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Bron: Boinc, submitter: APClll

Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing is een platform voor distributed computing en is voor Linux, Mac OS X, Unix en Windows beschikbaar. Van dit platform maakt een aantal gridprojecten gebruik, zoals SETI@home, Rosetta@home, Leiden Classical en Hydrogen@Home. Voor meer informatie over het hoe en wat van Boinc verwijzen we jullie naar deze pagina. De ontwikkelaars hebben enkele dagen geleden een nieuwe versie voor de verschillende platformen uitgebracht met 6.6.28 voor Windows en 6.6.29 voor Mac OS X en Linux als het versienummer. De bijbehorende lijst met veranderingen ziet er als volgt uit:

Version 6.6.29:
  • client: write message (and show new config info) when config file reread
  • client: improve cpu_sched_debug messages
  • client, Mac: don't do res_init(). It causes a crash.
  • client (Unix): if client crashes while benchmark processes are going, make sure they detect this and exit.
  • Mac: Remove -lresolv from XCode linker flags for client, manager, boinccmd and screensaver which linked with libresolv.dylib for res_init() call.
  • Mac client: fix parent died test in benchmark_time_to_stop().
Version 6.6.28:
  • client: enforce_schedule() wasn't starting GPU jobs
Version 6.6.27:
  • client: view 2 GPUs as equivalent if their memory differs by <30%. (maybe their memory differed slightly from the most capable one)
  • client: simplify enforce_schedule(), and maybe fix bugs. New approach: take the "ordered_schedule_results" list, add running jobs that haven't finished their time slice, and order the result appropriately. Then run jobs in order until CPUs are filled. Simpler and clearer than the old way.
Version 6.6.26:
  • MGR: Turn GetViewName? into the unlocalized version of the view name, so the configuration group name is consistant across all languages and does not cause conversion issues on different platforms where the configuration information is treated differently when compiled Unicode vs. ANSI.
Version 6.6.25:
  • client: tweak to 4/21 checkin. After finding the "most capable" GPU, ignore FLOPS in deciding what GPUs are equivalent to it. This opens up the possibility that the client will get jobs that it won't be able to finish in time. But it still avoids getting jobs that will crash.
  • client: show message when user does a project or task op (suspend, resume, update, etc.)
  • client: add config option. If set, use GPUs even if they're not equivalent to the most capable one.
Version 6.6.24:
  • Mac: Add -lresolv to XCode linker flags for client, manager boinccmd and screensaver to link with libresolv.dylib for res_init() call (again). Add #include of to non-Windows network.cpp. (Changes checked in to boinc_core_release_6_6_23.)
  • Mac MGR: Add keyboard shortcuts command-shift-S to switch to Simple View and command-shift-A to switch back to Advanced View.
  • client: fixed a crash caused by using %f to write working-set size into a fixed-size buffer. Use %e instead.
  • client: if detach a project, adjust debts and trigger CPU sched and work fetch
  • client: improve CPU sched debug messages (say what kind of job and why we're scheduling it)
  • client: log messages describing GPUs: one line per GPU; fixes #879
  • client: new approach to handling multiple GPUs.
    • old: find fastest GPU, and pretend that others are the same. Problem: other GPUs might be less capable, and not able to handle jobs sent by server.
    • new: find the most "capable" GPU, use others that are equivalent, don't use those that are not. "Capable" is defined by
      • compute capability (i.e., hardware version)
      • driver version
      • memory size
      • FLOPs
      in that priority order.
  • client: When a preemptable task wasn't preempted (e.g. because it hadn't finished its time slice) we were failing to mark it as scheduled.
Version 6.6.23:
  • client: for each app version, keep track of the largest WSS of tasks using it. In checking whether tasks fit in RAM, use this as an estimate for tasks that haven't started yet. This avoids a situation where the client starts a lot of tasks in sequence, only to find that each one doesn't fit in RAM.
  • client: for coproc jobs, don't start a job while a quit is pending. Otherwise the new job may fail on memory allocation.
  • client: instead of scheduling coproc jobs EDF:
    • first schedule jobs projected to miss deadline in EDF order
    • then schedule remaining jobs in FIFO order
    This is intended to reduce the number of preemptions of coproc jobs, and hence (since they are always preempted by quit) to reduce the wasted time due to checkpoint gaps.
  • client: the CPU scheduling policy made use of the number of deadline misses in various places. This should include only the deadline misses of CPU jobs. So move "deadlines_missed" from RR_SIM_STATUS and PROJECT to RSC_PROJECT_WORK_FETCH so that we have separate counts for CPU and coproc jobs, and use the count for CPU jobs.
  • GUI RPC: removed the rr_sim_deadlines_missed field from project descriptor. This is no longer meaningful, and it didn't seem to be used anywhere.
  • GUI RPC and manager: send slot and show it in task properties rather than slot path (slot_path is defined only for apps with graphics app).
  • client: put back the call to res_init() on lookup failure. Apparently it worked after all.
Version 6.6.22:
  • Mac client: fill in command field of PROCINFO struct so log flag works properly on Mac.
  • WINSETUP 'Everyone' is not just a group, it is a well known group.
  • WINSETUP: Be sure to define INSTALLDIR if it isn't already defined by the system or the transform. DATADIR was already being handled.
  • WINSETUP: Save setup state at the end of the execution phase as well as the end of the UI phase.
Version 6.6.21:
  • Mac: Add -lresolv to XCode linker flags for screensaver.
  • MGR: on Mac, implement standard Preferences item under BOINC menu with standard keyboard shortcut; same as Advanced/Preferences.
  • WINSCR: It appears newer notebook models with multiple video chipsets exhibit an interesting situation. It appears as though in certain conditions a single monitor machine actually reports itself as having three monitors. Normally the monitor that contains the primary window (coord 0,0) is on monitor 0, but on these machines coord 0,0 is actually on monitor 2. This led to the screensaver not properly exiting when keyboard and/or mouse activity was detected. Now when we detect that keyboard and/or mouse activity has happened we send the WM_INTERRUPTSAVER event to all windows on all monitors.
  • WINSETUP: When uninstalling, don't migrate the client data back to the 5.x location.
  • WINSETUP: On some setups, how we were including the 'Everyone' well known security ID in the boinc_users group didn't work properly. From now on include the 'Everyone' security ID in the various ACLs instead. This will probley clean up a wide range of various issues with multi-user installs.
  • GUI RPC: client side: if parse a RESULT and CPU is nonzero but elapsed time is zero, we must be talking to an old client; set elapsed = CPU
  • client: show project name in "backoff ended" msg
  • web and client: change the default for "run_gpu_if_user_active" from true to false. Currently running CUDA apps on NVIDIA GPUs causes a significant slowdown in GUI response.
  • client: we were setting config defaults after parsing cmdline. This meant that the cmdline args that set config params weren't working
  • MGR: Fix compatibility problem with sizing of all-projects list in Attach Project Wizard when using wxWidgets 2.8.8 or later.
Versienummer 6.6.28 / 6.6.29
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, Linux x86, macOS, Windows XP x64, Linux AMD64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64
Website Boinc
Licentietype GPL


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Reacties (9)

Volgens mij update deze software de client software automatisch (of heb ik het verkeerd?) Het zou makkelijk zijn als deze software zichzelf automatisch kan updaten. Ze kan al bij internet om de reken-taken op te halen.

Misschien kan iemand een apparte taak maken die boinc zelf bijwerkt? Dan voegen we die toe aan de lijst en als ze aan de beurt is (standaard 0.01% van de tijd of zo) dan de update doorvoeren of niets doen.
De wetenschappelijke projecten (science apps) updaten zichzelf wel. Tenzij je weer een aangepaste versie draait, zoals veel bij Seti gebruikt wordt. Dan moet je het handmatig bijhouden of er nieuwe zijn. (zie )

Al moet ik zeggen dat sinds Boinc versie 5.x is uitgebracht ik geen schokkende vernieuwingen meer heb gezien, buiten de mogelijkheid om je GPU te kunnen gebruiken.

Ik ben 't wel met je eens dat 't handig zou zijn als Boinc zelf een melding geeft dat er een nieuwe versie is. Uit zichzelf downloaden en installeren heb ik liever niet.
volgens mij doet boinc dat wel, als ik mijn berichten tab bekijk (doe ik regelmatig )
staat er af en toe bij dat er een nieuwe versie van boinc is
Dan doet 'ie dat alleen wanneer je blijkbaar te ver achter loopt. Ik draai nu 6.4.5 en krijg geen melding in de "berichten-tab"

Zie hieronder het opstart-log, wat normaal bovenin je berichtenlijst staat
3-6-2009 15:49:12||Starting BOINC client version 6.4.5 for windows_intelx86
3-6-2009 15:49:12||log flags: task, file_xfer, sched_ops
3-6-2009 15:49:12||Libraries: libcurl/7.19.0 OpenSSL/0.9.8i zlib/1.2.3
3-6-2009 15:49:12||Data directory: C:\Program Files\BOINC\Boinc-data
3-6-2009 15:49:12||Running under account Arie
3-6-2009 15:49:14|SETI@home|Found app_info.xml; using anonymous platform
3-6-2009 15:49:16||Processor: 4 GenuineIntel Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q9550 @ 2.83GHz [x86 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 7]
3-6-2009 15:49:16||Processor features: fpu tsc pae nx sse sse2 mmx
3-6-2009 15:49:16||OS: Microsoft Windows XP: Home x86 Editon, Service Pack 3, (05.01.2600.00)
3-6-2009 15:49:16||Memory: 3.25 GB physical, 5.09 GB virtual
3-6-2009 15:49:16||Disk: 74.52 GB total, 56.34 GB free
3-6-2009 15:49:16||Local time is UTC +2 hours
3-6-2009 15:49:16||Not using a proxy
3-6-2009 15:49:19||No CUDA devices found
3-6-2009 15:49:19||No coprocessors

[Reactie gewijzigd door APClll op 3 juni 2009 21:27]

Beetje oud nieuws aangezien deze toch al ruim twee weken uit is... sterker nog ik zie net dat versie 6.6.31 voor Windows al weer uit is. Helaas is er nog geen changelog beschikbaar.
Tja, op het moment van submitten (vrijdag dacht ik) was het de nieuwste, dat hou je toch als iets relatief vaak wordt ge-update...

En als je weet dat 'ie al twee weken oud is, waarom submit je 'm dan niet eerder? :)

[Reactie gewijzigd door APClll op 1 juni 2009 22:17]

Leuk dat de GPU als processing word ondersteund.
Jammer dat het enkel voor de nVidia kaarten is. :/
Heb zelf een ATi kaart, waardoor ik toch afzag van de installatie.
Tja, iedereen doneert op z'n eigen manier aan goede doelen.

En er is natuurlijk een verschil tussen "onbenutte rekenkracht gebruiken" en de computer de hele dag aan laten staan om maar zoveel mogelijk werk te verzetten.

Uiteraard moet je met die laatste optie wel een project kiezen met lange houdbaarheidsdatum van de Workunits.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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