uitgeprobeerd en ben uiteindelijk toch op een Nederlands design uitgekomen (de Philips/TomTom mentaliteit: je moet het zonder instructieboekje kunnen gebruiken).

Nu moet ik natuurlijk bekennen dat een db programma als dit natuurlijk altijd op eenzelfde manier eruit ziet..

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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