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Software-update: Messenger Plus! Live 4.21.270

Messenger Plus! logo (60 pix)Patchou heeft vandaag een nieuwe versie van Messenger Plus! Live online gezet. Het programma is inmiddels aangekomen bij versienummer 4.21.270 en kan hier gedownload worden. Messenger Plus! Live is een uitbreiding voor Windows Live Messenger en wordt ontwikkeld om het chatten eenvoudiger en aangenamer te maken. Hierdoor is het mogelijk om in Windows Live Messenger in één venster te chatten met meerdere gebruikers door het gebruik van tabs, is het mogelijk om eigen geluiden te gebruiken en kunnen chats gelogd worden. Welke features Messenger Plus! Live met zich meebrengt, staat op deze pagina vermeld. Welke veranderingen Patchou doorgevoerd heeft in versie 4.21.270 kan hieronder gelezen worden:

Messenger Plus! Live 4.21 has been released! yeah! a new version! baked so recently that you may burn yourself if you click on the download button too quickly (consider yourself warned). Once served, the first thing you’ll notice is that it contains less fat than before with a total weight of only 3.7MB per portion: it’s healthier for your internet connection and your computer won’t taste the difference. This new version is largely composed of minor fixes with a touch of improvements such as support for the recently added I’m emoticon (use it!), a better environment for script developers, new notification options for opened conversations, better chat logs for some users, a new Turkish translation, etc… people who want cool new features can always get what they’re searching for in the scripts database like Reminder+ which will remind some people of the old Scheduler from Messenger Plus! 3, Plus!Mail to write quick emails to whoever you want without having to leave Messenger, Stat Center to gather an impressive amount of statistics of anything happening in your Messenger and of course, the WDZ fan club script which is a must for anybody who visits the Messenger Plus! forums regularly.

In this new version, you’ll probably notice something else that’s new and if you read the previous news post, chances are that you already guessed what it is: a special “gold” Messenger Plus! icon has been added in the contact list and it’s the icon you’ll soon have to click on to access the very special 6th anniversary contest! I know some of you were expecting the contest to open on the same day of the release but you’ll have to wait a little more. The contest is in its final test phase, it’s big, very big, and because people will be required to have the new 4.21 version to participate, it has been decided that everything will start about a week from now.

Messenger Plus! Live 4.21.270

  • Added support for the new "I'm" emoticons of Messenger 8.1 in various Messenger Plus! windows.
  • Some improvements for script developers:
    • The script editor window remembers its size and position.
    • A "find text" window has been added to the script editor, accessible from the Options menu or with Ctrl+F.
    • On error, the script debugging window now displays the file name associated with the line number where the error occurred.
  • This version includes access to the 6th anniversary contest that will start in about a week from now. This will be removed in the next version when the contest is over. For more information, check out the announcement on
  • A new selection criteria has been added for event notifications. You can now choose to create notifications that automatically apply to contacts with opened conversation windows. Useful for example to get notified when someone signs-out unexpectedly if you don't notice it in the chat window.
  • No extra header is added to chat logs anymore when closing a chat window and reopening it soon after. The default timeout for new session headers is 10 minutes and can be modified with the new ChatLogSessionWait registry setting.
  • To help people who customize the looks of their Messenger Plus! chat logs, if a "custom.css" file is found in the Messenger Plus!'s installation directory, it is automatically copied in the directory of newly created XHTML chat log files (only if no custom.css file already exits in the destination directory).
  • Blocked contacts are now displayed with the grey offline buddy icon when needed in tabbed chats and desktop contact windows.
  • An option has been added to display the e-mail of the current user in the tooltip of the systray icon (mostly useful when using several accounts together, enabled by default).
  • The contact name displayed in custom event notifications can now be modified by formatting the message like this: \Name\Message.
  • A Turkish translation has been added to the setup.
  • Added a new fail-safe mechanism to add the "Plus! Not Loaded" menu in more failure circumstances, to inform the user of the problem.
  • The setup uses a better compression method and is now even smaller than it was for version 4.00.
  • Scripts from the previous script developer contest are not included anymore (they can all be downloaded from the site).
  • The default font for HTML chat logs has been changed from Microsoft Sans Serif to MS Shell Dlg (which actually maps to your system's default UI font). This was changed in Messenger some time ago and the change in Messenger Plus! will reduce the size of HTML log files generated with the default font (the logs will look the same as before).
  • If several event notifications apply to the same user and have exactly the same parameters (message & sound), the notifications are not duplicated.
  • When a script is installed, enabled or disabled, the change is reflected in every Messenger currently running. When that happens, all the scripts in the other instances are restarted. To avoid causing problems to script developers, creating a new script or editing an existing one will not trigger an automatic reload in the other instances.
  • Fixed: scripts or add-ons that add a systray icon can cause problems to some of the Messenger Plus! features.
  • Fixed: the new enhanced text copy feature does not support RTF (formatting attributes are not copied with the text).
  • Fixed: the enhanced text copy feature is not used when pressing Ctrl+Ins or Shift+Del.
  • Fixed: Messenger Plus! notification popups do not stack and appear one at a time.
  • Fixed: encrypted logs cannot be generated nor read on some Windows accounts if the Messenger Plus! keyset container got corrupted.
  • Fixed: auto-update setup does not launch on Windows Vista (fixed for future auto-updates, excluding this version).
  • Fixed: Messenger Lock does not sign-out the current user if his status is appear-offline (when "sign-out" is the status selected for the lock).
  • Fixed: chat windows cannot be opened anymore and Messenger may crash if a third-party software is used to close a tabbed chat window.
  • Fixed: bug introduced in the last version. Tabbed chats don't flash when some special actions such as /me commands or winks are received.
  • Scripts: fixed a problem with rich edit controls re-appearing after a position change of the parent.
  • Scripts: added EditBox_SetCurSel, EditBox_ReplaceSel, EditBox_GetCurSelStart, EditBox_GetCurSelEnd, RichEdit_GetTextRange and RichEdit_SetCharFormat to PlusWnd objects to simplify working with edit controls.
  • Scripts: Interop::Call and Interop::Call2 now accept up to 12 parameters so that functions like CreateWindowEx can be called if needed.
  • Scripts: fixed title bar draw glitch when sending WM_SETICON to an interface window.
  • Scripts: OnEvent_Timer function calls are not automatically displayed in the Script Debugging window anymore. This prevents the window from filling up with continuous repetitive calls.
  • And yes, many other small things fixed here and there that are not worth mentioning :-).
Versienummer 4.21.270
Besturingssystemen Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP x64, Windows Server 2003 x64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64
Website Messenger Plus!
Bestandsgrootte 3,70MB
Licentietype Freeware

Reacties (6)

Wijzig sortering
Leuk, en hoe zet ik die "contest" button uit?
"Play and win!..." klinkt spyware-achtig :(
Niet, het wordt verwijderd in de volgende versie
Dat kan eventueel wel uitgeschakeld worden, zie

Maar zoals Dragunov al zei, die knop verdwijnt ook vanzelf weer na ongeveer een maand als de contest voorbij is. Met de contest (die pas over een aantal dagen begint) kan je prijzen winnen, niks spyware/adware-achtigs aan. Het is om te vieren dat Messenger Plus! 6 jaar bestaat, en door prijzen weg te geven wat terug te doen voor zijn users... en natuurlijk ook om een beetje de boel te hypen een meer users aan te trekken :). (Ben betatester, dus weet hoe de contest eruit ziet.)
Messenger Plus! Live is een uitbreiding voor Windows Messenger Live...
Nee, het is Windows Live Messenger... Een groot gemaakte fout.. De één zegt MSN Live, de ander zegt MSN Messenger Live... Het is gewoon: Windows Live Messenger...!!! :)
Lekker belangrijk, blijkbaar vind men het niet interessant genoeg om te onthouden.
Is er ergens een mirror?

De msgpluslive site is erg overbelast.

Na een beetje zoeken zelf een mirror gevonden:

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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