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Software-update: TaskJuggler 2.3.1

Door , 1 reactie, bron: TaskJuggler

31-01-2007 • 09:52

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Bron: TaskJuggler

TaskJuggler is een opensourceprogramma voor het managen van projecten. Het heeft een uitgebreid pakket van functies aan boord waarmee verschillende zaken geregeld kunnen worden. Het helpt je bij het plannen van bronnen, kosten, risico's en de communicatie om het project tot een goed einde te brengen. Het programma kan de ingevoerde informatie exporteren naar cvs, html en xml waardoor het gebruikt kan worden in andere applicaties. Voor een overzicht van verschillende screenshots verwijzen we jullie door naar deze pagina. De ontwikkelaars hebben versie 2.3.1 de deur uitgedaan met de volgende aankondiging:

Version 2.3.1:
  • Added support for automatic macros like now, projectstart and projectend.
  • Added monthly calendar HTML report.
  • Added period property as a shortcut for the combined use of start and end.
  • Added more details to the pop-up info for tasks and resources in the UI.
  • Added support for warnings and turned some non-critical errors into warnings.
  • Improved scheduling performance for projects with long dependency chains.
  • Added new attribute purge to clear inherited allocations and flags from a task or resource.
  • Fixed complexity explosion in loop detector and critical path analyzer. Larger projects that made heavy use of inherited dependencies had an exponentially growing run time of these components.
  • The threshold for the critical path detection now defaults to 10%. All pathes that have less than 10% slack time will be marked as critical.
  • Fixed problem where editor tools were doubled when "Open Recent" was used while editor was open. This also triggered a crash on program exit.
  • Fixed double headline problem in most HTML reports.
  • Fixed a bug in the coloring of tasks in HTML reports that had a 'complete' specification.
  • Fixed documenation for usage of sorting modes for scenario specific columns in reports and make them work properly.
  • Force now date to be aligned to the timing resolution.
  • Fixed a major bug in the handling of multiple scenarios. Values were inherited from peer scenarios instead of their parents.
  • More meaningful error messages for some impossible combinations of fixed start/end times and dependencies.
  • For technical reasons we had to limit the timingresolution between 5 minutes and 1 hour. Larger resolutions caused too many hazards in corner case situations.
  • Fixed gaplength for time units other than days.
  • Really hide all inherited dependency arrows in Gantt chart.
  • Fix several crashes when the user is viewing reports in the UI after an unsuccessfull scheduling run.
  • Fix sorting of tasks in interactive resource reports and sorting of resources in interactive task reports.
  • The resource reporting in htmlweeklycalendar reports has been fixed. The report can now be used in task or resource reporting mode. The default is the task reporting mode which is closest to the previous behaviour.
  • Fixed values of the revenue and profit column in resource reports. Resources can never generate a revenue so the value must always be 0.
  • Fixed crash when printing resource reports from the UI that had a hierarchyindex column.
  • The completion degree of container tasks that have sub tasks with and without resource allocations was reported as 0. This has been replaced with "in progress" as the completion degree cannot be calculated.
Version 2.3.0:
  • Added improved error checking for 'timezone' attribute. Only values as determined by tools like tzselect are allowed, e. g. "Europe/Berlin".
  • The GUI GANTT chart now can highlight critical pathes. See minslackrate for details how to use the feature.
  • The htmlweeklycalendar has been reworked. It now only list tasks if they are being worked on that day. A new attribute weekdays can be used to only show some days of the week. This can be used to hide e. g. weekdays.
  • ICal reports now include events. The completion value is now shown correctly and assigned resources are included.
  • Fixed handling of tasks that have 'precedes' and 'depends' attributes.
  • Single and double quoted strings may now contain single or double quotes when escaped by a preceding backslash.
  • Fixed 'gaplength' and 'gapduration' handling for other scenarios than the default one.
  • Fixed 'duration' column in all reports. Values equal or smaller than 24 hours were reported too high.
  • No longer show dependency arrows in Gantt chart for inherited dependencies.
  • Generate proper warning when bookings are assigned to container tasks or milestones.
  • It is now possible to book off-hour and vacation time slots with 'booking' when the overtime attribute is used.
  • Added support for a more compact way to specify bookings. It's now possible to list multiple comma seperated time intervals in a single booking statement.
  • Fix build system so that kde-config is no longer mandatory. This simplifies compiling on Windows/Cygwin and Qt-only installs.
  • Speed improvements for the loop detector. Large projects with many top-level tasks should be scheduled significantly faster now.
  • 'start' and 'end' attributes specified for derived scenarios no longer cause accidental changes of the scheduling direction. This guarantees that a task has always the same scheduling direction in all scenarios.
  • Added support for more compact workinghour specifications. workinghours mon - fri 8:00 - 15:00 as well as workinghours mon, sat, sun off are now possible.
  • Added man pages for taskjuggler and TaskJugglerUI.
  • Fixed infinite loop bug in critical path detectors. With certain task dependencies TaskJuggler could get stuck forever when processing the project.
  • Fixed TaskJugglerUI crash when processing a project with many runaway tasks.
  • Better fit of report interval for printed Gantt charts.
  • Fixed header of weekly and monthly CSV reports.
  • XML reports now use the gzip compressed version 2 XML format by default.
  • Add check to forbid assigning account groups to tasks.
  • Added Turkish translations for TaskJugglerUI.
Versienummer 2.3.1
Besturingssystemen Linux, macOS
Website TaskJuggler
Licentietype GPL

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