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Software-update: Mailman 2.1.12

Mailman is opensource-software voor het onderhouden van mailinglijsten en nieuwsbrieven. De ingebouwde web-interface biedt een snelle en eenvoudige toegang voor gebruikers en beheerders. Tevens worden archivering, automatische bounceverwerking, contentfiltering en spamfilters ondersteund, in 28 verschillende talen. Mailman wordt grotendeels in de programmeertaal Python ontwikkeld en versie 2.1.12 is sinds kort beschikbaar met de volgende lijst met veranderingen:

Version 2.1.12

Mailman 2.1.12 is a minor bug fix and Python 2.6 compatibility release. The minimum Python for this release is Python 2.4 and it is compatible with Python through 2.6. The previous Mailman releases are not compatible with Python 2.6.

Bug fixes and other patches:
  • Fix compatibility with Python 2.6.
  • Fixed a bug in which would result in chunked pages of the membership list for members whose address begins with a non-alphanumeric character to not be visible or retrievable.
  • Changed to make rejected post messages From: the -owner address instead of the -bounces address.
  • With MTA = 'Postfix', if the STANZA END for a list being removed is missing or munged, the remainder of the aliases and/or virtual-mailman file is lost. Fixed.
  • Since Mailman 2.1.1, 2.0.x outstanding subscription and held message requests have not been migrated properly. This is fixed. Bug #266106 (sf998384).
  • Changed cron/gate_news to continue processing the remaining lists on certain errors that can be caused by configuration of a particular list. Bug #265941 (sf775100).
  • Fixed a bug in that caused it to fail if the address in the To: or Cc: header differed in case from the case-preserved member address. Bug #297795.
  • Fixed a problem in SecurityManager that caused it to not find the cookie when CheckCookie was not given a user and the user in the cookie had a %xx encoded character. Bug # 299220.
  • Fixed a minor fromusenet reporting issue in the contributed mmdsr script.
  • Fixed a minor issue in cron/gate_news that could cause a list's watermark to not be completely updated.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented editing the options.html template from the web admin interface. SF Bug #2164798.
  • Fixed a problem in Decorate which could throw a TypeError on conversion to unicode of a header/footer that was already unicode because of interpolating a unicode value.
  • Fixed an issue where list creation would report bad owner email instead of bad listname when the list name had non-ascii characters. SF Bug #2126489.
  • Fixed an issue where in some circumstances would translate ' at ' into the wrong language ultimately throwing a UnicodeDecodeError when the translation was decoded with a different character set. Bug #308152.
  • Corrected a typo in Mailman/Gui/ Bug #309757.
  • Changed the pattern used to recognize URLs in messages for the pipermail archive in order to try to do a better job of making hyperlinks. Bug #310124.
  • Added missing --bare option to French translation of list_lists help. Bug #312119.
  • Fixed a long standing error that stopped relative hrefs from being generated for links on Mailman's web pages.
  • Changed the admindb interface so that when messages are rejected from the summary page, the reject reason is the rejection message from the Errors.HoldMessage subclass instead of the generic "No reason given".
  • Fixed the admin Membership List Find member function so the 'letter' links to a chunked result would still be limited to the Find member search. SF patch #1532081.
  • Changed scripts/driver to return a 405 status for non GET, POST, HEAD methods. SF patch #1578756.
  • Fixed a bug in in the implementation of replacing "No Reason Given" with the default rejection reason. Bug #325016.
Versienummer 2.1.12
Releasestatus Alpha
Besturingssystemen Linux, BSD, Solaris, UNIX
Website GNU Mailman
Licentietype GPL



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Bron: GNU Mailman



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