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Software-update: SecureCRT 6.7 bèta 1

SecureCRT logo (75 pix) VanDyke Software heeft de eerste bètarelease van versie 6.7.0 van SecureCRT uitgebracht. SecureCRT is, simpel gezegd, een uitgebreide versie van Putty. Iets minder simpel gesteld is het een client voor remote control, file transfers en datatunneling met behulp van ssh. Ssh is een methode om een beveiligde verbinding tussen twee computers op te zetten, waarbij zowel de data als een deel van het ip-verkeer wordt versleuteld. Sinds versie 6.6.0 is er ook een versie van SecureCRT voor Mac OS X en in versie 6.7.0 komt er ook een Linux-client bij. Het volledige changelog voor versie 6.7.0 bèta 1 ziet er als volgt uit:

New features:
  • Linux versions for Ubuntu 10.x (32-bit and 64-bit) and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • Added an optional connect bar, which allows a connection to be made by entering the host on the toolbar.
  • Added support for recording Python scripts.
  • Added the ability to add more than ten buttons to a button bar.
  • Added the ability to copy buttons from one button bar and paste them on another button bar.
  • Added the ability to move buttons within a button bar.
  • Added the ability to map a key or button to browse for a script to run.
  • Added the ability to configure the double-click tab action to be "Clone Tab in New Window".
  • Added an option to the Connect dialog to sort sessions logically, which is helpful when session names contain numbers.
  • In the Session Options dialog, added ability to sort columns in the Connection / Port Forwarding category.
  • Added support for in-line composition of IME characters so that IME characters are inserted into the session window as they are typed.
  • Added the script function FileOpenDialog() that displays the file browser and returns the selected file.
  • Added the script function ScriptFullName() that returns the full path and filename of the currently running script.
  • Added an optional parameter to the scripting function Connect() that allows pop-up messages to be suppressed.
  • Added the ability to specify a listening IP address when setting up a local or remote port forward from the command line.
  • Added a global INI-file-only option "Script MRU Count" that allows the number of scripts displayed in the recently used script list to be specified.
  • When the global INI-file-only option "Single Instance" is set and SecureCRT is already running, shortcuts that use the /S flag now open the specified session in a new tab.
  • Windows: Environment variables can be specified when assigning a "Run Script" or "Launch Application" function to a button or key.
  • Mac: If a file or folder is dragged to a local shell session, the path to the file is pasted into the session. When a file or folder is dragged to the remote session, there is now a "Paste Path" option on the menu that is displayed.
  • Mac: Added the ability to specify SecureCRT as the default Telnet handler so that HTML links to Telnet sessions connect to the specified session in SecureCRT.
  • Mac: Added support for the following character encodings: GB2312, BIG5 (950), Korean (949), Shift JIS (932).
  • Mac: Added support for the /T command-line option.
  • Line and character send delay settings are now honored for buttons and keys mapped to send strings.
  • When pasting text into SecureCRT, LF is converted to CRLF.
  • The session option "Enforce X11 Authentication" can now be set in the Session Options dialog. Previously, it had to be set manually in the session .INI file.
  • The button and keymap Menu function MENU_TAB_NEXT now has the same behavior as pressing and releasing CTRL+TAB. The Menu function MENU_TAB_PREV now has the same behavior as pressing and releasing SHIFT+CTRL+TAB.
  • If a script is already running and an attempt is made to run another script, a message is displayed.
  • Windows: Entering the license data now registers the application for all users instead of only for the current user.
  • Mac: Scrolling performance has been improved.
  • Mac: The auto session list now displays icons for the items in the list.
  • Mac: The history, readme, and EULA files are installed in the /Library/Application Support/VanDyke/SecureCRT folder.
Bug fixes:
  • If SecureCRT closed while a dialog was being displayed, it crashed.
  • If an escape sequence that sent a large file (1 MB or larger) was running and SecureCRT was exited during the send, it crashed.
  • If a script set a session's columns to be larger than the maximum number of columns and then that session was used, SecureCRT crashed.
  • SecureCRT could crash if it was in the process of closing and a script attempted to access an object that no longer existed.
  • SecureCRT could crash when a second instance was started.
  • SecureCRT terminal locked up after exiting a remote command such as "vi" or "man" if the window was resized while the command was running.
  • Python scripts that contained a Unicode character in the script name could not be run.
  • In some cases, screen reading software such as JAWS was not able to track the cursor when the cursor style was set to "Block". If the "Use trackable insertion carat" option is set, the "Vertical Bar" cursor style is now used.
  • If a key or button was mapped to launch an application that did not have an ".EXE" file extension and an argument was specified, the specified argument was not saved.
  • If a session used ANSI color and a color scheme and the scrollback buffer contained text, if ANSI color was disabled and re-enabled, some characters in the scrollback buffer were displayed using incorrect foreground and background colors.
  • Highlighted text sometimes flickered.
  • In the Connect dialog, if the right mouse button was clicked on title bar or toolbar, the context menu was not displayed at the mouse cursor.
  • Telnet: When an unrecognized IAC SB option was received, garbage was displayed in the session.
  • SSH1/SSH2: On Windows Vista and Windows 7, if "localhost" was specified for port forwarding, it resolved to an IPv6 address, which caused the port forward to fail.
  • SFTP: In the SFTP tab, when an "ls" command was issued and the files had long names, the spacing of the output was not correct.
  • SFTP: In the SFTP tab, tab completion did not work with character encodings such as utf-8, koi8-r, and OEM=cp866.
  • Windows: When a Perl script was specified on the SecureCRT command line, an error was thrown if the script called Crt->Quit().
  • Mac: SecureCRT crashed if a session was being renamed from the Connect dialog and then another action such as Edit or Delete was performed on that session.
  • Mac: Viewing a host key could cause SecureCRT to crash.
  • Mac: On keyboards where "+", "]", and "*" are on the same key, keyboard shortcuts using those keys did not work in applications such as vi and vim.
  • Mac: If a script was launched from a button or mapped key, the script could not be cancelled from the Script menu.
  • Mac: If SecureCRT was displayed on a second monitor that was larger than the first monitor and was later run with only the first monitor connected, it was not possible to resize the window to fit on the screen.
  • Mac: If the SecureCRT window was moved to a different location before connecting to a session and then it was exited, flashing occurred the next time SecureCRT started.
  • Mac: If "%U" was specified in the Title bar for a local shell session, the user name was not substituted.

Versienummer 6.7 bèta 1
Releasestatus Beta
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP x64, Windows Server 2003 x64, Linux AMD64, Linux IA-64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows Server 2008
Website VanDyke Software
Bestandsgroottes 9,40MB - 17,80MB
Licentietype Shareware

Door Bart van Klaveren

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10-03-2011 • 10:32

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Bron: VanDyke Software



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