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Software-update: Courier 0.64.2

Het programma Courier is een opensource 'mail transfer agent', ook wel mailserver genoemd, voor Unix- en Linux-systemen. Het beschikt onder andere over esmtp, imap, pop3 en de mogelijkheid om via webmail e-mail te lezen en te versturen. Voor meer informatie over Courier en zijn mogelijkheden verwijzen we jullie door naar deze pagina. De ontwikkelaars hebben versie 0.64.2 de deur uitgedaan met de volgende lijst van aanpassingen sinds de vorige vermelding in de Meuktracker:

Version 0.64.2:
  • courier/module.local/local.c (rw_local_filter): Fix crash if a local mail filter produces more than bufsiz-1 bytes.
  • imapd.c (main): Dummy FAM/Gamin initialization, report an error during login, upon a failure.
  • imap/imapd.c (imapenhancedidle): Make FAM error more meaningful.
  • pop3dserver.c (main): "disableinsecurepop3" account option disables non-SSL logins.
  • imapd.c (chkdisabled): "disableinsecureimap" account option disables non-SSL logins.
Version 0.64.1:
  • maildrop/mailbot.c (main): Fix memory corruption if the -c option was passed to mailbot.
  • courier/module.esmtp/courieresmtpd.c: Option to disable tarpitting.
  • maildrop/main.C (run): When using system authentication on platforms where the mail directory does not use the sticky bit, use groupid set by the set-group-id bit on the binary executable, if any.
  • courier/module.local/deliver.c (docommand): Do not invoke an external mail handler with a completely empty environment. Courier startup script already reset the environment, and initialized it with the default system locale, which we want the child process to inherit.
  • maildrop/main.C (run): In delivery mode, preserve LANG, LANGUAGE, and LC_* environment variables from the parent.
  • courier/ Fix typo
Version 0.64.0:
  • courier/ldapaliasd.c (search_maildrop): Escape mail address in alias lookups.
  • rfc822/rfc822.c: Removed rfc822_praddr().
  • rfc822/rfc822_getaddr.c (rfc822_getaddr): Implement rfc822_getaddr() by calling rfc822_display_addr_tobuf(), instead of rfc822_praddr().
  • rfc822/testsuite.c (doaddr): Remove rfc822_addrlist() and rfc822_namelist().
  • rfc822/rfc822.c: remove rfc822_addrlist() and rfc822_namelist()
  • courier/module.local/deliver.c (dodel): Replace usage of rfc822_addrlist() with rfc822_display_addr_tobuf.
  • maildrop/reformail.C (add_from_filter): Replace usage of rfc822_addrlist() with rfc822_display_addr_tobuf.
  • maildrop/recipenode.C (rfc822getaddr): Replace usage of rfc822_addrlist() with rfc822_display_addr_tobuf.
  • maildrop/reformail.C (main): Removed the -r, -p, -P, -t, -k options, replaced by new mailbot options.
  • maildrop/mailbot.c (main): New options that set the corresponding parameters to rfc2045_makereply_unicode(): -e, -T, -F -S
  • rfc2045/rfc2045replyunicode.c (rfc2045_makereply_unicode): Added replytoenvelope setting. Added sophisticated formatting for replysalut.
  • rfc822/rfc822_getaddr.c: Remove rfc822_prname() and rfc822_prname_orlist(), replaced by rfc822_display_name() with a NULL character set.
  • rfc822/rfc2047u.c (rfc822_display_name): Semantical change --without an explicit name, display the address as the name. If the requested character set is NULL, do not decode RFC2047-encoded content, return it as is.
  • webmail/addressbook.c (addressbook): Replace rfc822_getname() by rfc822_display_name() with the character set specified as NULL.
  • imap/msgenvelope.c (doenva): Replace rfc822_getname() by rfc822_display_name_tobuf() with a NULL character set.
  • rfc822/rfc2047u.c (rfc2047_print_unicodeaddr): Fix several formatting issues with deprecated RFC 822 distribution lists: spurious comma adter the last address, pass the space after the ':' as a separator character.
  • rfc822/rfc2047.c (counts2/save): Fix line-wrapping of encoded addresses.
  • rfc822/rfc2047u.c (rfc822_display_addr_tobuf): New function.
  • webmail/maildir.c (maildir_ngetinfo): Fix logic for locating the name used for salutation.
  • rfc2045/rfc2045reply.c (mkreply): Fix logic for locating the name used for salutation.
  • webmail/folder.c: In the folder cache file, always store senders and subjects encoded using UTF-8. After upgrading, the folder index may not properly show non-Latin characters until the next message is added to the folder, and the folder cache gets rebuilt.
  • webmail/addressbook.c: Always use UTF-8 for local sqwebmail address books. After upgrading, it might be necessary to do a one-time conversion of the address book file to UTF-8 encoding.
  • rfc822/rfc822.c (rfc822_print_common): Rewrite.
  • rfc822/rfc2047u.c (rfc822_display_name_int): Fixed various rules for encoding names to be more MIME compliant.
  • (rfc822_display_addr_str): Renamed from rfc822_display_addr(), for a consistent API.
  • (rfc822_display_addr): New function, decode the wire format of a single address. Names are MIME decoded, addresses are IDN-decoded.
  • (rfc2047_print_unicodeaddr): Do not output a dummy name for an address without one.
  • (rfc822_display_addr_str_tobuf): New function, version of rfc822_display_addr_str() that collects the output into a buffer.
  • rfc822/rfc2047.c (rfc822_encode_domain): New function -- IDN-encode a domain, with an optional "user@".
  • (rfc2047_encode_header_addr): Renamed rfc2047_encode_header(), for a consistent API.
  • (rfc2047_encode_header_tobuf): New function, encode a header from displayed format to wire format. Names are encoded using RFC 2047, addresses using IDN.
  • maildrop/maildropfilter.sgml: Typo fix.
  • pcp/pcpdir.c (retrevent): Fix memory leak.
  • pcp/pcp.c (list): MIME-decode the subjects in the output of the list command.
  • (list_msg_rfc822): Fix MIME-decoding of headers in the output of the retrieve command.
  • (main): Use the default system locale character set.
  • rfc822/rfc2047.h: Expose raw RFC 2047 decoding function, rfc2047_decoder().
  • rfc822/rfc822hdr.c (rfc822hdr_is_addr): New function.
  • rfc822/rfc822.c (tokenize): Tweak the logic for collecting RFC 2047 atoms.
  • rfc822/rfc2047u.c (rfc822_display_name): New function, replaces rfc2047_print().
  • (rfc822_display_name_tobuf): New function, replaces rfc2047_print().
  • (rfc822_display_namelist): New function, replaces rfc822_namelist().
  • (rfc822_display_addr): New function, replaces rfc2047_print().
  • (rfc2047_print_unicodeaddr): Renamed from rfc2047_print_unicode().
  • (rfc822_display_hdrvalue): New function, replaces rfc2047_decode(), rfc2047_decode_simple(), rfc2047_decode_enhanced().
  • (rfc822_display_hdrvalue_tobuf): New function, ditto.
  • rfc822/rfc2047.c: Removed rfc2047_decode(), rfc2047_decode_simple(), rfc2047_decode_enhanced(), rfc2047_print().
  • rfc822/ Link against GNU IDN library.
  • rfc2045/rfc2045.h: Added "replydsn" option to rfc2045_makereply(),incorporates the MIME bounce format generated by mailbot. Added "subject" -- override subject of the reply. Added "dsnfrom" -- for the replydsn option. Added two callbacks used by the replydsn option. Remove rfc2045_makereply(), leaving just rfc2045_makereply_unicode().
  • rfc2045/reformime.c (do_print_info): MIME-decode the content description. (main2): New -H option.
  • pcp/pcpdir.c (retrevent): Fix memory leak.
  • pcp/pcp.c (list): MIME-decode the subjects in the output of the list command. (list_msg_rfc822): Fix MIME-decoding of headers in the output of the retrieve command. (main): Use the default system locale character set.
  • maildrop/mailbot.c (main): Use the default character set from the system locale. (usage): Added the -n option, for debugging purposes. (opensendmail): Pass the autoreply to sendmail in a file descriptor for a temporary file on stdin, instead of piping the resulting message to sendmail, running as a child process. (savemessage): Save the input message in a temporary file, and RFC2045-parse it. (main): Use rfc2045_makereply_unicode() to prepare the autoreply message. Clarify mailbot man page as to the slightly changed requirements for the autoreply text that must be given to mailbot.
  • imap/thread.c (thread_ref_callback): SUBJECT for THREAD REFERENCES wasn't getting converted to UTF-8 at the right point, moved it up into search.c
  • imap/search.c (fill_search_header): SUBJECT search key was being MIME-decoded twice.
  • courier/cmlmfetch.C (doindex): Use returnaddr() to compute return address for responses to the "index" request.
  • courier/cmlm.C (main): Run cmlm in the default system locale.
  • courier/courierd.dist: New setting: SYSLOCALE -- load default system locale. Remove the forced LC_ALL=C setting.
  • pcp/pcp.c: Default output charset taken from the default locale, rather than the fixed iso-8859-1.
  • maildrop/mailbot.c: Ditto.
Version 0.63.0:
  • outbox.c (imapd_sendmsg): Renamed sendmsg() to avoid library name clash.
  • Fix typo in init file.
  • tls: change the default OpenSSL configuration to disable anonymous authentication ciphers.
  • tcpd/tcpd.c (check_drop): -drop option -- drop connections from blacklisted IP addresses.
  • courier/module.esmtp/ (DROP): Added DROP variable to hold the -drop option.
  • courier/webadmin/admin-30esmtp.html: Added interface to set the DROP setting, dropped obsolete DNSBLs.
Version 0.62.2:
  • courier/module.esmtp/courieresmtpd.c: Fix null ptr deref.
Version 0.62.1:
  • Various portability fixes for gcc 4.4 and newer libtool.
  • courier/module.esmtp/ (ESMTPAUTH): Clarify the description of the ESMTPAUTH option.
Version 0.62.0:
  • Documentation refresh.
  • courier/module.esmtp/courieresmtpd.c (iov_logerror): Do not log connection errors reported for the QUIT command.
  • courier/cdmsgq.C: Include authentication credentials in "newmsg" syslog entries of messages that were submitted using authenticated SMTP. Note that this changes the format of "newmsg" syslog entries.
  • pop3dserver.c: s/POP3_STLS/POP3_TLS/, for correct logging.
Versienummer 0.64.2
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Linux, BSD, macOS, Solaris, UNIX
Website Courier Mail Server
Bestandsgrootte 6,80MB
Licentietype GPL

Door Japke Rosink


19-03-2010 • 11:01

3 Linkedin

Bron: Courier Mail Server


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Reacties (3)

Wijzig sortering
Vroeger nog proberen te gebruiken als IMAP server, maar had nogal wat problemen met veel clients. Daarna overgeschakeld naar Dovecot en die werkt als een zonnetje. Eenvoudiger te configureren ook.
Klopt... ik vind zelf vooral de Postfix+Dovecot combinatie ideaal, omdat ze een vergelijkbare manier van configureren hebben en beide heel eenvoudig aan dezelfde MySQL store te koppelen zijn voor het beheer van je domeinen, aliassen en mail accounts (en de Dovecot SASL optie in Postfix voor SMTP authenticatie is ook zeer praktisch).

Ik heb het idee dat Dovecot ook wat cleaner/strakker is, wellicht omdat het niet alles wil zijn (alleen imap/pop3=ophalen van mail, terwijl Postfix zich focust op het rondsturen en bezorgen van mail). Dat + maildir indexing e.d. maakt het ook een bloedsnelle IMAP server... op m'n werk draait ook Dovecot (in combinatie met Exim), en ondanks dat die server flink onder druk staat wordt alles prima snel afgehandeld.

[Reactie gewijzigd door Sfynx op 21 maart 2010 22:17]

Na de term 'mail transfer agent' verwacht ik, zeker voor unix/linux software, een vergelijking met sendmail. Inkoppertjes als eenvoudiger te bedienen en zo maar vooral welke functies van sendmail ze niet ondersteund en welke functies ze toevoegd. Het staat gelukkig wel op de website, onder 'Additional information -> Upgrade path'

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