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Software-update: Nieuwe PHP release: v 4.0.2

Versie 4.0.2 van de veel gebruikte scripttaal PHP is uit. Ook maakt gebruikt van deze taal.

Je kan de source hier downloaden terwijl de Win32 binaries hier voor je klaar staan.

Omdat ik geen changelog voorhanden heb, kan ik geen melding van de updates en bugfixes maken.

Bedankt Bikkeltje voor het submitten van deze release.

Versienummer 4.02
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux

Door Dennis Meijer


29-08-2000 • 23:02

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Wijzig sortering
Zo, Rick kan z'n SSH client weer in stelling brengen :).
Tsja, dat lijkt mij ook gezien het aantal FIXES.

Het had mij zelfs beter geleken om een bugfix-release v4.0.2 te hebben gehad en daarna (e.v.t. dezelfde dag nog) een versie 4.0.3 met ADDEDs en EXPERIMENTAL stuff.

Maar ja, wie ben ik (ook al weer)?

29 Aug 2000, Version 4.0.2
- PHP 3 regression testing framework re-born (Stig)
- Added php_uname() function (Stig)
- Made a minor change to allow building with OpenLDAP 2.0 (Stig Venaas)
- Fixed a bug in preg_replace() that would truncate subject string if the
first argument was en empty array. (Andrei)
- Added ob_get_length function (Stig)
- Fixed a bug that did not respect limit parameter in preg_replace() when
using /e modifier. (Andrei)
- Added ability for each xml_set_*_handler() function to take the
array($obj, 'method') syntax for the handler argument as well
as the normal function name. (Andrei)
- Updated array_walk() to be able to accept array($obj, 'method')
syntax for the walk function. (Andrei)
- Fixed segfault with fgets(), fgetcsv(), fgetss(), and fread() when
called with negative length argument. (Torben)
- Fix by-reference parameters passing for xml_ functions and for scanf functions (Stas)
- Added experimental Oracle LDAP SDK support. 8.1.6 or later needed. Configure
with something like --with-ldap=/usr/local/oracle/product/8.1.6 (Stig Venaas)
- Fixed memory leaks in eval(); A script that used eval() extensively, could
end up consuming very large amounts of memory during execution (Zeev, Zend
- Fixed memory_limit feature, which did not work properly in previous versions
(Zeev, Zend Engine)
- Fixed stdout support with the swf extension. (Sterling)
- Fixed byte order for ip2long and long2ip (Stas)
- Fixed dbase_add_record. (Sterling)
- Added support for libmcrypt 2.4.4 (Derick)
- Added strncasecmp function (Andi, Zend Engine)
- Fixed FTP module to accept multiline server replies (Jani)
- Fixed switch which only has a single default rule. (Andi, Zend Engine)
- Fixed problem with nested foreach()'s. (Andi, Zend Engine)
- The CCVS module is now stable and compiling. It compiles as a CGI and into
Apache cleanly without warnings. (Brendan W. McAdams)
- Fixed mSQL_close(). (
- Made return() in a require()'d file work like return() in an include()'d
file (Andi & Zeev, Zend Engine)
- Changed require_once() to work using the same table as include_once()
(Andi & Zeev, Zend Engine)
- Fixed PostgreSQL module to work when the link handle is omitted (Zeev)
- Fixed the Sybase modules to work properly with PHP 4.0 (Zeev)
- Fixed CLOB handling in OCI8 driver when using variable-width
character sets. (Thies)
- Added 4th optional parameter to sybase_[p]connect to specify the charset
for the connection (
- Fixed support for current thttpd releases. (Sascha)
- Added support for kerberized IMAP library using --with-kerberos
(Rasmus, Sascha)
- Virtualize realpath, chmod, chown and utime (Stas)
- Support content-encoding headers in file upload MIME parts
(Ragnar Kjørstad)
- Fixed warning when shutting down OCINLogon() connections. (Thies)
- Fixed \n in session variables bug on Win32 (Stas)
- OCIError() would sometimes not report failed connections. (Thies)
- Fixed HEAD request bug on an Apache ErrorDocument redirect and preserve
the status code across the redirect as well. (Rasmus)
- Added Olympus-specific tags to read_exif_data() (Rasmus)
- Fixed bug in imap_fetchheader() where using FT_PREFETCHTEXT didn't return
the body. Bug #4447. (Jani)
- Fixed exec() returning "\0" when output is empty
- Added XML_Parser class in PEAR (Stig)
- Added "make test" target in pear/ and added some regression tests (Stig)
- Fixed bug in strip_tags function as per bug #5857 (Rasmus)
- Fixed reading of IPTC via GetImageInfo() for certain JPEG files. (Thies)
- Improved the output-buffering functions to be re-entrant (Zeev)
- Made ldap_add(), ldap_modify(), ldap_mod_add(), ldap_mod_replace()
binary-safe. Original patch: Terrence Miao <> (Jani)
- CGI aka. command line version has now an option '-l' for syntax check
without execution (Hartmut)
- Fixed bug in ldap_get_values_len() which makes it NULL-safe. (Jani)
- Bug-report and fix submitted by Michel Alexeline <>
- Make ext_skel create a set up to handle shared extension
support automatically (Rasmus)
- Fixed php_realpath not to die on non-existing files (needed for touch())
(Stas and
- Fixed get_browser() function (Stas)
- Fixed symbol clash which caused a DSO problem on OpenBSD (Rob Black and
- Added new function: ldap_compare(). (Jani)
- Fixed a bug in ldap_get_entries() and ldap_get_attributes(). (Jani)
- Ported DB to new error reporting scheme in PEAR. (Stig)
- Added sybase and ibase DB backends in PEAR. (Sterling)
- New PEAR package Payment_Verisign for use with the Payflow Pro
(pfpro) extension. (David Croft)
- Added CURL support. (Sterling)
- Catch users trying to set "compatibility" parameter in PDF, which is not
supported from user-land. (Joey)
- Fixed dbase_add_record. (Sterling)
- Added new function wordwrap() to wordwrap long strings from Chris
Russel <> (David Croft)
- Added four additional arguments: attrsonly, sizelimit, timelimit, deref which
were missing in ldap_search(), ldap_list() and ldap_read() functions (Jani)
- Fixed a bug in ldap_search/list/read() which prevented returning the partial
results when 'Sizelimit exceeded' error occurred. (Jani Taskinen)
- Fixed preg_replace() to automatically escape quotes in matched
strings when using /e modifier. (Andrei)
- Itanium patch (Steve Robb)
- Set default include_path so PEAR files can be reached (Stig)
- Added "pear" executable, requires CGI version installed (Stig)
- Added extension ii for Ingres II native support. See README in ext/ingres_ii
directory. (David H)
- Added Win32 project for the Interbase module (Zeev)
- Added ability to perform calls to the parent class without explicitly
specifying its name, using parent::func_name(...) (Zeev, Zend Engine)
- You can now call Ora_Error() without prameters to get the reason
for a failed connection attempt. (Kirill Maximov)
- New extension "pfpro" for interface with Verisign Payflow Pro (David Croft)
- Added IMG_GIF, IMG_JPG, IMG_JPEG, IMG_PNG and IMG_WBMP constants for
imagetypes() function (Rasmus)
- Added ImageTypes() function which returns a bitfield with the supported
image formats. 1=gif, 2=jpeg, 4=png and 8=wbmp (Rasmus)
- Make it possible to specify an empty string as a thousands-seperator
in number_format() (Rasmus)
- Shared module support for LDAP extension (Troels Arvin)
- Fixed a bug with imap_mail where apache would segfault if the rpath
parameter was specified.
- Use dashes and short day name in cookies since some browsers seem picky
about this (Rasmus)
- Added pspell module. (Vlad)
- Added 3 additional arguments to the user-defined error handler - the file
name and line number in which the error occured, and the context (local
variables) of the code in which the error occured (Zeev, Zend Engine)
- Improved the error handling code to handle an error in a user-defined error
handling function (Zeev, Zend Engine)
- Fixed leak when using string offsets in the array() construct.
(Andi, Zend Engine)
- Fixed corruption problem when changing deeply nested values in objects.
(Andi & Zeev, Zend Engine)
- Improved array_multisort() to be able to specify sort type as well sort
order. Incidentally, it can be used to sort multi-dimensional arrays
as well. (Andrei)
- Fixed a possible data corruption in case of a huge amount of aborted requests
- Apache module would sometimes close a wrong file-descriptor. (Sascha)
- Fixed use of alternative storage handlers in the session module. (Sascha)
- Updated str_pad() to be able to pad on left/right/both sides. (Andrei)
- Fixed crash in gzopen(). (Thies)
- Multiple character set support in gdttf.c (Rob Goodwin)
- When using HTTP auth from PHP, fill in the %u custom log field so the
authenticated used id will get logged in the Apache access_log (Rasmus)
- Support for pdflib 3.01. (Uwe)
- FDF Data is handled properly and can be accessed by reading
- Added new 'O' format modifier that will output the GMT offset as "[+-]HHMM"
(eg: Pacific time is -0700). This is useful for things such as Date: mail
headers. (Mike W)
- Fixed crash on OCI?Logon() failure. (Thies)
- Make the special Header("http/...") response be case insensitive like 3.0
- Allow cybercash to compile as a DL module. (Sterling)
- Fixed the dbase_create function. (Sterling)
- Fixed a problem under some versions of Windows that could cause PHP to hang
on startup if errors occured, e.g. in the php.ini file (Zeev)
- Fixed opendir() again. It should actually work well continuously now (Zeev)
- Added three additional arguments to be sent to a user-defined error handler -
the filename and line number in which the error occured, and the context
(the local variables) of the error (Zeev, Zend Engine)
- Improved the error handling code to handle an error in a user-defined error
handling function (Zeev, Zend Engine)
- Added an optional parameter to preg_replace() that can be used to
specify how many replacements to make. (Andrei)


Dus voor het grootste gedeelte 'minor fixes'.
Attentie, alle Tweakers die PHP draaien onder Windoos, net als ik:

De Zend optimizer werkt alvast niet meer, alsmede de GD image kit die je met zoveel moeite eindelijk aan de praat had gekregen. :'(

Even wachten met upgraden totdat deze extra's ook beschikbaar zijn.
Thnx, ik vind namelijk dat php onder windhoos al sloom is en zonder zend optimizer issie nog langzamer.

Ik snap ook niet waarom die zend optimizer er niet meteen word bijgeleverd.
Zal wel een reden voor zijn :P
Goed, de Zend optimizer is inmiddels ook voor 4.0.2 beschikbaar:

Nu de GD image kit nog (voor Windoos dus). Als iemand daar linkies voor heeft, houd ik me aanbevolen! :7
op staat altijd de laatste php shit voor windows. (ook modules voor windows)
Hmmm... als het _goed_ is moet je dan dit linkje hebben: hp4win/download.php3?strFile= (er staan er nog al wat op die page :))

Goed, ik heb het geprobeerd en dit is het resultaat:
PHP Warning: gd: Unable to initialize module
Module compiled with debug=0, thread-safety=1 module API=20000609
PHP compiled with debug=0, thread-safety=1 module API=20000809
These options need to match
in Unknown on line 0
Handig, niet? :(
duh.. je heb de nog een oude CVS versie gedownload terwijl 4.02 final uit is.

download die en hij zou meteen werken.
Dan zou dit de URL moeten zijn voor een compleet PHP pakket voor Windoos:

'Alles' behalve de Zend Optimizer zit er bij. Die mieter je er zelf bij. :)


Gelukt! Met genoemde URL en bovenstaande URL voor de Zend Optimizer ( ), werkt het nu helemaal. :)

Opmerking: Hij gaat er van uit dattie in C:\PHP wordt uitgepakt. Dat kan je aanpassen door ergens in de bijgeleverde PHP.INI te rommelen bij extension_dir . Verder bleef hij maar zeuren dat hij een paar (voor mij non-essentiele) DLLs niet kon vinden. Die comment je dan lekker weg in de ini. :)

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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