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Bron: Company of Heroes, submitter: stappel_

Spelontwikkelaar Relic heeft alweer even geleden een update voor Company of Heroes online gezet, waarmee het versienummer op 2.600 komt te liggen. Zoals gewoonlijk zijn er verschillende bugs in het spel verholpen en heeft men de gameplay weer op een aantal punten beter in balans proberen te brengen. Op ons forum kun je in dit topic terecht voor speelervaringen van onze bezoekers en voor meer informatie over het spel zelf. De aankondiging en lijst met aanpassingen zien er als volgt uit:

Patch 2.600 Notes

The current build of patch 2.600 is proceeding well through our final testing process. We have gone through a few release candidates, having to go back and fix bugs found by the test team, rebuild the patch, and start testing over again. That is to be expected. We'll post an ETA soon, but until then here is the final list of patch notes with a few additional notes at the bottom. The additional notes are fixes that are in patch 2.600 but these items weren't in the patch notes at the time we had them localized into all of the languages that the game supports. We're posting them here on our community site so you're all aware of the additional fixes.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where Bergetiger audio volume was lower than intended.
  • Fixed an issue with speech mixing.
  • Fixed an issue with the game crashing while trying to exit from cinematic mode.
  • Fixed a number of issues with the World Builder.
  • Updated the help text for a few units.
  • Fixed an issue with incompatibility between save games and version.
  • Fixed a bug with long scenario descriptions.
  • Cool-downs are now working properly for all weapons.
  • HMGs in buildings will now switch targets as intended; there is a 3.5 second delay before the hmg will fire at another target.
  • Squads will no longer rush at an undeployed weapons crew when ordered to attack.
  • Fixed an issue where Pak38s could stack their first-strike modifiers.
  • Fixed an issue with the lobby and front-end slowing down and operating slowly. This makes joining games and automatch teams much more reliable.
  • Fixed a networking issue that caused a player's stats to appear as all zeroes.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the last played map to be forgotten when starting a game of the same type.
  • Fixed an issue where a host's game would crash when both host and client would try to move to an empty slot simultaneously.
  • Fixed a few issues with players swapping slots and gameplay types within the lobby.
  • Fixed an issue with "Swap Starting Location" functionality.
  • Fixed a usability issue with the Autopatcher error messages.
  • Fixed an issued that caused the game to crash upon loading the Mission 4 from Invasion of Normandy.
  • The help text for the British Staghound has been updated to correctly reflect its role.
  • Raised Panzerschreck squads preference to target Light Vehicles while garrisoned in buildings.
  • SCAR Bug reporting has been turned off while players are running with -dev.
  • Purple box no longer appears when trying to place British emplacements next to each other.
  • Panzerkrieg: Fixed exploit that let players create Defensive Infantry for free ignoring the cool down timer.
  • Repair bunker pioneers now repair engine criticals when repairing damaged vehicles.
  • Added a new map called Panzerkrieg: Hébécrevon.
  • 2p Sturzdorf has been updated to its proper version.
  • 2p Beaux Lowlands has been updated to its proper version.
  • 2p Wrecked Train has been updated to its proper version.
  • 2p Langres has been updated to its proper version.
  • 6p The Scheldt has been updated to its proper version.
  • Improved the reliability and effectiveness of the American's Strafing Run.
  • The T17 armored car's damage output has been reduced.
  • Penetration of the T17 armored car has been reduced.
  • The Panzer Elite's Schwimmwagen Scorched Earth ability has been replaced with an "Incendiary Trap" ability.
  • The British Command Truck's mobile ability will no longer be available while the Truck is setting up.
  • Panzergrenadier's Suppression Volley can properly target weapon crews that are set-up.
  • Infantry sections with Bren upgrades can now use 'Button Enemy Vehicle' when garrisoned inside a building.
  • Recon flight will now detect camouflaged vehicles and infantry (Panzerkrieg only).
  • Panther health decreased by 11%.
  • Panther Damage Multiplier reduced by 7%.
  • Panther Range Multiplier reduced by 7%.
  • Hellcat weapon reload modifier decreased by 11%.
  • Hellcat damage multiplier increased by 9%.
  • Hotchkiss health decreased by 10%.
  • Churchill range increased by 7%.
  • Stealth infantry units now cost 35 Manpower.
  • Stealth infantry sticky bomb damage reduced by 27%.
Additional fixes not in the patch notes due to localization:

  • Panzer Elite Infantry Halftrack suppression lowered.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where British Howitzers could use their barrage ability when it should be disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where British MG nests would not open fire at targets within range.
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Deze update is al meer dan een maand oud, en installeert zichzelf als je CoH speelt op een internet aangesloten PC. Sinds update 2.5 is er iets veranderd aan het spel, waardoor deze op de pc (amd athlon64 - 6400+ met Nvidia 7900GT) van mijn zoon niet meer wil draaien. Veel gemaild en error reports uitgewisseld met Relic, en alle suggesties braaf geprobeerd. Maar er is geen oplossing gekomen. Ook niet in versie 2.6
Zonder updates is het spel niet meer online te spelen. Zijn er meer mensen die hier last van hebben gehad?
Kangaroos zijn te sterk van de britten.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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