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Software-update: Serv-U

Serv-U logo (75 pix)Rhino Software heeft maandag versie van Serv-U uitgebracht. Serv-U is een kleine en eenvoudig te bedienen ftp-server en is verkrijgbaar in de uitvoeringen Bronze, Silver en Gold. Serv-U kan de eerste dertig dagen in de Gold-uitvoering worden geprobeerd. Gedurende die tijd biedt de software onder meer een ongelimiteerd aantal domeinen, gebruikers per domein en gelijktijdige verbindingen, en is het mogelijk om beveiligde verbindingen op te zetten. Na de dertig dagen moet er een sleutel worden aangeschaft. De gratis Personal Edition bestaat niet meer. De belangrijkste verbetering in versie 10 is dat er nu aparte 32bit- en 64bit-versies van het programma beschikbaar zijn en er is ondersteuning voor ipv6. Sinds de vorige vermelding in de Meuktracker zijn de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen aangebracht:

Serv-U Version

  • Increased FTP, FTPS, HTTP, and HTTPS download performance on very fast networks.
  • Changed the default *NIX style permissions value to "rwxrwxrwx" and changed listings so that directories and Windows shortcuts (when not being treated as the target) include the "x" permissions to be more consistent with UNIX and Linux.
  • Changed the rename, delete, and remove directory operations to operate on Windows links (.LNK) files instead of the target file or directory to add consistency with Windows, UNIX, and Linux.
  • Moved the "Automatically check directory sizes during upload" limit from the advanced section to the data transfer section in the Limits and Settings for the server, domain, users, and groups.
  • Added Group Administrator help content to User's Manual.
  • Added Management Console help for event filtering.
  • Added Web Client help for favorites.
  • Added a new auto login parameter for sorting on a specified column upon login to the Web Client.
  • Added the "Lock Navigation" feature to FTP Voyager JV. Users can lock a local directory listing to a remote directory listing (when a listing occurs, the other listing is updated).
  • Moved the confirmation controls from the "General" page to the new "Confirmation" page inside FTP Voyager JV's Preferences dialog.
  • Changed FTP Voyager JV's remote directory listings so the UI responds a little faster when files are received from the server.
  • Added a notification dialog to FTP Voyager JV after the user presses the "Execute These Actions" button on the "Synchronize Folders" dialog. This lets the user know if the actions have been sent to the transfer queue.
  • Added FTP Voyager JV icons to the JNLP file which allows Java Webstart to show these during certificate confirmation and within the Java application cache manager.
  • Removed the "Other Products" dialog from the installer.
  • Added "Russian" as supported installation language in Serv-U User's Manual.
  • Removed DNS4Me references from Serv-U User's Manual.
  • Added Web Client Parameter information to Serv-U User's Manual.
  • Removed Windows 2000 from supported OS list in Serv-U User's Manual. Microsoft has discontinued support for this operating systems and no longer provides DLLs and libraries to developers that are compatible on this operating systems.
Bug Fixes:
  • Corrected a bug where Serv-U would not go into FIPS 140-2 mode due to compiler and Windows SDK changes.
  • Corrected a security bug, introduced in Serv-U, when creating a directory. It was possible to create a directory, when using virtual paths and various combinations of permissions, where the end-user did not have permission to create a directory.
  • Corrected a security bug where certain Web Client invalid URL parameters would cause Serv-U to crash.
  • Corrected a bug where Serv-U would crash when using certain notations of IPv6 addresses to allow or deny access.
  • Changed the installer to require Windows XP with Service Pack 2 and greater due to Microsoft changes in certain libraries.
  • Corrected an internal bug introduced in, when moving to Developer Studio 2010, the number of sockets was limited to the Microsoft default of 64.
  • Corrected an FTP upload bug when uploading a file over directory size limits, Serv-U would properly respond with an error, but then improperly respond again with another error when the client closed the socket. This would only happen intermittently on very fast connections and very fast computers.
  • Corrected a bug where Domain or Group Administrators were unable to disconnect, abort, or chat with (FTP only) allowed sessions.
  • Corrected a bug when using the $IPName variable in a disabled user login event, Serv-U would wait for the reverse DNS name resolution (or timeout) before allowing the login. This reverse DNS name resolution delay is still in-place, but only when an event using the $IPName variable is enabled.
  • Corrected a bug when importing improperly formatted complex user attributes, Serv-U could crash.
  • Corrected a bug in the Web Client where sizing the height of the window to less than the minimum size of the file list produced an error.
  • Corrected a bug where a drive label containing an ampersand character (&) would cause the Management Console Browse dialog to hang.
  • Corrected a bug where Windows Shortcuts' dates and times where not returned for directory listings when Serv-U is configured to treat Windows Shortcuts as the target.
  • Corrected a bug where Windows Shortcuts targets were always located (resolved) even if the link files were not configured to be accessed as files.
  • Corrected a bug where the maximum directory size setting for directory access rules did not appear to be functioning during a file upload due to Windows Vista and above file caching. This has been corrected by flushing the Windows' internal file buffers prior to checking a directory size.
  • Corrected a bug where the custom login page title and text was not being selected when a domain was configured using virtual hosts.
  • Corrected a bug where the default login page language, "remember me" setting, browser warning setting, and show languages setting was not being selected when a domain was configured using virtual hosts.
  • Corrected an SFTP (via SSH2) bug where Serv-U would return inconsistent UNIX style permission values for hidden files and folders.
  • Corrected a bug in the Management Console where the edition information table was sized incorrectly when viewing in Italian.
  • Corrected a bug in the Management Console where certain grid lists were causing vertical scrollbars due to the wrong height dimensions being calculated.
  • Corrected a bug in FTP Voyager JV where a directory rename that contained whitespace would produce invalid paths on Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.
  • Corrected a bug in FTP Voyager JV where remote directory listings would not update the status bar as files were being received.
  • Corrected a bug in FTP Voyager JV where synchronize folders would not transfer the contents of a folder that was not present on the target file system.

Serv-U Version

Bug Fixes:
  • Corrected a bug in the German Management Console where a JavaScript error would occur.

Serv-U Version

  • Added the ability to save favorite directory shortcuts in the Web Client.
  • Updated German and Russian Management Console strings.
  • Updated OpenSSL libraries from 0.9.8n to 0.9.8o.
  • Rebuilt zlib (compression) library with Developer Studio 2010.
  • Rebuilt Serv-U with Developer Studio 2010.
  • Added Spanish translations to FTP Voyager JV.
  • Windows 2000 (all editions) is no longer supported. Microsoft has discontinued support for this operating systems and no longer provides DLLs and libraries to developers that are compatible on this operating systems.
  • Added icons for .vcxproj extensions to the Web Client.
Bug Fixes:
  • Corrected an SFTP bug where speed improvements introduced in Serv-U caused some clients' uploads to be corrupted.
  • Corrected an FTP Voyager JV bug where the "New Folder" dialog needed to be resized, in order to show all controls, on Linux operating systems.
  • Corrected a bug in the Management Console where the filter group box, on the group tabs, was mis-aligned for Russian and Japanese translations.
  • Corrected a bug in the Swedish and Spanish translations where quotes in strings were not being escaped for use in Javascript functions.
  • Removed duplicate text from the Serv-U User's Manual, in the "Serv-U Editions" section.
  • Corrected a bug in FTP Voyager JV where the overwrite dialog would be shown instead of an error dialog during a transfer where the connection timed out during a list operation of the target file.

Serv-U Version

  • Added the ability to press the tab key to iterate over each dockable frame of FTP Voyager JV.
  • Added an administrative warning in the Management Console when upgrading from Serv-U 32-bit to Serv-U 64-bit when a server or domain database could not be opened possibly due the need to create a matching 64-bit "System DSN" or "User DSN".
Bug Fixes:
  • Corrected a bug, introduced in version, where Windows Authentication would fail with SSH2.
  • Corrected a database bug where failure to write a user account was not being identified. This is especially critical when upgrading from Serv-U 32-bit to Serv-U 64-bit and using a database. When upgrading from 32-bit to 64-bit customers are required to create another "System DSN" or "User DSN" using the corresponding 64-bit drivers.
  • Corrected a database creation bug, introduced in, where NVARCHAR use for Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel is not allowed. When database tables were created the database failed to create the tables.
  • Corrected an event bug when changing a database user's enabled/disabled state, the user enabled/disabled event was not being fired.
  • Corrected a bug where using the "Copy" button in the user's list would copy runtime data including the last login time.
  • Corrected an FTP Voyager JV bug where the tab key was not iterating over the controls in dialogs.
  • Corrected an FTP Voyager JV bug where certain dialogs needed to be resized, in order to show all controls, on Linux operating systems.
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website Rhino Software
Bestandsgrootte 13,90MB
Licentietype Shareware

Door Bart van Klaveren

Downloads en Best Buy Guide

18-08-2010 • 11:39

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Submitter: Domokun

Bron: Rhino Software



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