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Bron: Dnsmasq

Dnsmasq is een betrekkelijk makkelijk in te stellen lichtgewicht dns- en dhcp-server die zich richt op 'kleine' omgevingen. Ondersteuning voor statische en dynamische dhcp-leases is aanwezig, net zoals bootp en tftp waarmee diskloze machines via het netwerk kunnen opstarten. Voor meer informatie verwijzen we jullie door naar deze pagina. De ontwikkelaar heeft een nieuwe versie van Dnsmasq uitgebracht, die 2.60 als het versienummer heeft gekregen. De bijbehorende lijst met veranderingen ziet er als volgt uit:

Version 2.60:
  • Fix compilation problem in Mac OS X Lion. Thanks to Olaf Flebbe for the patch.
  • Fix DHCP when using --listen-address with an IP address which is not the primary address of an interface.
  • Add --dhcp-client-update option.
  • Add Lua integration. Dnsmasq can now execute a DHCP lease-change script written in Lua. This needs to be enabled at compile time by setting HAVE_LUASCRIPT in src/config.h or running "make COPTS=-DHAVE_LUASCRIPT" Thanks to Jan-Piet Mens for the idea and proof-of-concept implementation.
  • Tidied src/config.h to distinguish between platform-dependent compile-time options which are selected automatically, and builder-selectable compile time options. Document the latter better, and describe how to set them from the make command line.
  • Tidied up IPPROTO_IP/SOL_IP (and IPv6 equivalent) confusion. IPPROTO_IP works everywhere now.
  • Set TOS on DHCP sockets, this improves things on busy wireless networks. Thanks to Dave Taht for the patch.
  • Determine VERSION automatically based on git magic: release tags or hash values.
  • Improve start-up speed when reading large hosts files containing many distinct addresses.
  • Fix problem if dnsmasq is started without the stdin, stdout and stderr file descriptors open. This can manifest itself as 100% CPU use. Thanks to Chris Moore for finding this.
  • Fix shell-scripting bug in bld/pkg-wrapper. Thanks to Mark Mitchell for the patch.
  • Allow the TFP server or boot server in --pxe-service, to be a domain name instead of an IP address. This allows for round-robin to multiple servers, in the same way as --dhcp-boot. A good suggestion from Cristiano Cumer.
  • Support BUILDDIR variable in the Makefile. Allows builds for multiple archs from the same source tree with eg.
    make BUILDDIR=linux (relative to dnsmasq tree)
    make BUILDDIR=/tmp/openbsd (absolute path)
    If BUILDDIR is not set, compilation happens in the src directory, as before. Suggestion from Mark Mitchell.
  • Support DHCPv6. Support is there for the sort of things the existing v4 server does, including tags, options, static addresses and relay support. Missing is prefix delegation, which is probably not required in the dnsmasq niche, and an easy way to accept prefix delegations from an upstream DHCPv6 server, which is. Future plans include support for DHCPv6 router option and MAC address option (to make selecting clients by MAC address work like IPv4). These will be added as the standards mature. This code has been tested, but this is the first release, so don't bet the farm on it just yet. Many thanks to all testers who have got it this far.
  • Support IPv6 router advertisements. This is a simple-minded implementation, aimed at providing the vestigial RA needed to go alongside IPv6. Is picks up configuration from the DHCPv6 conf, and should just need enabling with --enable-ra.
  • Fix long-standing wrinkle with --localise-queries that could result in wrong answers when DNS packets arrive via an interface other than the expected one. Thanks to Lorenzo Milesi and John Hanks for spotting this one.
  • Update French translation. Thanks to Gildas Le Nadan.
  • Update Polish translation. Thanks to Jan Psota.
Besturingssystemen:Linux, BSD, macOS, Solaris
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