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Bron: Doom9's Forum, submitter: G_M_C

De ontwikkelaars van AviSynth hebben op het forum van Doom9 laten weten dat de eerste release candidate van de 2.5.7-tak gedownload kan worden. De update kan via deze pagina als installatiepakket naar binnen gehaald worden en neemt daarbij ongeveer 3,37MB in beslag. AviSynth is - in het kort gezegd - een zogenoemde frameserver, een programma dat zich "tussen" diverse programma's in nestelt en daardoor videodata rechtstreeks van het ene programma naar het andere kan verplaatsen en aangestuurd wordt via scripts. AviSynth wordt gebruikt in diverse videobewerkers, waaronder Virtual Dub, Auto Gordian Knot en DVD-Rebuilder. Dergelijke programma's maken aan de hand van instellingen en opties scripts aan, die vervolgens losgelaten wordt op AviSynth en die op zijn beurt de video omzet met de aangegeven instellingen en opties. Een uitgebreide beschrijving van AviSynth kan gevonden worden in deze meukpost. Versie 2.5.7 RC-1 kent de volgende veranderingen:

Notes:- I forgot to turn of the COM environment debugging option when I made this build. The final release version will not have this feature. (It can cause problems with miserable software that employs anti-debugging technology. GRR!)


  • Installer option for avisynth.lib, avisynth.exp and files.
  • DirectShowSource() now sets _HIRESOUTPUT property of WMAudio Decoder DMO. Allows 24 bit samples and 6 channel decoding.
  • Avisynth COM object now supports IAVIStreaming interface. Many apps blindly expect it and fail to load AVS scripts.
  • Conditional Reader now also accepts T, F, Yes and No for bool data.
  • DirectShowSource() log debug messages to file.
  • DirectShowSource() force set framecount.
  • DirectShowSource() accept audio streams of type WAVE_FORMAT_IEEE_FLOAT.
  • Added KillVideo() verb.
  • TimeStretch now exposes the tuning parameter of the SoundTouch library.
  • Adding global OPT_AllowFloatAudio=True to your script enables WAVE_FORMAT_IEEE_FLOAT audio output.
  • Explicitly request all the channels available in the audio stream [acm AC3]
  • Explicitly try to request float, 32 bit then 24 bit samples from the audio codec.
  • Accept raw audio streams of type WAVE_FORMAT_IEEE_FLOAT.
  • Added installer option to add "Avisynth Script" item to Explorer shell for new .avs file creation.
  • Added avs_delete_script_environment and avs_subframe_planar to avisynth_c interface.
  • Hack to allow Fraunhoffer MP3 codec to work when wBitPerSample==16. (Squid_80)
  • Added portugese translation (by RoLon), and partly french translation (by JasonFly)
  • Subtitle multi line text, set LSP arg and use \n. (foxyshadis, tateu)
  • xxxFPS("preset") string preset FPS values. (Tritical)
  • Better avisynth_c cdecl/stdcall mismatch detection and protection (Tritical).
  • Fixed ConvertFPS() blend mode mix_ratio was wrong.
  • Fixed AviSource() handling of dud AVI files that start with drop frames, just return the first key frame.
  • Fixed DirectShowSource() handling of pin renegotiation.
  • Fixed Overlay() "PC_Range" argument handling.
  • Fixed SubTitle() crash when resources exhausted.
  • Fixed Resizers cropping argument validation.
  • Fixed % operator bad argument text message.
  • Fixed stuffing Audio buffer with video graphics on Exception. Now returns E_FAIL. Video stream subsequently will return error text in graphic form.
  • Fixed KillAudio() not resetting nchannels and sample type to 0.
  • Fixed Conditional Reader sscanf buffer overrun.
  • Fixed Version() and VersionString() timestamp discrepancies.
  • Fixed Serious inaccuracies in TimeStretch. It is still not sample exact!
  • Fixed Negative int arg handling for ApplyRange() and Animate().
  • Fixed Installer handling of readonly/inuse target files.
  • Fixed ConvertAudio SSE2 to Float alignment test.
  • Fixed (auto)LoadPlugin altname generation. (Tritical)
  • Fixed SaveString memory block overrun.
  • Fixed $Plugin!Functionname!Param$ bug. (Fizick)
  • Fixed registry handle leak on $PluginDir$ lookup. (Dave Brueck)
  • Fixed memory leaks avisynth_c.
  • Fixed returning locked/protected VBF's to LRU. (Tritical)
  • Fixed runtime mixed SEH/C++ exception handling for XPsp2. (Tritical)
  • Fixed CAVIStreamSynth::Read audio buffer overrun. (Avery Lee)
  • Fixed DLL handle leak in LoadPlugin. (Tritical)
  • Fixed Assert("text") no longer parses % args.
  • Fixed number parser returning inaccurate float conversions.
  • Fixed ConvertFPS() blend mode not processing of chroma planes.
  • Fixed resizer resampling pattern attempted use after deletion.
  • Fixed resizer subpixel shifting functionality being a noop.
  • Fixed Info() auto font selection metric.
  • Fixed Conditional error checking of float RHS.
  • Corrected colours in YUV ColorBars, Now match BT.801-1.
  • TCPDeliver updates: Client: Fixed crash if client gets disconnected.
  • TCPDeliver updates: Server: Remember to disconnect clients when shutdown.
  • Fixed Turn*() YUY2 mod 2 height test.
  • Fixed AVISource() corrupted error messages.
  • Fixed AVISource() direct input drop frame handling.
  • SubTitle() releases all resources when the last frame of the clip is rendered.
  • SubTitle() releases GDI resources after text map is created.
  • ApplyRange() only builds 2 chains instead of 3.
  • Map file is now generated for release builds.
  • ConvertTo*() and GreyScale() now accept "Rec601" as a valid matrix name.
  • DirectShowSource.dll upx'ed.
  • Upgrade internal copy of SoundTouch library to 1.3.1.
  • SoundTouch now available in RelSym build.
  • Animate Integer arg enumeration no longer rounds toward positive infinity. Both positive and negative enumerations are identical. i.e. For Animate(0, 10, "Foo", 0, 0, 10, -10), Foo's arg1 = -arg2 for all frames.
  • Selecting associate open with Notepad with .avs files in the installer now also includes .avsi files.
  • The Installer now pushes a recovery dialog box when unwritable files are encountered during an install. The user may manually correct the problem and retry installing that file.
  • SetMemoryMax() minimum now 4Mb instead of 16. (Tritical)
  • Remove 50 plugin auto prescan load limit. (Tritical)
  • COM QueryInterface calls now return S_OK instead of NULL.
  • Bracketless call of argless function now get a cache. (Tritical)
  • Over-range numbers now raise a compile time exception.
  • xxxFPS(float) now uses continued fraction to generate a minimal rational pair. (Raymod2)
  • ChangeFPS(linear=true) now raises a compile time exception if the speed change ratio is > 10.
  • ConvertFPS() blend mode works for all pixel formats. (Tritical)
  • Info() retrofit of 2.60 updates.
  • TCPDeliver.dll upx'ed.
  • RGB ColorBars +Q and -I bars, Hue is now correct, Luma is NOT zero to achive this.
  • AVISource Audio no longer limited to 2 channels.
  • SaveString memory blocks are now 32 bit aligned.
  • Default planar chroma planes mod 16 aligned. See SetPlanarLegacyAlignment().
Versienummer:2.5.7 RC-1
Besturingssystemen:Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
Website:Doom9's Forum
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