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Software-update: Anjuta DevStudio 2.1.3 beta

Anjuta DevStudio is een veelzijdige Integrated Development Environment voor de programmeertalen C en C++. Het programma wordt speciaal ontwikkeld voor een GTK/GNOME-omgeving op het Linux-plaform en bevat een aantal handige functies, zoals syntax highlighting, code formatting, breakpoints/watches/signal/stack manipulation. De volledige lijst met functies is op deze pagina na te lezen en op deze pagina zijn een aantal screenshots te bewonderen. De ontwikkelaars hebben bčtaversie 2.1.3 uitgebracht die als titel "The Wind" heeft meegekregen. De volgende aankondiging is aanwezig:

Anjuta DevStudio 2.1.3 (beta)

  • Fixed glade plugin build against glade3 svn trunk
  • Fixes for sun cc compiler
  • Fixes for cygwin
  • Debugger fixes
  • Icons for build messages.
  • Enabled makefile based projects (not fully working)
  • Resolved namespace conflicts
  • Better templates for GObject class generator.
  • Fixes to editor life-cycle
  • Support for shared library in new project templates.
  • Fixes subversion build.
  • New django project template
  • New minimal and flat project template
Translation updates:
    dz, hu, ja, de, gl, ar, en_GB
Bugs fixed:
  • #346355 search in project files don't work the first time
  • #355145 makefile-based projects are broken
  • #359399 Anjuta crash, I don't know (remember) why
  • #378193 Find in Files for empty string hangs Anjuta
  • #397505 code errors reported by compiler
  • #397509 Close project menu-item is disabled when no project file is open
  • #406963 File > New > Glade File does nothing
  • #409412 crash in Anjuta IDE: Changing font preference...
  • #417875 Use G_DEFINE_TYPE in plugins:class-gen
  • #417918 Use G_*_DECLS macro in Header_c maco
  • #419008 Does not use prefence set e-mail
  • #419036 Only one hyphen is replaced by underscore in macros
  • #422143 Crash when loading multiple files or several files quickly
  • #423680 sun cc can not compile anonymous union
  • #423682 sun cc can not compile with zero subscript
  • #423727 sun cc can not compile with inline function can not use static function
  • #423730 build fail on different return value of function anjuta_launcher_get_child_pid
  • #423733 build fail on solaris: missing header files in anjuta-utils.c
  • #423737 build fail on solaris: can not find lib util
  • #423768 compile fail on plugins/class-gen/window.c: void function cannot return value
  • #423772 compile fail on plugins/class-inheritance/class-inherit.c: invalid cast expression
  • #424121 anjuta Cygwin fixes
  • #424845 crash in Anjuta IDE: I was closing a project ...
  • #425850 anjuta crashes on import project from existing sources
  • #426701 can not find subversion --with-svn-include
  • #427395 Typo in configuration GUI
  • #427399 Typo in configuration GUI
  • #430401 Anjuta crash when closing file when debugger active
  • #433070 [Patch] Run gtk-update-icon-cache in uninstall-hook

Anjuta DevStudio 2.1.2 (beta):

New stuffs:
  • Plugin profiles. Each project and user session would remember their plugins.
  • Improvements and clean up of icons.
  • API docs improvements.
  • Translatable strings cleanups.
  • Display program counter and breakpoints in disassembly view
  • Add markers in the disassembly view
  • Display function name in disassembly view
  • Segmentated toolbars for added configurability. Store and restore toolbar states.
  • Several stability improvements in debugger and others.
  • Improved local tags navigation
  • Fixed/improved global/project tags navigation (highlighting, autocompletion, calltips work now)
  • Improved gtksourceview editor component.
  • Improved autoindentation
  • Add a window displaying all threads in debugger
  • Several improvements in debugger navigation.
  • Improved prepare changelog tool script
  • Improved docking strategy. No more docking anomalies when enabling new plugins
Translation updates:
    gl, en_GB, dz. hu, ca
Bugs fixed:
  • #306971 The auto-ident in swich/case doesn't work in an intelligent way (the best is for version 1.2.x series)
  • #355155 Goto / Matching Brace does nothing
  • #357541 can't launch Anjuta project file from Nautilus
  • #360462 Avoid markup in translatable messages
  • #374709 Anjuta Crash activating devhelp plugin
  • #377483 don't display "D" beside each directory in Files view
  • #378927 allow switching threads in debugger
  • #387208 [Patch] Add custom file-manager ignore pattern support
  • #392904 Disassembly view navigation is uncomfortable
  • #394709 symbol browser preference window is does re-size correctly
  • #397981 Automatic indentation does not work in some cases
  • #398035 Project manager templates are not localized
  • #398985 File symbol list as a combo box is useless. It should just be a button with popdown
  • #402774 No button at Empty Log message
  • #403514 Double clicking on the function names does not do anything
  • #407115 debugger crash on right-click on a frame in stack trace pane
  • #407314 build breakage in class-gen plugin
  • #407473 refresh dialog appears after saving a file
  • #408218 cass-gen is setting gtk.entries with null 'name' and 'email' values
  • #409176 Create Tags produces "The anjuta-tags utility is not installed. Please install it."
  • #409216 crash periodically
  • #409410 crash in Anjuta IDE: Right click in the sourc...
  • #409592 crash in Anjuta IDE: I closed the application...
  • #411377 Build breakage in profiler plugin
  • #411623 GLIB_REQUIRED should be 2.12
  • #412186 crash in Anjuta IDE: Crash on initial app. st...
  • #417612 GNOME Goal #3: Remove "Application" category from .desktop files
  • #418174 toolbar size
  • #418448 crash in Anjuta IDE: I just installed Anjunta...
  • #421525 Locals view does not update when stack frame is changed
  • #421529 Disassembly view is not updated when strack frame is changed
  • #423111 Wall can not build with sun cc
  • #423270 crash in Anjuta IDE: Crash on adding a new tool item

Anjuta DevStudio 2.1.1 (beta)

New stuffs:
  • gprof based program profiler plugin.
  • Several improvements in debugger plugin.
  • Several improvements in editor plugins.
  • Enabled integrated devhelp now that it works.
  • Use pixmaps for editor markers.
  • Several minor improvements.
Translation updates:
    en_GB, sv, ja, Swedish translation of manual.
Bugs fixed:
  • #335235 python programs are not executeable/ do not start when pr...
  • #335981 Migration from popt to GOption
  • #340618 Application wizards should use gtkmm-2.4 API
  • #355160 show debug toolbar without debugger plugin => crash
  • #357997 add a new project variable => crash
  • #374709 Anjuta Crash activating devhelp plugin
  • #394216 No indication of subversion commands running
  • #395875 upon startup i get this big fat warning -- crash when add...
  • #398067 files are not localized
  • #398930 Set alignment in the tab page header widget
  • #398991 Anjuta manuals does not use the gnome-doc-utils format
  • #400833 Changes in libgladeui ABI
  • #404561 xml and xsl editing is not possible
  • #397406 Class files are not created in the right directory
  • #394184 [Bounty] Test and fix all project wizards templates
  • #359478 Bounty: Gprof performance profiler plugin
  • #403501 Proper handling of parsing error
  • #403515 When a target is selected, the profiler widget should be ...
  • #391728 Program crashes when accepting save directory.
  • #378600 indicate debugger state
  • #392537 Starting debugger is very confusing: UI suggestions
  • #395808 breakpoints don't seem to work
  • #404755 Multiple instances of debugger views
  • #406113 debugger crash on 'Run/continue'
  • #376404 show current line arrow only when debugger running
Versienummer 2.1.3 beta
Besturingssystemen Linux
Website Anjuta IDE
Licentietype GPL

Door Japke Rosink


12-05-2007 • 00:33

0 Linkedin Google+

Bron: Anjuta IDE


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