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Software-update: phpPgAdmin 4.0

Er is een nieuwe versie van phpPgAdmin, de PostgreSQL tegenhanger van phpMyAdmin, uitgebracht met 4.0 als het versienummer. Dit programma bestaat uit een verzameling van PHP-scripts waarmee een PostgreSQL-database via een webinterface kan worden onderhouden en beheerd. De meegeleverde lijst met aanpassingen ziet er als volgt uit:

Version 4.0 is a major new release of phpPgAdmin. In it we've added the ability to log into multiple servers at once, basic Slony support, a new dynamic object tree and many other features and bug fixes.

  • Slony replication support (Thanks to sponsorship from SpikeSource)
  • Allow current database to be at the top
  • Allow base URL of PostgreSQL documentation to be configured
  • Allow variable size textarea when editing values (Juergen Weigert)
  • Allow SQL script upload to parse arbitrary SQL, including multiline SQL statements. Improve output to show every command as its executed and SELECT results.
  • Add rudimentary support for PostgreSQL 8.1 and 8.2
  • primary key and unique key at table creation (Andreas Huber)
  • Add row|statement level options to create trigger for >= 7.4 (Robert Treat)
  • Allow altering name (for >= 7.4) and owner (for >= 8.0) of a database (Bryan Encina)
  • Allow login to several servers simultaneously
  • Rearrange frame layout to suit multi-server support
  • New browser tree with dynamically loading branches (Using XLoadTree2 from
  • Allow language change from the intro page at any time
  • Avoid getting and setting encoding queries if possible
  • Avoid version query in PHP 5 / PostgreSQL 7.4+
  • Avoid query for superuser status in PHP 5 / PostgreSQL 7.4+
  • Put PostgreSQL 7.4+ in read only mode for pagination of results to avoid executing selects that have write side effects.
  • Allow re-using username and password for all servers - saves re-entering username and password for every server in a pool.
  • Make default language 'auto' indicating auto detect. If a language is deliberately specifed, then that will always be used and no detection will occur.
  • ADOdb library updated to version 4.65
Bugs fixed:
  • Tree Icons are displayed middle instead of top
  • Ensure login frame is always at top level (Russell Smith)
  • Fix non-ASCII characters inserted in Unicode databases as HTML entities with non-UTF8 web servers (Markus Bertheau)
  • Fix export to work with release candidates and beta releases as well as finals (Russell Smith)
  • Fix port selection for local connections
  • Fix timeouts on long running operations (Adrian Nida)
  • Allow Multiline character and character varying editing and inserting
  • Add automatic browser language selection for all languages
  • Stop duplicate insert on re-POST of data
  • Fix bug with exporting schema for servers < 7.3
  • Fix opclasses on 7.2 and below
  • Fix listing of opaque functions in 7.2
  • Actually fix PHP 4.4.0's new strict references
  • Japanese from Tadashi Jokagi
  • Danish from Arne Eckmann
  • Arabic from Zaki
  • Romanian from Alin
  • Afrikaans from Petri
  • Polish from Rafal (utf-8 encoding)
  • Slovak from Andrej
  • German from Markus
  • Spanish From Martin
  • Hungarian from Sulyok
  • Turkish from Devrim
Versienummer 4.0
Website phpPgAdmin
Bestandsgrootte 688,00KB
Licentietype GPL



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Bron: phpPgAdmin


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