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Software-update: JBoss 4.0.4 RC1

JBoss is een applicatieserver die door Sun voorzien is van een J2EE 1.4 certificaat. Op deze applicatieserver kan je Java applicaties, webapplicaties en portals ontwikkelen en uitrollen. Je hebt alle mogelijkheden van J2SEE 1.4 beschikbaar met daarnaast uitgebreide enterprise services zoals clustering, caching en persistence. Voor meer informatie verwijzen we jullie door naar de informatie pagina van JBoss. De eerste release candidate van versie 4.0.4 is sinds kort beschikbaar met de volgende aanpassingen:

  • [JBAS-1091] - Allow ejb timers to persist across server restarts
  • [JBAS-1698] - Timed Based Eviction Support for cmp2
  • [JBAS-2218] - Provide basic notification-based fault management
  • [JBAS-2228] - PropertyEditorManagerService should probably use Thread context loader
  • [JBAS-2239] - Add support for non-JACC permissions to the DelegatingPolicy
  • [JBAS-2280] - MainDeployer.undeploy(URL) should log warning on unrecognised URL
  • [JBAS-2338] - Add support for DIGEST auth
  • [JBAS-2365] - support for overager-period and max-bean-age in jdbc2 pm
  • [JBAS-2366] - support for dynamic-ql in jdbc2 pm
  • [JBAS-2371] - Specifying a bind address for Hypersonic in memory database
  • [JBAS-2405] - Upgraded JBossCache to 1.2.4
  • [JBAS-2449] - Adding A Log4jService Reconfiguration MBean Notification
  • [JBAS-2459] - Add support for JMSXDeliveryCount to JBossMQ
  • [JBAS-2460] - Add support for JMSXDeliveryCount to JMS MDBs
  • [JBAS-2494] - Cannot override load balancing policy of HAJNDI
  • [JBAS-2507] - support for <, <=, > and >= comparisons for types mapped with user-type-mapping
  • [JBAS-2516] - Modify JNDIView to include HAJNDI bindings in a cluster environment
  • [JBAS-2555] - Add shutdown flag to the ServerMBean
  • [JBAS-2584] - CallableStatement Caching
  • [JBAS-2612] - Add better final log message to EARDeployer
  • [JBAS-2626] - Emit state change notifications from HASingletonSupport on startSingleton() / stopSingleton()
  • [JBAS-2627] - Need additional trace level logging in DatabaseServerLoginModule
  • [JBAS-2656] - Report a Warning Message if MetricsInterceptor is being used and avoid memory leakage
  • [JBAS-2664] - Add easy deployment/undeployment of test artifacts from individual cluster nodes
  • [JBAS-2665] - Add HA-JNDI urls to JBossClusteredTestServices
  • [JBAS-2666] - Add ability for RetryInterceptor to use NamingContextFactory.lastInitialContextEnv to establish naming environment
Bug fixes:
  • [JBAS-33] - XMBean interceptors instantiated twice
  • [JBAS-597] - housekeeping in Main/SAR deployers
  • [JBAS-603] - Perform stop/destroy/remove for remaining services on ServiceController shutdown
  • [JBAS-1023] - JARDeployer accepting arbitrary deployment suffixes
  • [JBAS-1093] - build.xml incorrect
  • [JBAS-1175] - Catalina ContextConfig memoryleak @ undeployment scoped app
  • [JBAS-1253] - Missing org.w3c.dom.xpath.* in JBoss
  • [JBAS-1306] - Can't create timer because TARGETID column is too small
  • [JBAS-1326] - LoaderRepositoryMbean does not display URLs properly
  • [JBAS-1394] - TimerService.getTimers() does not seem to work when called at ServletContextListener.contextInitialised time
  • [JBAS-1472] - createTableIfNotExists() always fails for "timer" table
  • [JBAS-1481] - HAPartitionImpl.viewAccepted()
  • [JBAS-1518] - NPE in GlobalTxEntityMap
  • [JBAS-1534] - required display-name in application.xml
  • [JBAS-1539] - EntityEnterpriseContext does not clear ejbLocalObject
  • [JBAS-1626] - ClientReconnectInterceptor doesn't work
  • [JBAS-1663] - unsetEntityContext not called for instances released from the pool
  • [JBAS-1666] - Unit Test Failure: testSRPLoginWithAuxChallenge
  • [JBAS-1681] - ejbTimeout() shouldn't log a warning when run outside a CM transaction
  • [JBAS-1690] - Timer.cancel in a transaction never calls TimerImpl.killTimer
  • [JBAS-1709] - MBean attribute classes not loaded with deployment classloader
  • [JBAS-1926] - two timers executing at the same time in some conditions
  • [JBAS-1930] - Attributes appear and can be accessed remotely as operations, only with XMBeans
  • [JBAS-2188] - "jboss:service=invoker,type=http,target=HAJNDI" misconfigured in file httpha-invoker.sar/META-INF/jboss-service.xml
  • [JBAS-2270] - Cannot set cmp-field to null for entities obtained via a container managed relationship (CMR)
  • [JBAS-2273] - createDDL for timers does not take care of pk-contraint-template
  • [JBAS-2274] - Timer set to wrong state on rollback
  • [JBAS-2312] - JMS Resource Adapter throws NPE for missing configuration
  • [JBAS-2321] - Catalina.load() overides Log4JService's control of the System.err and System.out output streams
  • [JBAS-2336] - ignores systemId
  • [JBAS-2347] - Tomcat integration Java2ClassLoadingCompliance no longer working
  • [JBAS-2349] - In all/deploy/jbossweb-tomcat5.5.sar/meta-inf/jboss-service.xml, "javax.servlet" is missing from FilteredPackages attribute
  • [JBAS-2353] - adding to webapp's web.xml causes ERROR [org.jboss.web.tomcat.tc5.session.JBossCacheManager] Snapshot mode must be 'instant' or 'interval' - using 'instant'
  • [JBAS-2357] - SecurityAssociation InheritableThreadLocal not initialized correctly
  • [JBAS-2364] - Hibernate support broken (UserTransaction not bound)
  • [JBAS-2367] - jdbc2 pm doesn't support custom pk classes with pk-sql entity command
  • [JBAS-2378] - security-config_4_1.xsd module-option is required, should be optional
  • [JBAS-2386] - Property processing needs privileged blocks
  • [JBAS-2387] - RunAsListener should fail gracefully when it has no associated metadata
  • [JBAS-2396] - testsuite failure for
  • [JBAS-2397] - ClassCastException on failed naming lookups when trace logging enabled on org.jnp.server.NamingServer
  • [JBAS-2403] - JBossCacheManager session expiration algorithm ignores replication events
  • [JBAS-2413] - ServerSecurityInterceptor should not log the password
  • [JBAS-2422] - JBossCacheManager prevents stopping and restarting webapp via JMX
  • [JBAS-2424] - JMS PersistenceManager: ...Could not resolve uncommited Every derived table must have its own alias
  • [JBAS-2427] - jconsole integration does not provide the live thread list
  • [JBAS-2428] - Lock Contention on org.jboss.ejb.BeanLockManager
  • [JBAS-2433] - TimedCachePolicy setResolution() cannot work.
  • [JBAS-2439] - DistributedReplicantManager fails with ClassCastException during cluster merge
  • [JBAS-2445] - BasicAuthValve returns incorrect exceptionHeader and exception Message for subsequent errors
  • [JBAS-2446] - HttpSession marshalling silently fails if object is not Serializable
  • [JBAS-2452] - The LdapLoginModule supplies the user with ALL roles from LDAP-server instead of constraining it by the membership.
  • [JBAS-2462] - JMS Spec - Special notes not supported
  • [JBAS-2468] - ejbRemove() not called for instances released from the pool
  • [JBAS-2472] - JBossMQ should not synchronize on the exception listener object
  • [JBAS-2474] - None of the xmbean dtds are registered with the JBossEntityResolver
  • [JBAS-2476] - Still a distributed deadlock in UIL2
  • [JBAS-2483] - jboss.system:type=Server (exit|halt) 10 doesn't restart jboss
  • [JBAS-2484] - Incompatible Schemas "j2ee_1_4.xsd" "ejb-jar_2_1.xsd" in folder $JBOSS_HOME/docs/schemas
  • [JBAS-2488] - jboss.server.exitonshutdown is broken
  • [JBAS-2490] - JBossMQ ReceiversImpl should have java.util.Set semantics
  • [JBAS-2500] - Bug when using both the PooledInvoker and PooledInvokerHA (client proxy shares the same connection pool)
  • [JBAS-2501] - Incorrect xmbean 1.1 and 1.2 dtds
  • [JBAS-2508] - Clustered farm deployment doesn't test for success on file deletes
  • [JBAS-2511] - Transaction Leak in JDBCStateManager
  • [JBAS-2542] - ClientDeployer requires an application-client/display-name element
  • [JBAS-2550] - org.jboss.util.propertyeditor.ClassArrayEditor.getAsText() casts getValue() to the wrong type
  • [JBAS-2551] - Wrong subjects returned by PolicyContext.getPolicyContext() in JACC provider
  • [JBAS-2552] - SpyConnectionConsumer should throw an exception for temporary destinations
  • [JBAS-2564] - hashCode() of and UID appears to return the same value for all GUIDs created
  • [JBAS-2571] - SessionBasedClusteredSession does not synchronize on attributes map in writeExternal()
  • [JBAS-2582] - JBossMQ recovery is closing result sets/statements in the wrong order
  • [JBAS-2585] - Lock contention on BasicMBeanRegistry::get
  • [JBAS-2586] - Synchronization into org.jboss.ejb.EnterpriseContext$EJBContextImpl
  • [JBAS-2601] - In JBoss 4.0.3, the installed file jar_versions.xml contains the informational string ?France Telecomm R&D?. The "&" character is a xml violation. XML parser catches this string during xml parsing
  • [JBAS-2606] - Default JBoss+EJB3 boostrap very slow due to TreeCache
  • [JBAS-2618] - DeploymentException when deploying archive with a dot in its name
  • [JBAS-2651] - Restore stable JSR77 names for ejbs
  • [JBAS-2660] - Calling getEJBObject not allowed in ejbPassivate
  • [JBAS-2679] - FileURLConnection decodeFilePaths SystemProperty not retrieved correctly.
  • [JBAS-2683] - twiddle 'xmbean' command doesn't close all tags in the produced xml
  • [JBAS-2684] - DLQHandler ExceptionListener
  • [JBAS-2687] - IdleRemover using "random" classloader as TCL
  • [JBAS-2692] - Logger needs to reinit the plugin class in setPluginClassName
  • [JBAS-2693] - ClusterNode equals() method throws ClassCastException
  • [JBAS-1336] - Need better control over the pm memory usage during destination recovery
  • [JBAS-2359] - Resolve server/security dependency issues
  • [JBAS-2383] - PropertyEditor initialisation needs to be in a privileged block
  • [JBAS-2423] - Upgrade commons-httpclient.jar from 2.0 to 2.0.2
  • [JBAS-2447] - Consider removing snapshot mode from http session replication
  • [JBAS-2454] - Update JORAM jtests to the latest version and generalize for use with JBossMQ and JBossMess
  • [JBAS-2467] - Check JDBC Resource Adapter Exception handling
  • [JBAS-2512] - Move JDBC3 to the WIKI
  • [JBAS-2524] - Port FIELD replication granularity code to Branch_4_0
  • [JBAS-2539] - Deadlock in accessing DistributedReplicantManagerImpl's keyListener collection
  • [JBAS-2578] - Use putIfNotPresent semantics for subpools in JBossManagedConnectionPool
  • [JBAS-2603] - EJB3 update
  • [JBAS-2613] - Allow EJB 3.0 tutorials to be installable with IZPack
  • [JBAS-2620] - install jboss-aop-jdk50.deployer with ejb3 ezpack installation
  • [JBAS-2663] - Upgrade myfaces to 1.1.1
  • [JBAS-2670] - Log a "deprecated" warning if users configure http session replication to use interval snapshot-mode
  • [JBAS-2125] - readme.html patch
Versienummer 4.0.4 RC1
Website Sourceforge
Licentietype Voorwaarden (GNU/BSD/etc.)

Door Japke Rosink


08-02-2006 • 15:58

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Bron: Sourceforge



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