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Software-update: Reaper 1.74

Reaper is een programma voor het Windows-platform waarmee audio opgenomen en bewerkt kan worden in een multi-track waveform. Voor een overzicht van alle mogelijkheden verwijzen we jullie door naar deze pagina en voor een aantal samen gestelde voorbeelden kan je op deze pagina terecht. De ontwikkelaars blijven zich druk bezig houden met het ontwikkelen en hebben weer een nieuwe versie klaar staan met ditmaal 1.74 als het versienummer. Sinds versie 1.0 valt het programma onder Shareware waardoor je na de evaluatie van het programma een licentie zal moeten aanschaffen. De lijst met veranderingen van deze uitgave ziet er als volgt uit:

Version 1.74:
  • holding alt key now makes fade in/out adjustment work on ALL selected items (not just ones with the same edge time)
  • mousewheel in the edges to the left/right of the track control panels scrolls rather than zooms
  • midi editor: undo/redo will show you edits to project and let you undo them from within the MIDI editor
  • midi editor: moving mouse up/down while inserting a note changes the note
  • VST: possibly better support for waveshell type plug-ins
  • VST: experimental UAD antimunch mode only affects UAD plugs
  • wavpack: updated to latest version (4.4) and added new "very high" mode
  • wavpack: "high" mode decoding supposedly significantly faster
  • rewire: option to not run fx on stop with rewire devices in use (good for waves tune)
  • asio: unknown sample types report type index in error box
  • fix in I/O routing dialog for some systems with different dialog scales
  • fixed envelope hit testing for selected envelope
  • fixed possible bug in keep/delete files dialog in rare instances (T,MP!)
Version 1.73:
  • fixed copy loop for non-1.0 playrate takes
  • track templates now include FX midi learn settings
  • "mousewheel targets window under cursor" works in more windows (including undocked midi editors)
  • Project template support (File->Project templates submenu)
  • routing matrix: color improvements, checked mark shows volume and send type info
  • media explorer: auto-play checkbox is now properly themed
  • midi editor: horizontal scrollbar has minimum thumb size
  • vst: fixed passthrough of MIDI events on many plug-ins
Version 1.72:
  • track template support (you can save and load track templates of one or more tracks)
  • inserting tracks inserts at top if last clicked track was the first
  • pasting tracks pastes at last selected track, selects pasted tracks
  • pitch shifting is now limited to 5 octaves to avoid hangs/crashes
  • .wav writing: 8 bit PCM support, 64 bit float support, options to disable BWF and W64 writing
  • fixed js config preservation with no jesusonic dll installed
  • removed xp theming of envelope/routing checkboxes so they are more readable with reaper themes
  • midi editor: removed xp theming of checkboxes
  • metronome: action for setting volume via MIDI CC
  • metronome: hardware output chooser (if no outputs are set, metronome goes to master outputs)
  • vst: fix for synths that report they send midi events and do not
  • vst: updates to uad-antimunch mode (note: most UAD users will likely not want to use this mode anyway)
  • reafir: opengl acceleration for is off by default
  • reafir: fix for crashy opengl drivers
  • installer: upgraded to newer NSIS
Version 1.71:
  • smoothseek (seek at end of X measures, or at markers) option (in options menu and snap config)
  • reduced rme skip for project load/undo
  • fixed some VST plug-ins causing heap corruption on "apply fx"
  • bunch of code to better handle heap corruption
  • renamed "Transparency" submenu of docker menu to "Opacity"
  • added "Auto-opaque when active" setting to docker opacity menu
  • fixed loading of projects with comments with mixed quotes in them
  • Scott Stillwell's expander and autoexpander fx!
  • [update]: denorm fixes in expander fxs
  • [update]: slight update to asynchronous file writing logic
  • [update]: fix for tobybear humanisator
Version 1.70:
  • docker: fixed the unattached docker's child size so it doesn't show borders
  • docker: added transparency setting (in docker tab right-click context menu)
  • enter in undocked track mixer view titles doesnt set focus to master playspeed
  • 'copy loop' gives error message if no loops copied
  • master controls on right option for mixer
  • user configurable mousewheel zoom/scroll modifiers (prefs/editing/mouse)
  • fixed automatic number of cpu/core detection
  • minimized folder tracks dont get unminimized on zoom
  • all notes off sent on stop when "Always run fx" is on
  • midi editor: F1-F12 keys as step sequencer is now optional
  • updated synchronous disk reading logic
  • changed audio prebuffering default to 100%
  • items on record enabled tracks are now delay compensated (though when monitoring with certain routing involved they may not be)
  • rewire slave: performance enhancements, and low-cpu, frame latency mode (enabled by default)
  • asio: buffers are zeroed right before asiostart(), changed shutdown sequence when playing for RME drivers
  • asio: less glitches on stop
  • reamote: removed "experimental" status, reamote is very reliable
  • sstillwell's fantastic thunderkick and hugebooty bass enhancers
  • [update]: tempo envelope now shows up to 3 digits of precision for bpm
  • [update]: bpm display for project bpm removes trailing 0s
  • [update]: vst: better support for sending midi to effects that aren't synth that can take midi
  • [update]: vst: support for deprecated tempo querying
  • [update]: fixed playback of empty events issue
Versienummer 1.74
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Cockos Incorporated
Bestandsgrootte 1,98MB
Licentietype Shareware

Door Japke Rosink


02-02-2007 • 13:04

0 Linkedin Google+

Bron: Cockos Incorporated


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