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Bron: Techspansion

Het programma VisualHub kan gezien worden als de door ontwikkeling van iSquint waarmee je op een eenvoudige wijze allerlei videomateriaal kan omzetten op het Mac OS X-platform naar bijvoorbeeld het video-formaat voor de iPod, PSP, Wii en Tivo. Het programma ondersteunt Xgrid waarmee je de encoding van het videomateriaal kan verdelen over de aangesloten Mac's. Voor meer informatie verwijzen we jullie door naar deze pagina en deze handleiding in pdf. De ontwikkelaar heeft versie 1.2.1 naar buiten gebracht en voorzien van de volgende lijst met veranderingen:

Version 1.2.1:
  • Xbox360 Support! WMVs created by VisualHub can now be played back on the Xbox360.
  • Video Info Inspector! Get a full readout on any video's characteristics. Check the Window menu.
  • The DVD Audio selector now shows each track's information.
  • Dual Layer and "Force Full Resolution" options now available in the Advanced panel for conversion to DVD.
  • AVI files can now be stitched together.
  • New "Ready for Final Cut" DV option. When checked, converted files no longer need to have their audio tracks rendered in Final Cut Pro/Express DV projects.
  • WMV stuttering problem greatly reduced (if not eliminated).
  • "Time Elapsed" readout on the "Conversion Complete" window.
  • More color tweaks for QuickTime-source conversions.
  • Some H.264-based Transport Streams can now be converted.
  • More reliable conversion to DV for source files with low-quality audio (especially WMV).
  • Converting DVD sources back to DVDs works more reliably.
  • AVI files created by VisualHub over 1GB now display correctly in QuickTime and friends.
  • Weird QuickTime movies now have their duration and other info read more reliably.
  • The PSP's Standard quality preset no longer looks terrible when using H.264 encoding.
  • The "Low CPU Priority" preference is working again.
  • DVDs with Mono audio are now converting as expected again.
  • VCD .DAT files can now be converted again.
  • Improved compatibility of authored DVDs with some hardware players.
  • Log files now get archived no matter what post-actions are selected.
  • Files with spaces or strange characters in their name now get logged correctly.
  • Many other minor tweaks, fixes and enhancements.
Version 1.2.0:
  • VisualHub will now remember where/how its windows last were the next time you open it, including Easy Settings.
  • H.264 performance on quad processor Macs now even more ridiculously fast.
  • Saving .vhub settings files now saves the relevant Easy Settings too.
  • QuickTime videos now convert with the expected gamma settings (a tad brighter).
  • Sparkle support! The next update of VisualHub will be provided by the happy wonderful Sparkle framework.
  • Enabling Stitch without specifying the output width, height, etc. will result in VisualHub deciding all that for you.
  • You are now prompted to give a much more creative name for your stitched video.
  • MPEG files are now stitched in a better manner.
  • The "Fit" feature now works when creating raw, un-authored DVD .vob files.
  • The "Tiny" presets work again for perfect NTSC/NTSC-Film sources.
  • Better error message given when protected iTunes files are (not) converted.
  • Log Archive now available in the Help menu.
  • Lots of small tweaks and fixes.
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