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Bron: Calibre Team

Calibre logo (60 pix)Calibre is een e-book-managementprogramma en kan overweg met bijna alle soorten e-books en e-readers. Het maakt het onder andere mogelijk om e-books te converteren tussen de diverse formaten om op deze manier e-books beschikbaar te maken op alle platformen. Daarnaast kan het ook nieuwsartikelen op basis van RSS omzetten naar e-bookformaat en op deze manier nieuws beschikbaar maken op e-readers. Calibre wordt intensief ontwikkeld en elke week verschijnt er weer een nieuwe versie.Vrijdag is versie 0.7.57 uitgekomen, want versie 0.7.55 is verleden week wegens enkele problemen kort daarop door 0.7.56 opgevolgd.

Release: 0.7.57

New Features
  • Launch worker processes on demand instead of keeping a pool of them in memory. Reduces memory footprint.
  • Use the visual formatting of the Table of Contents to try to automatically create a multi-level TOC when converting/viewing MOBI files.
  • Add a new function booksize() to the template language to get the value of the size column in calibre.
  • Add support for using metadata plugboards with the content server (only with the epub format)
  • Change default algorithm for automatically computing author sort to be more intelligent and handle the case when the author name has a comma in it
  • Show cover size in the tooltips of the book details panel and book details popup window
Bug Fixes
  • Dragging and dropping a cover onto the book details panel did not change the cover size
  • Fix non-escaped '|' when searching for commas in authors using REGEXP_MATCH
  • Fix ratings in templates being multiplied by 2
  • Fix adding a comma to custom series values when using completion.
  • CHM Input: Another workaround for a Microsoft mess.
  • Fix job count in the spinner not always being updated when a job completes
  • Changing case only of a title does not update title sort
New news sources
  • by Silviu Cotoara
  • The by Phil Burns
  • Der Spiegel by Nikolas Mangold
Improved news sources
  •, and
  • Daily Telegraph
  • Handelsblatt
  • Il Sole 24 Ore
  • Newsweek
  • Arcamax

Release: 0.7.56

New Features
  • This is primarily a bug fix release that fixes a bug in 0.7.55 that caused calibre to rescan the files on the device every time the device is connected. If you updated to 0.7.55 it is highly recommended you update to 0.7.56
  • Device driver for Coby Kyros
  • Remove the quick access to search options from next to the search bar, as we now have a separate search highlights toggle button
  • MOBI Output: Ensure that MOBI files always have 8KB worth of null bytes at the end of record 0. This appears to be necessary for Amazon to be able to add DRM to calibre generated MOBI files sent to their publishing service.
  • Add a tool to inspect MOBI files. To use: calibre-debug -m
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed regression taht caused calibre to rescan files on the device on every reconnect
  • Fix donate button causing the toolbar to be too large on OS X
  • MOBI Input: Fix detection of Table of Contents for MOBI files that have a page break between the location designated as the Table of Contents and the actual table of contents.
  • Comic Input: Fix handling of some CBZ files that have wrongly encoded non ASCII filenames on windows.
  • PML Input: Fix multi-line chapter title causing a spurious page break
  • EPUB Input: Speed up processing of files with very large manifest/spines
  • Fix regression that broke cover:False searches in 0.7.55
Improved news sources
  • Suedduetsche Zeitung
  • Irish Times
  • Big Oven
  • NSPM

Calibre screenshot
Calibre screenshot, klik op de afbeelding voor een grotere versie.

Besturingssystemen:Windows 7, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Vista
Website:Calibre Team
Bestandsgroottes:39,60MB t/m 62,70MB
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