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Software-update: Twinkle 1.0

Twinkle is een programma waarmee je via SIP kan bellen met ander andere gebruikers van dit VoIP-protocol. Het programma is speciaal geschreven voor het Linux-platform en ondersteunt zowel ALSA als OSS. Voor meer informatie over Twinkle verwijzen we jullie door naar deze pagina. De ontwikkelaar heeft een nieuwe versie de deur uitgedaan met 1.0 als het versienummer. De lijst met veranderingen ziet er als volgt uit:

Version 1.0:
  • Local address book
  • Message waiting indication (MWI)
    • Sollicted MWI as specified by RFC 3842
    • Unsollicited MWI as implemented by Asterisk
  • Voice mail speed dial
  • Call transfer with consultation. This is a combination of a consultation call on the other line followed by a blind transfer.
  • Attended call transfer. This is a combination of a consultation call on the other line followed by a replacement from B to C of the call on the first line. This is only possible if the C-party supports "replaces". If "replaces" is not supported, then twinkle automatically falls back to "transfer with consultation".
  • User identity hiding
  • Multi language support. This version contains Dutch and German translations
  • Send BYE when a CANCEL/2XX INVITE glare occurs.
  • When call release was not immediate due to network problems or protocol errors, the line would be locked for some time. Now Twinkle releases a call in the background immediately freeing the line for new calls.
  • Escape reserved symbols in a URI by their hex-notation (%hex).
  • Changed key binding for Bye from F7 to ESC
  • When a lock file exists at startup, Twinkle asks if you want to override it
  • New command line options: --force, --sip-port, --rtp-port
  • Ring tone and speaker device list now also shows playback only devices
  • Microphone device list now also shows capture only devices
  • Validate audio device settings on startup, before making a call, before answering a call.
  • SIP_FROM_USER, SIP_FROM_HOST, SIP_TO_USER, SIP_TO_HOST variables for call scripts.
  • display_msg parameter added to incoming call script
  • User profile options to indicate which codec preference to follow
  • Twinkle now asks permission for an incoming REFER asynchronously. This prevents blocking of the transaction layer.
  • Highlight missed calls in call history
  • Support for G.726 ATM AAL2 codeword packing
  • replaces SIP extension (RFC 3891)
  • norefesub SIP extension (RFC 4488)
  • SIP parser supports IPv6 addresses in SIP URI's and Via headers (Note: Twinkle does not support transport over IPv6)
  • Support mid-call change of SSRC
  • Handling of SIGCHLD, SIGTERM and SIGINT on platforms implementing LinuxThreads instead of NPTL threading (e.g. sparc)
Bug fixes:
  • Invalid speex payload when setting ptime=30 for G.711
  • When editing the active user profile via File -> Change User -> Edit QObject::connect: No such slot MphoneForm::displayUser(t_user*)
  • 32 s after call setup the DTMF button gets disabled.
  • 4XX response on INVITE does not get properly handled. From/To/Subject labels are not cleared. No call history record is made.
  • The dial combobox accepted a newline through copy/past. This corrupted the system settings.
  • When a far-end responds with no supported codecs, Twinkle automatically releases the call. If the far-end sends an invalid response on this release and the user pressed the BYE button, Twinkle crashed.
  • When using STUN the private port was put in the Via header instead of the public port.
  • Twinkle crashes once in a while, while it is just sitting idle.
Build changes:
  • If libbind exists then link with libbind, otherwise link with libresolv. This solves GLIBC_PRIVATE errors on Fedora
  • Link with libboost_regex or libboost_regex-gcc
New RFC's:
  • RFC 3323 - A Privacy Mechanism for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
  • RFC 3325 - Private Extensions to the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for Asserted Identity within Trusted Networks
  • RFC 3842 - A Message Summary and Message Waiting Indication Event Package for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
  • RFC 3891 - The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) "Replaces" Header
  • RFC 4488 - Suppression of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) REFER Method Implicit Subscription
Versienummer 1.0
Besturingssystemen Linux
Website Twinkle
Bestandsgrootte 1,12MB
Licentietype GPL

Door Japke Rosink


24-01-2007 • 12:29

0 Linkedin Google+

Bron: Twinkle


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