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Software-update: Reaper 0.991

Reaper is een programma voor het Windows-platform waarmee audio opgenomen en bewerkt kan worden in een multi-track waveform. Voor een overzicht van alle mogelijkheden verwijzen we jullie door naar deze pagina en voor een aantal samen gestelde voorbeelden kan je op deze pagina terecht. De ontwikkelaars blijven zich druk bezig houden met het ontwikkelen en hebben weer een nieuwe versie klaar staan met ditmaal 0.991 als het versienummer. De lijst met veranderingen sinds de vorige vermelding in de meuktracker ziet er als volgt uit:

Version 0.991:
  • feedback routing will no longer feedback MIDI
  • waveout+dsound+ks are more killable for bad drivers
  • better dsound output-only support
  • tooltips in track display go away when you move out of the window
  • different cursor for snap offset adjustment
  • midi editor autoscrolls when playing project
  • "Reverse item to new take" context menu item
  • fixed "render fx to new take" for MIDI items
  • better color theme saving handling
  • some new color themes, removed some old ones
  • optional no-move-cursor-on-insert-file mode (prefs/editing)
  • holding middle button switches mousewheel zoom to scroll (same as holding alt)
Version 0.99:
  • project setting: auto-mute master output option if it exceeds X dB
  • project setting: open notes on project open option
  • project setting: pan law (configurable attenuation on center)
  • routing: feedback routing option
  • routing: better multithread reentrancy support for feedback etc (no more hangs I hope)
  • ui: mono switch on mixer/master track control
  • ui: fixed holding control when clicking a volume fader on an unselected track
  • ui: ctrl+A, Alt+M, delete keys all now use keyboard focus instead of mouse cursor to decide whether acting on tracks/items/etc
  • ui: moved snap/grid options into their own easily accessible window
  • ui: autoclosing of I/O, envelope dialogs now deals more nicely with keyboard focus
  • ui: fixed transport hiding context menu
  • vst: vst config scrollbar fixes
  • vst: if names aren't retrieved for VSTs, uses relative DLL path+name for name
  • midi editor: fixed previewing of looped items/etc when playing project
  • midi items: fully overlapping midi items replace contents (but do not send noteoff messages, yet)
  • audio/midi items: muted/empty items replace audio/midi of overlapped items
  • perf meter: more stable main thread locking
  • kernel streaming: shows min/max values available in config dialog
Version 0.989:
  • media items: snap offset (grab lower left edge of items to set)
  • media items: open copy of a midi file now creates a new file of the range of the old item
  • media items: open copy updates undo state, display
  • ui: fix recording moving to cursor on punch-in
  • ui: if record+paused, hitting ctrl+space/enter/etc will unpause rather than play
  • ui: play cursor displayed in navigator
  • ui: most keys hit in navigator go to main window
  • ui: snap enabled on drag&drop from explorer/etc
  • ui: prefs option to zoom in on mouse cursor when zooming
  • sinks: wav writer runs synchronously when rendering
  • sinks: ogg/mp3 writes run synchronously
  • sinks: wavpack uses larger async buffers
  • midi editor: will show play cursor of items played in project
  • fx: plug-in delay compensation now properly delay compensates midi events
  • vst: won't autoresize window down narrower than the I/O controls etc
  • vst: added cando sendVstTimeInfo to VST support (for MusicLab Drumtools etc)
  • vst/dx: if state hasnt changed, dont reload config (good for bfd when undoing/redoing, makes undo/redo faster)
  • option to set/adjust manual recording delay offset in prefs/audio
  • dsound/waveout: better support for 24/32-bit PCM, <>2 channels
  • dsound/waveout: somwhat better recording latency compensation
  • kernel streaming: added device selection
  • kernel streaming: fixed crash during initialization on some cards
  • internal: in async mode, buffering goes sync for worker threads if buffering ahead
  • internal: updated plug-in API (in a somewhat not backwards compatible fashion)
Version 0.988:
  • slightly more aggressive worker threads (above 48khz they get even moreso)
  • no more reloading audio config every time we open the audio
  • (hopefully) improved prebuffer behavior (should work better with plugins that have lots of delay)
  • disabled scrollbars thumb snap back
  • reaverb: file loaded impulse normalizing, better defaults for wet/dry mix
Version 0.987:
  • Now includes ReaVerb!
  • MIDI editor: fixed undo/redo resetting endpoint
  • MIDI reader: if file doesnt end with all-notes-off event, round length up to next beat
  • improved time display rounding
  • fix for rendering with some VSTs (i.e. BFD)
  • various pdc related fixes/speedups (wdl_fastqueue bugfix)
  • reaverb loading files are attenuated -18dB
Version 0.986:
  • fixed pan automation bug
  • preliminary navigator window
  • made perf meter context menu work on its tab too
Version 0.985:
  • automatic slide editing when the border between two selected items is moved
  • enlarged generic vst dialog
  • fixed media explorer window position restoring bug
  • automation write latch mode
  • fixes to deletion in ripple all mode
  • fixed routing window annoying tooltip sticking around
  • envelope toggling dialog to let you easily add/remove/arm/hide envelopes in mass
  • right click envelope button gives old style envelope menus
  • updated send levels/routing dialog (a bit crazy, maybe, but a step in the right direction)
  • right click I/O button gives old style send/recv menus
  • updated VU meter fonts
  • midi editor: clicking velocities adjusts instantly
  • midi editor: doubleclick adds/removes event
  • reafir now defaults to point mode, has output gain fader
  • reafir: holding ctrl moves all points/curves, holding shift in point mode moves segments
  • reafir: no longer stores entire FFT state in point mode, better point->precise conversion settings, etc
  • added docking mode to perf window
  • reordered outputs in I/O menus and boxes (stereo pairs, then mono outs)
Version 0.984:
  • better support for very small playspeed adjustments in master and items
  • insert menu cleanup/correction
  • selection setting from transport now fixed
  • internal fader range improvements for better reusability
  • js autoresize support in fx window
  • better JS effect UI, bug fixed for editing parameter (notifies effect properly)
  • JS effects now support edit/recompile
  • better VST generic UI
  • big automation updates (faders without automation armed are left in trim mode etc)
  • MCU touch automation mode
  • updating of horiz scrollbar during recording so you can scroll to the current position
  • ReaComp/ReaGate get better metering
  • ReaFir v0.5, with point editing mode, as well as new experimental per-band Compressor/Gate modes
  • master VU now shows temporarily held VU value at the bottom instead of instant
Version 0.983:
  • larger master playrate field for more accurate setting/viewing
  • jump to marker menu in transport context menu
  • shift+C now inserts timesig marker/tempo change
  • added marker/region inserting to the "insert" top level menu
  • midi editor: fixes to cc lane when scrolled
  • midi editor: better Cx drawing
Version 0.982:
  • added changelog in about box
  • fixed scrolling while editing when mouse is near right edge of screen
  • midi editor: adjusting velocity on multiple items moves them all relatively
  • midi items starting on timesig marker now properly use that timesig (rounding error)
  • fixed rounding inaccuracies in midi sink (length now saved correctly, and more)
  • option to run fx in workers (SMP support) when rendering to disk (disabled by default)
  • new supermonkeyball-ish demo song
Version 0.981:
  • faster PDC for DX/VST (uses less memory bandwidth especially)
  • initial MIDI editor velocity lane support (todo: CC support etc)
  • open midi editors prompt user to save when closing project or quitting
  • better midi editor zooming behavior, mousewheel modifiers (ctrl/alt)
  • consolidate browse box gets create dir button like everywhere else
Version 0.980:
  • midi editor multiple item resize back to old behavior, hold ctrl to stretch multiple items
  • optimized VST/DX PDC and non-PDC modes (much better for >2 channel tracks)
  • VST output no longer broken on 64 channel tracks
  • fixed some midi note dropping
  • global memory management optimizations
Version 0.979:
  • preliminary track record output (MIDI) mode for overdubbing
  • made so track media items always play when recording track outputs
  • more worker thread tweaks
  • midi editor has reverse option, stretch items, stores internal state with more precision
  • midi editor preview only previews visible channels, can now change event channel
  • midi editor has better selection logic when clicking items
  • midi editor home/end key support
  • midi editor preserves unknown data
  • fixed occasional stuck peak meters in reacomp/reagate
  • tweaks to reacomp/reagate's sliders, fixed combo box issues
  • hopefully fixed reacomp's self-bypassing-on-low-signal bug
  • reacomp's attack/release curves are more accurate at 0ms
  • fixed ripple/mixer flags not being read from project correctly
  • midi editor: fixed brokenness
Version 0.978:
  • made l/r borders on small items
  • fixed record button lighting when recording
  • fx preset system can now update existing presets (todo: import/export)
  • better handling of current dirs in various open/save dialogs
  • added track numbers and names in FX floating windows
  • set prebuffer behavior to not run worker threads until buffers full
  • adjusted worker thread waiting-for-media-behavior
  • fixed popup menus in VST/DX plug-ins that dont handle it right
  • optimized preferences config writing
  • moved the following settings to project settings:
    envelope attach to items, autocrossfade, mixer show/grouping flags
Version 0.977:
  • better handling of envelope ranges when unknown plug-in is used
  • double precision vst plug-in support
  • ReaComp overhaul (much better sounding, configurable knee, feedback mode)
  • ReaComp and ReaGate are now double-precision-only (require reaper .977+)
  • added option to move floating FX windows to the foreground when selected
  • tweaked project loading on startup sequence
  • media item z order is now ordered left to right instead of using selection state
  • autopunch record mode defaults to tape style if no item was autopunched
  • fixed peaks building wanting to build peaks for offline media items
  • wont display every instance of every unknown effect when loading a project
  • fixed bug where midi editor will keep midi file locked
  • fixed unpausing related bugs
  • 24bps encoding in FLAC seems buggy, don't use it for now
  • update 5:51pm: fixed some reagate/reacomp automation issues
  • fixed unpause behavior when recording
Version 0.976:
  • vst save fxp dialog now shows "save" instead of "open"
  • in media item volume +6dB mode, you can go past +6dB for more gain
  • reafir v0.4, much smaller configuration state
  • reacomp and reagate get better, faster filters, and rms window support
  • added FX floating windows
  • fixed right click menu issue in FX chain list
Reaper 0.991
Versienummer 0.991
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP x64
Website Cockos Incorporated
Bestandsgrootte 1,08MB
Licentietype Freeware

Door Japke Rosink


20-07-2006 • 13:37

1 Linkedin Google+

Bron: Cockos Incorporated


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