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Software-update: EtherApe 0.9.8

EtherApe is in staat om netwerkverkeer op te vangen, te ontleden, te analyseren en de resultaten grafisch weer te geven. Daarnaast kan het overweg met opgeslagen netwerkverkeer in pcap-bestanden. Voor meer informatie verwijzen we jullie door naar deze pagina. De ontwikkelaars hebben enkele dagen geleden versie 0.9.8 uitgebracht voorzien van de volgende aankondiging:

Overview of changes in EtherApe 0.9.8:

Apart for the usual bug fixes, this release see a the switch to glade-3, the overdue removal of bonobo dock and several other deprecated widgets. Most of the ui now uses directly Gtk+ instead of Gnome. At this time there isn't a real alternative to GnomeCanvas, so quite a bit of Gnome still remains.

To make partially up for the long delay, there are some new functionality as well: a node listing window, substantial performance enhancements, and some improvements here and there. See the details below.

Note the new timing defaults: out of the box, Etherape will react faster to traffic changes and give a better "feel" of current the network state. The faster expiration will also help to reduce memory and cpu requirements. On the other hand, "forgetting" inactive nodes faster makes Etherape less suited for mid-term monitoring; the new values will be too small.

I believe this change will be useful to most people, though, and especially suited to newcomers, who often have difficulties understanding the different timing types. Experienced users can still easily adapt Etherape to their needs.

I have already mentioned the switch to mercurial. A couple months from now the CVS repository will be shut down.

Changes summary:
  • Fixed bug 1713590, bad replaying of out-of-order packets (Bug report by "haywire_dk").
  • Fixed bug 1435271, about box doesn't report version (Bug report by Cullen Newsom, who had to wait more than three years for this fix).
  • Fixed bug 2839050, a massive memory leak reported by "psistormyamato".
  • Fixed a bug causing no-data tcp packets to have incorrect port.
  • Improved performance in several key areas.
  • Upgraded to glade-3, removed deprecated widgets and functions, tweaked the looks a bit.
  • Added --glade-file option to load a different glade file.
  • Renamed --infile to --replay-file to be more consistent with the shortcut (-r).
  • Option --zero-delay (-z) is now replaced by --max-delay, receiving a maximum delay in ms between packet when replaying from file.
  • Revised preferences dialog. Timeouts now expressed in seconds.
  • Added preference for diagram text color.
  • Added port column to protocol infos (Feature request 2818525).
  • Made node name and ip selectable in node/link info (FR 2818525 again).
  • Preferences dialog now accepts multiple protocols for a color.
  • Added a node window, showing a table with all non-expired nodes (i.e. both those visible on diagram and the inactive, hidden, but not removed ones).
  • Removed several outdated preferences: diagram is always anti-aliased, links always fade on timeout and info windows show protocol data.
  • Revised default timings, now geared toward instant monitoring. Previous values where more suited for mid-term analisys. Since sub-second timeouts aren't very useful, and reading milliseconds less than ideal, all expire periods now are entered in seconds.
  • Etherape had always the ability to map multiple protocols to a single color, but you had to create multiple rows, manually matching the RGB code. Now the preferences dialog accepts protocols separated by ',' for the same row and also compacts automatically previously distinct rows. You can also change the row color.
  • The link width slider now controls the link width/node radius ratio, so changing both node and link size will be easier, while retaining the ability to have a links smaller or greater than nodes.
  • Expanded internal consistency checks.
  • Info and debug levels are now enabled by defining the environment variable APE_DEBUG with values respectively info or debug (case insensitive).
Versienummer 0.9.8
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Linux, BSD, Solaris
Website EtherApe
Licentietype GPL

Door Japke Rosink


05-10-2009 • 16:59

2 Linkedin Google+

Bron: EtherApe


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Wijzig sortering
Is dit een beetje of net heel erg veel te vergelijken met Wireshark, (Ze)nmap, Ethereal? Als ik de screenshot zo zie wel, heeft iemand hier ervaring mee?
"EtherApe is a graphical network monitor for Unix"

Wireshark en Etherreal zijn networksniffers, dit is een graphical network monitor terwijl de sniffer alleen de ruwe data laat zien die voorbij de interfaces komt.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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