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Software-update: Apache 2.0.36

Stephan Oudmaijer schrijft dat de tweede release van Apache 2.0 verschenen is. Wie een lijstje van de nieuwe features in Apache 2.0 wil bekijken, kan zich wenden tot deze site. Een overzicht van de verbeteringen in versie 2.0.36 staat hieronder weergegeven:

  • Close sockets on worker MPM when doing a graceless restart. [Aaron Bannert]
  • Reverted a minor optimization in mod_ssl.c that used the vhost ID as the session id context rather that a MD5 hash of that vhost ID, because it caused very long vhost id's to be unusable with mod_ssl. PR 8572. [Cliff Woolley]
  • Fix the link to the description of the CoredumpDirectory directive in the server-wide document. PR 8643. [Jeff Trawick]
  • Fixed SHMCB session caching. [Aaron Bannert, Cliff Woolley]
  • Synced with remaining changes from mod_ssl 2.8.8-1.3.24: - Avoid SIGBUS on sparc machines with SHMCB session caches - Allow whitespace between the pipe and the name of the program in SSLLog "| /path/to/program". [Cliff Woolley]
  • Introduce mod_ext_filter and mod_deflate experimental modules to the Win32 build (zlib sources must be in srclib\zlib.) [William Rowe]
  • Changes to the worker MPM's queue management and thread synchronization code to reduce mutex contention [Brian Pane]
  • Don't install *.in configuration files since we already install *-std.conf files. [Aaron Bannert]
  • Many improvements to the threadpool MPM. [Aaron Bannert]
  • Fix subreqs that are promoted via fast_redirect from having invalid frec->r structures. This would cause subtle errors later on in request processing such as seen in PR 7966. [Justin Erenkrantz]
  • More efficient pool recycling logic for the worker MPM [Brian Pane]
  • Modify the worker MPM to not accept() new connections until there is an available worker thread. This prevents queued connections from starving for processing time while long-running connections were hogging all the available threads. [Aaron Bannert]
  • Convert the worker MPM's fdqueue from a LIFO back into a FIFO. [Aaron Bannert]
  • Get basic HTTP proxy working on EBCDIC machines. [Jeff Trawick]
  • Allow mod_unique_id to work on systems with no IPv4 address corresponding to their host name. [Jeff Trawick]
  • Fix suexec behavior with user directories. PR 7810. [Colm ]
  • Reject a blank UserDir directive since it is ambiguous. PR 8472. [Justin Erenkrantz]
  • Make mod_mime use case-insensitive matching when examining extensions on all platforms. PR 8223. [Justin Erenkrantz]
  • Add an intelligent error message should no proxy submodules be valid to handle a request. PR 8407 [Graham Leggett]
  • Major improvements in concurrent processing for AB by enabling non-blocking connect()s and preventing APR from doing blocking read()s. Also implement fatal error checking for apr_recv(). [Aaron Bannert]
  • Fix Win32 NTFS Junctions (symlinks). PR 8014 [William Rowe]
  • Fix Win32 'short name' aliases in httpd.conf directives. PR 8009 [William Rowe]
  • Fix generation of default httpd.conf when the layout paths are disjoint. PR 7979, 8227. [Justin Erenkrantz]
  • Swap downgrade-1.0 and force-response-1.0 conditional checks so that downgraded responses can have force-response. PR 8357. [Justin Erenkrantz]
  • Fix perchild MPM so that it can be configured with the move to the experimental directory. [Scott Lamb ]
  • Fix perchild MPM so that it uses ap_gname2id for groups instead of ap_uname2id. [Scott Lamb ]
  • Fix AcceptPathInfo. PR 8234 [Cliff Woolley]
  • [Security] Added the APLOG_TOCLIENT flag to ap_log_rerror() to explicitly tell the server that warning messages should be sent to the client in addition to being recorded in the error log. Prior to this change, ap_log_rerror() always sent warning messages to the client. In one case, a faulty CGI script caused the server to send a warning message to the client that contained the full path to the CGI script. This could be considered a minor security exposure. [Bill Stoddard]
  • mod_autoindex output when SuppressRules was specified would omit the first carriage return so the first item in the list would appear to the right of the column headings instead of underneath them. PR 8016 [David Shane Holden ]
  • Moved the call to apr_mmap_dup outside the error branch so that it would actually get called. This fixes a core dump at init everytime you use the MMapFile directive. PR 8314 [Paul J. Reder]
  • Trigger an error when a LoadModule directive attempts to load a module which is built-in. This is a common error when switching from a DSO build to a static build. [Jeff Trawick]
  • Change to use libtool --install everywhere and then clean up some stray files and symlinks that libtool leaves around on some platforms. This gets subversion building properly since it needed a re-link to be performed by libtool at install time, and the old logic to simply cp the DSO didn't handle that requirement. [Sander Striker]
  • Allow VPATH builds to succeed when configured from an empty directory. [Thom May ]
  • Fix 'control reaches end of non-void function' warning in server/log.c. [Ben Collins-Sussman ]
  • Perchild MPM is now correctly deemed as experimental and is now located in server/mpm/experimental. [Justin Erenkrantz]
  • Fix segfault in mod_mem_cache when garabge collecting an expired cache entry. [Bill Stoddard]
  • Introduced -E startup_logfile_name option to httpd to allow admins to begin logging errors immediately. This provides Win32 users an alternative to sending startup errors to the event viewer, and allows other daemon tool authors an alternative to logging to stderr. [William Rowe]
  • Fix subreqs with non-defined Content-Types being served improperly. [Justin Erenkrantz]
  • Merge in latest GNU config.guess and config.sub files. PR 7818. [Justin Erenkrantz]
  • Move 100 - Continue support to the HTTP_IN filter so that filters are guaranteed to support 100 - Continue logic without any intervention. [Justin Erenkrantz]
  • Add HTTP chunked input trailer support. [Justin Erenkrantz]
  • Rename and export get_mime_headers as ap_get_mime_headers. [Justin Erenkrantz]
  • Allow empty Host: header arguments. PR 7441. [Justin Erenkrantz]
  • Properly substitute sbindir as httpd's location in apachectl. PR 7840. [Andreas Hasenack ]
  • Allow Win32 shebang scripts to follow the path (or omit the .exe suffix from the shebang command), and allow ScriptInterpreterSource Registry or RegistryStrict to override shebang lines, as 1.3 did. PR 8004 [William Rowe]
  • worker MPM: Fix a situation where a child exited without releasing the accept mutex. Depending on the OS and mutex mechanism this could result in a hang. [Jeff Trawick]
  • Update the instructions for how to get started with mod_example. [Stas Bekman]
  • Fix PidFile to default to rel_runtimedir instead of rel_logfiledir. PR 7841. [Andreas Hasenack ]
  • Win32: Fix problem that caused rapid performance degradation when number of connecting clients exceeded ThreadsPerChild. [Bill Stoddard]
  • Fixed a segfault parsing large SSIs on non-mmap systems. [Brian Havard]
  • Proxy was bombing out every second keepalive request, caused by a stray CRLF before the second response's status line. Proxy now tries to read one more line if it encounters a CRLF where it expected a status. PR 10010 [Graham Leggett]
  • Deprecated the apr_lock.h API. Please see the following files for the improved thread and process locking and signaling: apr_proc_mutex.h, apr_thread_mutex.h, apr_thread_rwlock.h, apr_thread_cond.h, and apr_global_mutex.h. [Aaron Bannert]
  • Change mod_status to use scoreboard accessor functions so it can be used in any MPM without having to be recompiled. [Ryan Morgan ]
  • Fix parsing of some AP_DECLARE_DATA declarations so that the filter handle declarations are recognized. This fixes problems loading mod_autoindex on some platforms. [Brian Havard]
  • add optional fixup hook to proxy [Daniel Lopez ]
  • Remind the admin about the User and Group directives when we are unable to set permissions on a semaphore. PR 7812 [Jeff Trawick]
  • fix possible compilation problem in ssl_engine_kernel.c. PR 7802 [Doug MacEachern]
  • fix possible infinite loop in mod_ssl triggered by certain netscape clients [Doug MacEachern]
  • fix ProxyPass when frontend is https and backend is http [Doug MacEachern]
  • Add DASL support to mod_dav [Sung Kim ]
Versienummer 2.0.36
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, Linux x86, Mac OS Classic, OS/2, Solaris, UNIX
Website Apache

Door Mark Timmer

07-05-2002 • 20:28

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Bron: Apache

Reacties (12)

Wijzig sortering
ik dacht even dat ik tegen een heel oude kernel update zat aan te kijken met dat versienummer :)

Ik weet dat meer heeft aan een 2x zo snelle database als een 2x zo snelle httpd, maar toch de vraag: wanneer gaan "we" over? ;)
Ik denk als bewezen is dat Php echt goed werkt. En niet experimental zoals dat nu het geval is.
Apache 2 is niet 2x zo snel, het is geloof ik niet eens sneller geworden.. Onder windows is het wel een stuk sneller geworden, zelfs even snel als IIS5 :)
ik beweer bij mijn weten ook niet dat apache 2 nu ineens 2x zo snel is geworden. (toch?)
Stukje gekwoot van
Apache 2.0 offers numerous enhancements, improvements and performance boosts over the 1.3 codebase. The most visible and noteworthy addition is the ability to run Apache in a hybrid thread/process mode on any platform that supports both threads and processes. This has shown to improve the scalability of the Apache HTTP Server significantly in our testing. Apache 2.0 also includes support for filtered I/O. This allows modules to modify the output of other modules before it is sent to the client. We have also included support for IPv6 on any platform that supports IPv6.
Vooral dat hybrid thread/ stukkie is iets wat goed kan gebruiken denk ik. Nou ja, we zullen ongetijfeld over een tijdje een stukkie in een .plan lezen hoop ik :9
Threads zijn weinig lichter dan processen onder linux.
Met de 2.4 kernel is dat wel flink verbeterd, maar toch.

Dat hybride model van apache geeft, bij mijn weten, vooral winst in windows omgevingen.

De overstap zal ook absoluut niet eerder gemaakt worden dan dat er serieuze en stabiele ondersteuning is van php in apache.
Dat is natuurlijk veel belangrijker (stabiliteit) dan de performance, zeker in geval van apache.
PHP kan al stabiel werken met Apache, enige probleem is de manier waarop dat gebeurt:
Net zoals bij CGI scripts met een #!/usr/local/bin/php op de eerste regel. Het zal dan wel 100% stabiel draaien zonder problemen, maar je komt dan hetzelfde nadeel als Perl tegen: elke pagerequest vraagt apache weer om Perl in te laden, wat HEEL veel overhead is :(
* 786562 Jan
Nahja, dat bedoel ik dan ook min of meer met 'serieus' ;)
Wij gaan iig niet terug naar een cgi-omgeving :)
Dat hybride heeft niets te maken met beter voor windows/beter voro linux, maar moet je meer zien als:

Er kan nu gekozen worden voor het voordeligste mechanisme op een specifiek platform. Dus threads voor Windows (waar windows echt nog altijd superieur is aan linux), en Processen in Linux (aangezien dat gewoon beter werkt dan threads).

Op deze manier kan, zonder dat de andere source aangepast hoeft te worden, makkelijk tussen OS's geswitched worden, en werken modules die voor het ene platform ontwikkeld zijn, makkelijker ook optimaal op een ander platform.

Het heeft dus voornamelijk voordelen voor de makers van apache, en de ontwikkelaars die zelf aanpassingen doen in apache.
Hebben ze nog een reden dat ze ineens 0.0.36 er bij op doen? Ik ben van ze gewend (in de 1.3.x) dat ze er iedere keer 0.0.1 bij doen :)
ze zijn van 2.0.35 naar 2.0.36 gegaan, dus gewoon 0.0.1 erbij op :)
Klopt niet SH007,
2.0.35 + 0.0.1 = 2.0.45
2.0.35 + 0.0.01 = 2.0.36 lijkt mij beter staan :P
Ik zet niet voor niets puntjes in de versienummers, zo is het duidelijk dat 35+1=36.
01 is hetzelfde als 1 :)

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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