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Software-update: Quake 4 1.2 point release

Eind vorige maand had id Software patchversie 1.1 uitgebracht voor Quake 4, en deze vlak na de release teruggetrokken vanwege een kritieke bug in de patch. Zojuist heeft de spelontwikkelaar een nieuwe patch beschikbaar gesteld die dienst doet als vervanger van de 1.1-release. Naast een groot aantal bugfixes heeft id Software ook vier nieuwe multiplayermappen en twee nieuwe skins in de patch gestopt: twee deathmatchmappen genaamd 'Outpatient' en 'Skeleton Crew' en twee capture the flag-mappen die de naam 'Mind the Gap' en 'Double Edged' dragen. De twee meegeleverde skins zijn zogenoemde brightskins van de 'Pro Marine'- en 'Pro Strogg'-skins. Point Release 1.2 kan gedownload worden als full patch voor Windows en Linux die elke Quake 4-versie kan updaten naar deze nieuwe versie, terwijl de update patch alleen geschikt is voor Windows en de 1.1-versie van Quake 4 kan updaten. In het readme-bestand vinden we de onderstaande lijst met veranderingen en nieuwe features:

  • The Screen Size setting will only display resolutions supported by Windows and your hardware.
  • Shotgun reload animation will now play correctly.
  • Corrected an issue with skipping the ending cinematic.
  • Pentium(r) M processors will now be properly detected.
  • When using right-click to lower the video quality, the user will be prompted to apply the change immediately.
  • Corrected a stability issue related to old sound drivers.
  • Added doImpulse and doButton commands to support button actions and impulses via the console. For example:
    • bind l "doButton +_moveup; wait 5; doButton -_moveup;"
    • bind l "doImpulse _impulse1; wait 10; doImpulse _impulse5"
  • Several sound issues have been corrected.
  • Added mouse acceleration functionality with the m_accel cvar. This is only available through the console. Higher values give more acceleration.
  • Video option changes can be applied immediately instead of restarting the game.
  • Widescreen option will no longer affect the menus adversely.
  • The FOV (g_fov) can now be adjusted higher than 110. We do not recommend values higher than 110.
  • Application stability improved when setting the Sound Device to General Software with a Creative X-Fi sound card.
  • Implemented an AddOn PK4 system similar to Doom 3(tm) v1.3. Please see for more info.
  • Resolved an issue with the level editor not working correctly with SMP enabled.
  • Corrected a few localized string errors.
  • Added a new cvar for adjusting the look speed while zoomed: pm_zoomedSlow (defaults to 100). This can be adjusted from 1 to 100: lower numbers are slower.
  • Finalized network demos: replay client or server recordings of network game or run performance tests. Please see for more info.
New Features Multiplayer:
  • Brightskins added! Pro models for Marine and Strogg have been added. They can be selected from the Multiplayer menu. Their names are "Pro Marine" and "Pro Strogg".
  • When Ready mode is enabled, player's Ready state now shows on the Scoreboard screen.
  • Voice chat for Multiplayer is now available! To use voice chat, a microphone must be present and working on the system. After setting up the microphone correctly in your operating system, a Voice Chat key must be set in the Settings/Controls/Other tab, which is accessed from the Main Menu. Configuration of the voice chat options such as Mic Input Volume, Receive Volume, etc can only be accessed in the ESC menu’s "Voice Config" option once you have successfully loaded into a multiplayer match. When in any team game (TeamDM/CTF/ArenaCTF), only teammates can hear the speaker. When in a non-team game, all players can hear the speaker.
  • Added sorting functionality for the Multiplayer Friends List.
  • Added a forcemodel option. Typing one of the three commands below and using tab complete will bring up a list of usable models for that command:
    • g_forceModel forces all players displayed on the client machine to one of the models listed below, in non-team gameplay modes. The available models are:
      • model_player_failed_transfer
      • model_player_slimy_transfer
      • model_player_corpse
      • model_player_tactical_elite
      • model_player_tactical_command
      • model_player_marine
      • model_player_marine_morris
      • model_player_marine_voss
      • model_player_marine_cortez
      • model_player_marine_helmeted
      • model_player_marine_helmeted_bright
      • model_player_marine_medic
      • model_player_marine_officer
      • model_player_marine_fatigues
      • model_player_marine_tech
      • model_player_tactical_transfer
      • model_player_tactical_transfer_bright
      • model_player_kane_strogg
    • g_forceMarineModel will force all Marine players displayed on the client machine to one of the models listed below, in team gameplay modes. The available models are:
      • model_player_marine
      • model_player_marine_morris
      • model_player_marine_voss
      • model_player_marine_cortez
      • model_player_marine_helmeted
      • model_player_marine_helmeted_bright
      • model_player_marine_medic
      • model_player_marine_officer
      • model_player_marine_fatigues
    • g_forceStroggModel will force all Strogg players displayed on the client machine to one of the models listed below, in team gameplay modes. The available models are:
      • model_player_tactical_transfer
      • model_player_tactical_transfer_bright
      • model_player_kane_strogg
  • Variables for private clients have been implemented. All of these options must be set from the console or in config scripts:
    • si_privatePlayers: This is the number of private player slots reserved on the server. It subtracts from si_maxPlayers, so a server with si_maxPlayers 16 and 4 private player slots will only allow 12 public players to connect.
    • g_privatePassword: This is the server-side password setting.
    • privatePassword: This is the client password used to access a server's private player slots. This must be set from the console.
  • Added a voting option to shuffle teams. PLEASE NOTE: If auto-balance is on, use the shuffle teams function to redistribute players evenly. Only restarting the map will not shuffle players.
  • Added a one-minute warning for tournament matches.
  • Added a server-side console variable that will allow enabling or disabling of voting options. si_voteFlags (which defaults to 0, meaning nothing disabled) is the variable, and it uses a bit mask system:
    • bit 0 (+1) restart map
    • bit 1 (+2) min players
    • bit 2 (+4) auto balance teams
    • bit 3 (+8) shuffle teams
    • bit 4 (+16) kick player
    • bit 5 (+32) change map
    • bit 6 (+64) change gametype
    • bit 7 (+128) time limit
    • bit 8 (+256) tourney round limit
    • bit 9 (+512) capture limit
    • bit 10 (+1024) frag limit
    Sum the total of the parenthetical numbers for each of the vote options you want to disable. For example, to disable voting on "kick player," "change gametype," and "frag limit," add the numbers: 16, 64, and 1024 (total of 1104), and set on the server: si_voteFlags 1104. Please note that any changes will not take effect until after a map restart, and anyone viewing the voting options during that transitory phase will not see the changes unless they back out to the game and then enter the shell again.
  • When aiming at a teammate in a team game, their health and armor level shows under their name.
  • When spectating and following, viewing the MP Statistics (default key 'Z') now shows the stats of whoever you are following.
  • The Game Browser now has scroll bar arrows to scroll through one server at a time.
  • Players will be notified when teams are rebalanced.
  • There is a new system by which players may anonymously report their usage statistics to the developers, such as type of video card, amount of system RAM, the presence of a DVD drive, etc. After installing the 1.2 patch, the first time the game starts, a confirmation window will appear. At this point, the player may choose to enable anonymous usage statistic reporting. Alternately, this may be set ahead of time with a cvar, net_reportUsageStatistics.
  • Added a "simple items" cvar so that item pickups will appear as icon representations instead of the actual model. Use g_simpleitems 1/0 to enable and disable. This is only available in the console.
  • The variables pm_bobpitch, pm_bobroll, pm_bobup, pm_crouchbob, pm_runbob, pm_runpitch, pm_runroll and pm_walkbob are no longer cheat protected but clients will not be able to override the server settings.
  • Selecting a screen size or aspect ratio that cannot be supported on a system will revert to safe defaults and display the correct safe settings values in the System menu.
  • NetDemo playbacks have gotten a little bit easier with "tab completion". The playNetDemo command now uses tab complete to show available demos.
  • The serverInfo command will now report more accurate data.
  • After playing a Multiplayer game and disconnecting, the Game Browser will be displayed instead of the Main Menu.
  • Name coloring in team game death messages is now disabled.
  • The dedicated server executable no longer requires a sound card or a pixel shader-capable video card.
  • With Weapon Stay enabled, a notifying sound will play when running over a weapon you already possess.
  • Player spawn code has been adjusted to mimic the spawn style of Quake III Team Arena.
  • Strafe-jumping on stairs is smoother.
  • When under 25 health, the player will hear a different pain grunt to indicate that health is especially low.
  • Increased the volume of the sound that plays when you hit an opponent in Multiplayer.
  • Slightly increased the volume of other player's Lightning Gun and Railgun hum noises to make them easier to hear.
  • Spectators will no longer be counted as "on a team" for auto-balancing purposes.
  • The CTF "Defense" award has been adjusted to provide the achievement within a larger radius from any team flag and enemy flags carried by a teammate.
  • Improved Gametype selections to properly display the appropriate map types in the map selection pane of the Create Server menu.
  • Adjusted the text "You are not ready" when ready mode is enabled so that it is more obvious to players.
  • Spectator players will only see chat messages from other spectators, and will not see team chat.
  • The Lightning gun idle sound will not drop unexpectedly due to weapon viewmodel cvar binds.
  • Shotgun animation will play its full cycle before the new weapon selection begins.
  • Players falling into a void will die properly.
  • The "Sudden Death" message will not spam all arenas still conducting matches.
  • Intermittent highlighting and de-highlighting of the Voice Config tab is fixed.
  • Colored names now appear correctly in the Multiplayer lobby.
  • Voice Chat functions properly when enabled during a match in progress.
  • Cycling through player models after death will now properly decay both the head and body models.
  • Game stability improved when switching maps and gametypes through vote or server admin menus.
  • Fixed an intermittent issue with ACTF powerup effects not centering on players correctly.
  • The Multiple CPU/Core selection in the Advanced System Options will now highlight when mousing over it.
  • The Friends List will now properly accept names containing the characters "{" and "}".
  • Name capitalization changes will now take effect immediately in game.
  • Fixed an issue with certain performance awards being improperly given to players based on the accumulation of enemy and team kills.
  • Armor status when looking at teammates will now display correctly.
  • The screenshotJPEG command will correctly increment from the last indexed screenshot image residing in the default screenshots folder of the game installation.
  • Client calling a map vote will receive an appropriate message if the map that is called does not reside on the server.
  • Spanish clients will see player names properly during a vote to kick a player whose name includes a space.
  • Spanish clients will see the correct models for teammates and enemies.
  • When a player disconnects from a Tournament match early, the server will now seed the remaining players correctly for the remainder of the match.
  • PunkBuster(tm) now properly enables and disables in the server setup screen.
  • Muted icons now display properly on the scoreboard tab of the End-Game Summary window.
  • The Ammo Regen powerup now functions correctly when using the Machinegun.
  • The Invisibility powerup sound no longer carries over to arena 1 from other arenas.
  • A Dedicated server will no longer crash if warmup is off and all players disconnect from the server.
  • Tournament mode matches will enter sudden death properly after players reach the frag limit simultaneously.
  • Corrected an inconsistency with falling damage in Multiplayer.
  • PunkBuster rcon output will now be displayed properly to connected clients.
  • Projectiles will no longer appear to travel through map geometry on clients with slower internet connections.
  • Jump sounds will no longer get stuck occasionally when gibbing someone.
  • The "One Minute Warning" will no longer be heard during warm up.
  • Projectiles will no longer fly sideways through teleporters.
  • Player corpses will not disappear so suddenly if the player force respawns.
  • Item effects will now always be aligned with the item pickup.
  • Icons no longer lag behind the player model.
  • Players will no longer hear old countdown announcements when spawning into a new tournament arena.
  • Powerups in tournament games no longer drop into the wrong arenas.
  • Switching between the Summary and Statistics screens of the End-Game Summary window will no longer reset the Statistics to 0.
  • Items will not bob so quickly after a server has been active for a long while.
  • Improved server stability.
  • In Tournament games, gibs from other arenas will no longer be visible.
  • Corrected an issue dealing with connecting to password-protected servers while running the game in windowed mode.
  • The video settings should no longer revert to default when connecting to servers while running the game in windowed mode.
  • Clicking "Get New List" in the Game Browser will no longer create phantom servers in the list.
  • Fixed call vote stability for clients running a Spanish or French version of the game.
  • Playing back net demos will no longer cause a crash.
  • When playing back a net demo with a mapchange in it, the game will no longer attempt to connect to the server on which the game was recorded.
  • Fixed announcer not understanding zero fraglimit setting when negative numbers are expressed from client suicides.
  • Gametype can be changed to CTF with the RCON command.
  • The number of votes will be displayed correctly for the player calling for the vote.
  • If a spectating player votes at the end of a tourney, the vote announcement will be properly heard.
  • The map list will properly display when calling a vote to change the map.
  • Addressed issue with crusher on the Xaero Gravity (q4ctf5) map not crushing players when activated.
  • Map performance increased in Relativity (q4ctf4).
  • Corrected a possible geometry exploit in the Xaero Gravity (q4ctf5) map.
  • Corrected a geometry exploit in the Sandstorm (q4dm2) map.
  • Corrected two possible geometry exploits in the Tremors (q4ctf7) map.
Single Player:
  • The player will now always pick up ammo if they are not carrying the maximum amount of ammo.
  • The player will properly die when killed by clamp and barrels in the Putra level.
  • Corrected a progression break in the Hub 1 map.
  • The player will properly die when killed by the plate compressor in the Tram 1 level.
  • The player will no longer be able to exit the Medlabs ride at the beginning of the level.
  • Fixed Gladiator's AI state when his shield is disabled with the Lightning Gun.
Known Issues:
    Surround Speakers option in Advanced Audio settings cannot be enabled if Windows Sound options are not set correctly on the local machine. Players with 5.1 surround sound must set their Advanced Speaker Settings to Surround 5.1 instead of Desktop Stereo:
    1. From the Windows(r) Control Panel, select "Sounds and Audio Devices."
    2. In the "Speaker Settings" area, click the "Advanced" button.
    3. Make sure that the speakers are set to "5.1 Surround" or "Surround 5.1" instead of "Desktop Stereo."
    If this is not set correctly, then enabling the Surround Speakers setting will not apply, and will default back to off.
Quake 4 - Double Edged (q4ctf8)
De nieuwe multiplayermap van Quake 4, genaamd Double Edged.
Versienummer 1.2 point release
Besturingssystemen Linux, Windows XP
Website id Software
Bestandsgrootte 21,00MB
Licentietype Freeware

Door Robin Vreuls


20-04-2006 • 13:26

11 Linkedin Google+

Submitter: MPAnnihilator

Bron: id Software

Reacties (11)

Wijzig sortering
Bah. Was handig geweest om er bij te zetten dat die download link alleen een windows .exe heeft. het is dat ik een snelle verbinding heb, dus zoveel boeit het niet, maar nu heb ik zojuist 21MB aan nutteloze binary rommel gedownload...
Download link voor Linux.

Overigens is Quake 4 er ook voor de Mac. Is deze patch alleen voor Linux en Windoze of is er ook een Mac versie?

\[edit:] whoops, moet beter lezen x)
Staat er toch ook bij?
De update is alleen voor windows.
De fullpatch is voor Linux / Windows.
Als je dan naar het bestandsnaampje kijkt ( dan moet er imo al een belletje rinkelen.

Verder staat jouw link gewoon in de meukpost erbij.

En ach, wat is 21 Mb nou nog tegenwoordig.
Weet toevallig iemand of de savegames blijven werken? anders kan ik weer opnieuw beginnen. Ik heb patch 1.1 al ge´nstalleerd.
Dit staat in de readme:
Older savegames will no longer work correctly once the 1.2 update is installed!
Mocht je Q4 bij een reinstall van windows op je schijf hebben laten staan zonder het dus opnieuw te installeren, moet je even een string in het register toevoegen met het installatiepad van Q4:

-> New String met de naam "InstallPath"
Value: "C:\Program Files\id Software\Quake 4" (vervangen met het daadwerkelijke pad naar Q4 op je pc)

bron: forum: [Multi] Het Quake 4 Topic - Deel 2
Iets simpeler:
Ga naar Start > Run... en type:
<path>\Quake4_update_1.1-1.2.exe -a
De installer vraagt je dan gewoon waar je wilt installeren :)

Nog een mogelijkheid:
Download de full patch, die heeft de registry key niet nodig.
Snelle mirrors:

Voor de mensen die de 1.1 patch al ge´nstalleerd hadden:

Quake4 1.1-1.2 Point Release Upgrade

En voor degenen die 1.1 nog niet hadden:

Quake4 1.2 Point Release Full
Directe links vinden ze niet zo leuk bij id. Gewoon effe naar de homepage gaan, daar staan ook directe links.
En daar sturen ze je door naar 3DGamers |:(
Hmm, toen ik net klikte geon die meteen met neerhalen.
Mooi zo!! eindelijk nieuwe maps, het magere aanbod van maps vond ik al zo jammer, waardoor ik het haast niet meer speelde

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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