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Software-update: DVD Profiler 2.0

The Dude liet een korte omschrijving achter DVD Profiler: "DVD Profiler is een systeem om je DVD's makkelijk te beheren. Het enige wat men hoeft te doen is de UPC code in te voeren en het programma doet de rest. Vooral voor mensen die wel eens hun collectie willen showen aan andere via het net of mensen die wel eens een DVD uitleent aan iemand heeft dit programma zijn voordelen."

Hieronder staat de complete changelog:

New Features:
  • International Support
  • Localized versions of DVD Profiler in English, Spanish, French, German, etc.
  • Local currency support, including automatic value conversion
  • Support for expanded language choices for audio and subtitle tracks
  • DVD localization by country, including support for varied title, overview, ratings systems, etc.
  • New Data
  • Several requested new genres: Documentary, Musical, Sports, Television and War.
  • New feature options for THX Certified and Closed Captioned
  • Easter Eggs
  • NTSC/PAL indicator
  • "Custom" case type
  • Sort Title field - now titles can sort correctly without altering the display title
  • Plug-In System
  • Version 2.0 includes an extensive plug-in system to allow enterprising developers out there to modify, improve, and extend DVD Profiler in limitless fassion
  • Check back soon for details, specs, and sample code
  • Skins/Reports
  • New Categories let you organize your reports and skins into folders
  • Skins and reports you create and submit can now be designated as public or private (private submissions can be used but not edited)
  • Public skins and reports which are changed by another user retain their original contributor info as well
  • User-defined screenshots, displayed on the skins/reports downloads page, and in the skin/report browsers in DVD Profiler
  • Image hash system, so images are downloaded only when they're different
  • Move your collection between PCs faster with the new "Refresh All Images" feature
  • Multi-select in Add DVD Window: Now, select multiple DVDs to add at once
  • Totally redesigned Profile Preview feature in the Add DVD Window:
  • Use the DVD Profiler skin of your choice to display the preview
  • Select two profiles to preview and both will be shown, with the differences highlighted automatically
  • Full export of all data elements (including actors) to XML
  • New filters - by subtitle, and DTS audio track
  • Refresh Updated Profiles now allows previewing only profile changes, only images, or both
  • New support for shared UPCs, so when manufactures use the same UPC for two or more DVDs, the program offers the user a choice of profile
  • New Charts & Graphs feature - view information about your collection graphically
  • Native support for barcode scanners, via included plugin
  • New "Clean images directory" utility feature removes unused images
  • New DVD Profiler Acknowledgements feature gives credit to companies and individuals who have made DVD Profiler possible
  • New "Default" review configuration splits review into Film and DVD. A necessary step towards online user reviews...
  • New Coupon/Deal Wizard lets you share the best DVD deals with fellow DVD Profiler users
  • Delete Actor feature is now available to let you clean out unused/incorrect actors from the full actor list
  • Login screens in DVD Profiler now include option to have your information mailed to you, or to create a new account.
  • Enhancements
  • Speed
  • Across the board, DVD Profiler 2.0 is significantly faster than 1.0, in some cases several times faster
  • Filters by title (even in the Add DVD window) are now instantaneous
  • Reassign Collection Numbers feature can now operate by Title order
  • Reassign Collection Numbers feature can now operate on "Owned" "Ordered", or "Wish list"
  • Added standard aspect ratio of 1.78:1
  • Database repair, when needed, is now automatic and robust
  • Maximum frequent renters increased to 30
  • Overview filter now searches Notes as well
  • Parental control changes no longer force a full online list refresh
  • When adding a DVD, and the profile is hidden by parental control, message is displayed
  • Completely new Internet connection components, with improved performance and better proxy support
  • Scroll bars in major listings now operate in the standard Windows manner
  • Skins
  • Preview your skin changes while you edit
  • Auto-indent in the skin editor
  • Features tag now includes "Other" features
  • Added toolbar buttons to select a skin, and to edit the current skin
  • REVIEW tag has new BGCOLOR attribute
  • Reports
  • Actors now optionally show role played
  • New Row and Column Odd/Even conditionals allow alternating row/column shading
  • New case type element
  • Edit->Cut is now supported
  • New support for alternate paper sizes - Letter, Legal, Executive, A4, and A5
  • New support for top, left, right, and bottom margins
  • Improved accuracy of scaling on all printers
  • New element for "Other Features"
  • New element for date report printed (on headers and footers)
  • Duplex support - print odd pages only, even pages only, or both
  • The default definition for "Adult" has been changed to exclude NR
  • Added limited compatibility with "Large Fonts" Windows display option
  • Expanded contributor credit limit from 2 to infinite
  • Removed "animated" from desc. selections, and added "Superbit"
  • Previewed profiles and images are cached, and not downloaded again if added
  • DVD->Personalize now allows setting of review for wish list entries
  • Actor's name case is now corrected during profile import
  • List imports are now faster, smoother, and don't freeze the program while running
  • Year is no longer included in the IMDB search
  • True multi-region selection
  • Removing a DVD from your collection now optionally deletes the unused cover images
  • Screen layout is now remembered by default
  • Thumbnail creation now detects corrupted images and prompts to delete or skip
  • Password storage now uses secure hashing algorithm
  • Bug Fixes
  • List index out of bounds error when changing renter max is now corrected
  • "Parental control settings are corrupt" error is now corrected
  • Parental control password window no longer shows scroll bars on XP
  • "Last Edited" date now is backed up
  • "Filtered" total was incorrect after refreshing online profile list
  • Box set status and contents now correctly backed up and restored
  • When editing frequent renters, last entry in list now correctly saved
  • Access violation when buying all DVDs in wishlist from price finder is corrected
  • Error when actor search included a single quote is resolved
  • Certain conditions set on line and box objects caused access violation
  • Jump to movie now works outside current collection type
  • My Profiler login now requires alias and password
  • DVD Profiler no longer cancels Windows shutdown requests while running
  • Blank director entries were not propogating correctly
  • When adding DVDs, profiles moved from ordered to owned no longer cause duplicated collection numbers
  • Report editor copy/paste option didn't add new item to selection list
  • Adding titles to price search caused error if not currently in wish list
  • Empty actors are no longer exported
  • Title Desc. now handles ampersands correctly
  • Select Skin feature no longer incorrectly shows report options
  • "Other" filter area now resizes correctly
  • Cover scans in skins now correctly include full file reference in all cases
  • Refresh updated profiles now refreshes display of current DVD if necessary
  • Incorrect password when logging in to My Profiler now shows correct error message
  • Fixed drag/drop of images directly to front and back cover images
  • Reported download speed is no longer affected by processing time
  • Corrected shipping calculation error caused by partial data updates
  • Genre list is now alphabetized in DVD edit
  • Blank case type is now possible
  • Error handling added for missing skin at startup
  • Profile comparison now detects differences in Desc.
  • Blank Disc ID manual entries (added by Disc ID as opposed to by UPC) are no longer possible
  • Entering irregular UPCs no longer prompts to validate twice
  • Add a new DVD, edit actors, select cancel no longer results in error message
Versienummer 2.0
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website DVD Profiler
Bestandsgrootte 3,42MB
Licentietype Freeware

Door Robin Vreuls


16-09-2002 • 14:48

4 Linkedin Google+

Submitter: The Dude

Bron: DVD Profiler

Reacties (4)

Wijzig sortering
Super proggel
Gebruik het al een poosje

2.0 is een verademing. kunt nu ook exporteren naar xml.
weet nog niet hoe dat precies allemaal gaat.

En daarnaast hij is 2x zo snel geworden. Niet met opstarten maar das niet vreemd met 400+ films in de lijst.
En daarnaast hij is 2x zo snel geworden. Niet met opstarten maar das niet vreemd met 400+ films in de lijst.
Het was vast moeilijk dit stukje informatie te integreren zonder opschepperig te lijken, he.

De vraag is, heb je, zoals ik, het programma al betaald?
De link lijkt naar versie 1.1 te gaan maar de inhoud van de zipfile bevat gewoon versie 2.0.

Link is inmiddels al veranderd.
Aangezien Robin niet goed heeft gelezen ;) nog meer eens de juiste link.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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