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Bron: Cerulean Studios, submitter: Cristan

De ontwikkelaars van Cerulean Studios hebben enkele dagen geleden met 109 als het versienummer een nieuwe build van de instantmessager Trillian Astra 4.0 uitgebracht. Met Trillian Astra kan je gesprekken voeren met gebruikers van Windows Live Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Jabber, ICQ, Skype en MySpaceIM. Voor meer informatie verwijzen we jullie door naar deze pagina. De aankondiging van deze nieuwe uitgave ziet er als volgt uit:

Trillian Astra Public Beta (Windows)

An invitation is no longer needed to download the beta version of Trillian Astra for Windows. Remember, this is beta software, and although it is quite stable, there are still bugs. You should only test if you are comfortable with the limitations and annoyances of beta software.

Please search Bugzilla for any bugs you may encounter, and create a new bug report if there is none found for your issue. To access Bugzilla initially, the username is beta and the password is beta. Once you have access, you can create a Bugzilla account for reporting.


p.s. Please note that only the Windows version of Astra is available for testing. You may sign up to be notified when other versions are available for testing.

Build 109:

Build 109 has been released to address a minor regression issue.

Build 108:

Build 108 is now available and will begin rolling out to customers over the next few days. 108 resolves a few new crashes that were introduced in 107 and will hopefully be more stable as a result. Have a great weekend!

Build 107 -> Build 108

  • [AIM] Buzz button appears in AIM chatrooms
  • [Avatar] Switching avatars may not write out a new identity
  • [IM] Name resolution doesn't happen through proxy
  • [IM] No settings in MSN with the french translation
  • [IM] Status in preferences is "Unknown Translation" after changing language
  • [MSN] Invisible Login
  • [MSN] Latest build of Trillian is ridiculously crash-o-matic
  • [MYSPACE] MySpace Crashes Build 107
  • [MYSPACE] Will not remember contact names
  • [SKYPE] Initiating Skype video call should open video window
  • [SKYPE] Skype not installed; endless notifications
  • [TWITTER] Passwords with some special characters do not work
  • [TWITTER] TinyURL created results in a 404
  • [YAHOO] Unicode message not shown correctly from WLM to Trillian-Yahoo
  • [Cobalt] typo in color.ini
  • [Contact List] Build 107 crashes on Windows 7 when oscar.dll is loaded
  • [Cordonata] Close button with a container does not prompt
  • [Membership] Trial may not get reset in the same load
  • [Preferences] HTML tag in Membership window
  • [Profile] Remove yahoo 360
  • [SDK] A message to let me know if a connection is changing a status that could effect contact online states
  • [Web] Flash Player 9 Actionscript Erorr #2044
  • [Web] Lesbian does not show up correctly in profile on web
  • [Widgets] Updates to the weather widget
  • [Wizard] Hitting 'no' on exiting wizard still exits you
  • [Wizard] Hover in the skin chooser may get stuck
  • [Facebook Chat] Avoid mass sign/on off notications, or optionally suppress all
  • [FACEBOOK] Facebook Chat: Incoming messages go to browser, not Astra
  • [FACEBOOK] Resetting avatars on errors
  • [IRC] Identd does not always work
  • [IRC] Trillian crashes when changing status to Away
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[Web] Lesbian does not show up correctly in profile on web
Huh? En inmiddels is versie 110 uit :)

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